Oliver Stone Does “The Dougie”

Wolf Blitzer killed it and now Oliver Stone has buried it. During the CES convention in Las Vegas this past weekend, Cali Swag District teach the director how to “Dougie”. Take that John Wall.

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  • Post no billz

    One hit wonders..

  • ESCO

    This kind of shit makes Hip Hop lose, because it’s seen as a gimmick.

    Humpty Dance > any of this new wannabe shit.

  • Mr. 3-Times

    What is it about Hip Hop dances that are so infectious outside the culture yet so despised within it.

  • Sony Music Intern

    What is it about Hip Hop dances that are so infectious outside the culture yet so despised within it.

    shut thee fuck up/there are plenty of people in hip hop who do that gay ass dance. there are plenty of ppl that fuckin hate it (including me). thats what makes the world great. if everything was same in the world nothing would be created.fucker

  • Donn


    Why do y’all spoil these kids’ fun just because they like to have fun, Not every part of hiphop has to be hardcore gangster and serious all the time. There’s a time and place for everything. Let these kids breathe. U got ur Talib Kweli’s, Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden and all that other serious underground shit
    There’s a balance.
    Wat about Kid N Play? Doug E Fresh, Big Daddy Kane, all the other rappers who brought dance moves into HipHop, u may think iits killing HipHop but honestly, Dances have been in HipHop since the beginning

  • assasin9

    yall dont like dancing , dont like intellectual rap, dont like lyrics, dont like someones beats, this person has the same subject matter all the time, this one switches up his flow too much — damn, what do yall want ?

  • Belize

    @donn Shut up white boy!

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  • Here’s where the real problem lies: Theres not enough balance in the industry.

    The platform that does the promoting (online blogs, radio, tv, etc.) don’t show the balance of the genre at all. back in the early 2000’s and late 90’s, I used to play the hell out of hot Boyz, Sisqo, Nelly, and Mystikal, but the reason why I played them so much was because while they were playing those people, they were still playing Talib, Method Man, Black Rob, Mos Def, Nas, etc. There was balance. Rap/Hip-Hop was a force to be reckoned with. You had so many different types of categories to choose from, so of course you ended up respecting them all. I remember i used to even listen to Shaggy a lot. Thats how i much i listened to everybody that was out.

    Now, its so monopolized. You wont hear a lyricist unless they have a good budget or high name value or featured on an R&B track. The lyricists have to come up with a “club track” just to get minimal attention now. “Get High” has to be the last time I’ve heard Styles P on his own track on the radio and thats damn sure not a club or party track but everyone embraced it with open arms. Now, he’s back on the radio because of BMF? Thats corny and the genre shouldnt have to be like that for a man of his stature to get on.

    We need balance with the radio and the online blogs as well as with the labels (Def Jam and Interscope, Im looking at you) if we ever want to see the genre make a huge comeback. Give everyone equal promo.

  • Thank Me Hater

    They’re being mocked

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  • fuckgayme

    so gay smh

  • Belize


  • Donn

    There is balance
    What do you mean??
    You have the internet, all these different blogs to go through. And if you listen to more music other than rap you have Rock, Pop, Country, Alternative.
    I add new music to my ipod every single day. Probably 3-4 songs a day. Like for instance today Britney Spears new single came out, Game, Kelly Rowland, Rick Ross.
    And i’m pretty sure more will be out tomorrow. You have to diversify your ear outside of HipHop and use the blogs.
    The internet is your friend. Use it
    There is definitely balance

  • @Donn

    thats where you’re wrong. Thats not balance at all. Before i continue, I listen to all genres so im not simpleminded as you proclaim everyone to be.

    Now, as for the internet. Everyone and their mama are on the internet. I mentioned the internet, the radio, and the labels. Now when you dont hear a lot of artists that used to be on the radio ONLY on the internet and barely from the labels, that is not balance. That is not balance at all.

    That’s like saying you used to walk around the house in every room and I came along and said “Stay your ass in the basement.” You’re still in the house, but that doesnt make it the same at all. Your liveliness has been reduced and your “prescence” is significantly shrinked down.

    That’s not balance at all.

  • Word


    I dont go to nfl.com and discuss basketball, I dont go to cnn.com and discuss family guy, so why come to rap radar and always try to convince people to listen to other genres. Try to keep that “outside of hiphop” talk to a mininum. No one cares and no one will care but you say it all the time. No offense, we really dont care though. This nigga said Britney Spears smh. How bout you diversify your hip hop taste all you listen to is mainstream which is cool but try some Curren$y, Big Krit, Budden, other niggas that you dont hear on the radio everyday. You say listen to other genres but you dont even embrace this genre for all it is. Just the shit you see on tv.

  • @Word

    Thank you. A lot of people on this site llisten to a lot of other stuff but we primarily come to RAPRADAR to discuss HipHop and Rap

  • sidehsowRaheem

    Funniest part is he doesn’t know he needs to move his his head “back, and to the left.”

  • James


  • Donn

    First off I listened to HipHop all my life before I got older and realized there was more out there, i was stuck in a HipHop shell my whole life just cus I grew up around black ppl and that’s all there was so i won’t apologize for liking things other than rap
    Second off, embrace HipHop?
    I have Lupe, Nas, JayZ, B.I.G., Wayne, Drake, Nicki, Ludacris, Nipsey Hussle, Asher Roth, Eminem, B.o.B., Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Bow Wow, Bun B, Rick Ross, Common, Kanye, Game, Wiz Khalifa, Dr.Dre, etc etc
    I could go on and on listing all the HipHop in my ipod so please don’t disrespect me like that again, i don’t disrespect any of you guys when i comment so i’d appreciate the same respect
    Just cus YOU don’t like something doesn’t mean its “GAY”
    Stop being ignorant.
    The internet controls the music industry now. Just cus they don’t play things on the radio and on TV doesn’t mean there’s no balance. There’s satelitte radio, internet radio, and so many other places you can go
    There is a balance, you have the power to turn your radio and tv off

  • @Donn

    The internet doesn’t control anything. It can boost your profile but it doesn’t control. If the internet controlled the industry, Joe Budden and Lil B would be all over the radio and TV. Satellite radio and Internet radio used to be that platform for unheard HipHop but now, not so much because the peeps who really control this industry got to them too.

  • I am currently under house arrest in this big ass mansion in da UK.

    Me and the butler do the dougie all the damn time.

    But B. Dot wont post the video of me doing the dougie cause he’s scared. Scared that I will leak the truth behind Rap Radar and how it takes Payola.

    You cannot stop me. I will leak my contents to the people. The people are thirsty for me to leak my contents.

  • It’s pronounced ASS – Ange.

    (o) (o)

  • ARon

    HAM is up!!!!

  • Word


    You just proved my point, everyone you listed is mainstream. Listen to the HipHop that gets no exposure like Curren$y. You know who that is right?

    And you missed my original point, do you go to NFL.com to talk basketball? Why do you talk britney Spears on Rap Radar?

  • yhcranA Kid

    R.I.P. I, unfortunately, didn’t get the time to spend with you. I know you have inspired and put many smiles on others. Blessings.


  • Donn


    Unfortunately i don’t like Currensy, i’ve listened to Freddie Gibbs, KRIT, and alot of the underground kats but i don’t like em’
    Can’t be mad at me for that. Their boring. Just my opinion

    And i coulda sworn RR posted Ne-Yo “Beautiful Monster”
    Rihanna “S&M”
    Justin Bieber
    Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video


  • Word


    Okay so dont be mad at niggas who just like hip hop. Maybe the other shit is just not their taste, if niggas dont wanna expand then stop preaching about it. And yeah didnt that Gaga song have BEyonce on it? Hmmm. Bieber was with Raekwon and Ye right? Hmmm. I dunno why they post Rihanna its prolly just cuz she black. Same for Ne-Yo. Theres a place for everything, this site is for hip hop. I dunno why you expecting people to have your taste.

  • Donn

    And what kinda artist is Beyonce again???

    Oh yea, POP

    But u right, i can’t expect everyone to have my test

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