• ARon

    that screenshot from the video totally discourages me to watch it

  • Amaru

    nice song weak hoes

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  • Mojo

    @ ARon

    @Maino Nation
    No such thing

  • HOOD

    maino is that dude but he needs better beats and to collabo with bigger names, it don’t hurt for some dope collabos

  • Big Chump


    cosign lolllllll

  • Belize

    ^Quit talking about my daughter.

  • dll32

    at least he didn’t have to pay for video models…those clearly are fans/groupies…

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    How could you think people would take you seriously to call your song Maino Nation…..

    As if this piece of shit has, or is some type of movement.

    What would Maino Nation consist of???

    Parties with Ugly bitches, mediocre money, and sub standard rappers with no substance at all??

    I’ll pass on “Maino Nation”….what a fucking joke this guy is.

    Rap Radar, do us a favor and stop posting this bullshit……Please. Thanks

  • Co-sign Tim Lee, Maino has nothing to offer but mediocre rhymes and choking scrawny white dudes.

  • Hater Patrol

    “The art of war” Indeed a very appreciate tittle ‘cos all I seen was grenades and land mines… It’s a war zone out there…

  • REal

    Yo I didn’t like this dude. But he’s getting better. He smart too because he trying to make an anthem that might get played in arenas at games. That sh-t in that back on the hook is what some teams play at their games. It’s universal. As far as rhyme skills, he’s average. he knows this, if you saw his mini movie that’s what he was sayin, he just trying to hustle the game. Actually he’s great compared to the bulls-t that’s out.

  • Money Mitch

    Nobody wants to live in maino nation

  • Yung

    This nigga is weak


    This song is hard. I don’t know what these other posters are talking about. You’re all either not from NY or you just don’t know what real hip hop is. Maino is reppin NY rap and is doing a good job at it. Go listen to Souja Boy faggots.