Nicki Minaj V Spread

Yup, that’s Nicki behind the mask as she busts her way on the front of V Magazine’s Spring 2011 Discovery issue. Before it hits newsstands this week, peep the rest of the photos after the jump.


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  • alchemist

    roman x

  • Atmosphere


  • ctg

    I see she’s rockin’ that Kamala the Ugandan Giant face paint.

    Personally I would have gone with the Ultimate Warrior face paint myself but I’m not the art director over at V Magazine.


    LOVE IT………….THis is a real artists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dman

    damn that mask is scary

  • junk juice

    can she ever just look like a regular chick…i mean, it’s gotta be at a point now where regular would be irregular, right?

  • TonyCruz

    Tony Cruz’s Officical New Single “Choke”

  • Haters are annoying

    artistic..looks nice

  • Yo Just Out The New Mixtape – I A.M. POWER, Dropped on 1.11.11


  • hater

    ugly bitch…..would hit that ass though

  • JAYE


  • Citylivin’

    i’d still hit it…….

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Todays Culture SMH. Give me Chrisette Michele over this tranny Nicki.

  • Big 105

    Put a bag on that head and im good to go.

  • Black Betty

    She’s not half as interesting as she thinks she is.

  • Arron

    You guys gotta be gay 2 say Nicki is ugly.

  • mac DIESEL




  • Dookie Jamz?

    not a good enough spread to fap to. #disappointment

  • Mac Attack

    “A fad, sometimes called a trend, meme or a craze, is any form of behavior that develops among a large population and is collectively followed with enthusiasm for some period, generally as a result of the behavior’s being perceived as novel in some way.[1] A fad is said to “catch on” when the number of people adopting it begins to increase rapidly. The behavior will normally fade quickly once the perception of novelty is gone.”




  • Donn



    You can hate all you want and say whateva but she doing everything some of your favorite artist ain’t doing. Dont’ be mad, its called BUSINESS & MARKETING

  • Donn

    So she’s been a fad for over 2yrs LMFAO?

    Some fad….


    how the fuck ya dont get sick fo this shit.. this shit is corny .. the bitch corny b.. look at this shit.. whats wrong wit this bitch.. some body said this artistic.. come on b.. u know damn well she had nothin to do wit this shit.. this shit is hillarious.. .. this for ya though.. so chuckle it up .. this for ya .. this retarded shit rite here.. go play yo cds and yo young money cd’s and yo mixtapes.. this for ya .. enjoy

  • dani

    tribal make-up!????

    come on nicki. be more responsible.. they obsessed with your body ( ) and now you let them put you in tribal make-up!!!??

    come on now…

  • Bryce Ayyy

    Donn, queen of hiphop?

    That’s a bold statement, considering the fact that there are basically no OTHER female artists out right now making moves. That’s equivalent to being the smartest retard in special ed class.

    on another note…that’s how you know her cakes are fake when she’s parading around in close. Her booty isn’t NEARLY as big right here as it is when she’s doing shows and shit. Ass-pads on deck.

    I like the last picture though, I’m not gone front. I wish Nicki would hang up this crazy colored/styled wig shit. Stick with the black wig and straight spitting. None of this “Check it outttt, Check it out.” Bullshit you doing with Will.I.Am.

    Other than that, your name will be left in the dust after this fake image they allowing you to project. Don’t believe me? Miley Cyrus(Hannah Montana) was doing WAYYYYY better numbers than you, had a tv show, movie, dolls, halloween costumes…Miley was running this shit and we thought she would never leave…

    Now where’s that bitch at?….exactly.

  • ZoomZoom


  • Haters are annoying


    “Business” and “Marketing” are 2 terms that describe the manipulation of the consumer into buying a product that they dont necessarily want. So while youre celebrating Nicki Minaj being on another magazine, understand that if she made good music, it wouldnt matter whether she was there or not.

  • OffMyNutz

    Just want to fuck the shit out of her!

  • Donn

    So Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden, KRIT and all the othe other REAL HIPHOP ppl make good music, where they covers at, platinum cds, Talk Show interviews?
    Stop thinking just cus YOU don’t like something its wack cus obviously there’s over a MILLION + ppl who think other wise

    So JayZ’s manipulating you into buying his stuff?
    Kanye? Drake? Eminem?
    How many platinum albums has hiphop had lately?? Don’t worry i’ll wait…..
    Enough to count on two hands barely. Say watchu want but Nicki is keeping HipHop alive by doing her
    If y’all spent more energy buying records of all the so called REAL HIPHOP you listen to rather than bashing mainstream artist your UNDERGROUND sensations would be platinum

    Y’all blow up Nicki’s posts but won’t blow Joell’s or KRIT’s or Currensy’s lol
    See the irony

  • Citylivin’

    @Haters are annoying

    Young Money are the best manipulators……especially when “Drake & Nicki Minaj getting married” can trend on twitter and be on blog posts….these niggas believe anything lol & i thought Nicki was gay.

  • AnuKiNSkywalker

    SHE LOOK GOOD WITH THE FACE PAINT. @citylivin I don’t give a fuk what they say about their outside life, But I keep intune with Music thats cracks , niggas be hating but I would fuk a Chick to a Drake album would you? And nicki Is the Most Sexy Female Rapper All Time . But they geeting paid , But at least I can look at a female rapper and drool.

  • Haters are annoying

    Yes of course Jay, Em, Kanye and Drake manipulate people into buying their albums, what do u think album promotion is? There were 4 platinum albums (one multi-platinum) in hip hop last year alone, and thats more than any other genre other than pop (since youre so dependent on sales for validation). And the rest of your argument is simply invalid; because u have absolutely no idea what I spend my time and money on when Im not having this elementary debate with you.

    Nicki Minaj is McDonalds music- she may sell a lot, but shes not good at all, and everyone outside of high school realizes shes just a cheap imitation of the real thing.

  • Citylivin’

    ain’t nothing wrong with being a manipulator, it’s the ppl being manipulated that’s stupid…..i don’t look at artists outside life either i focus on music…..would i fuck a chick to Drake album? FUCK NO,the hell?…..better throw on some “Confessions” or “TP3”

  • Haters are annoying


    At the end of the day, I think were all saying the same thing. We all see the heavy manipulation; the difference is they seem to embrace it and buy into it; I can only assume they look at it as another aspect of the entertainment.

    Whereas I (and apparently u as well) are more the kind of people that take offense to that kind of nonsense, as it has no effect on the music itself. U cant see Nicki Minaj’s ass when u throw in a cd in the car, so its certainly not a good reason to buy her album.

    Or at least thats what it kinda looks like is going on here.

  • jayo

    what an ugly bitch

  • Citylivin’

    @Haters are annoying
    i don’t take offense to it,i just don’t support it….it’s entertainment watching the simple minds get manipulated and they don’t even know they are lol….just look at how hard they go defending their favorite artists on here….they’re like mind puppets lol.

  • POP

    Everybody knows she’s an ugly-ass monster !

  • Donn

    The whole manipulation argument to me is weak, just because its NICKI we’re liking we’re mind puppets
    But if it were Raekwon or The Roots we wouldn’t be mind puppets would we?
    No, ur just using Nicki and popular artist as the variables in your argument cus you don’t like her
    And artists have fans, fans who support them no matter what, so of course we’re going to cheer them on and defend them, that’s what being a fan is about
    When they did all that negative press about Michael Jackson, his fans stood behind him not cus they were mind puppets but because we were fans of the artist

    Marketing may be manipulation but it’s what generates money which funds our economy and shapes the fabric of America. When you saw B.I.G. ‘s album cover art, when you saw his outfits, saw the songs he made, thats all marketing my friends
    When Eminem shows up in a video with a face mask and a strait jacket thats marketing my friends, showing how psycho and crazy he is on the mic

    Like i said, Nicki is a beautiful black female and there are tons of female artist out there who are just as good if not better and i love them too, just as much as i love Nicki

    But Nicki wears the crown as of NOW
    2yrs later and she’s still being called a gimmick?
    Gimmicks don’t last that long

  • HOOD

    4th pic got the “all seeing eye” bitch is bad but she in illuminati

  • Citylivin’

    nice find @HOOD hahaha, i looked right over that.

    @Donn i like Nicki she cool wit me…..i commend her on being a great mind manipulator, that shit works great in her favor.

  • Belize

    Eminem dont have to do that he is 5x greater than onkia. Nicki is ugly maybe its bc my pussy only open for shady dick.

  • Haters are annoying

    Once again, youre ENTIRELY missing the point.

    My point is that the only sensible way to enjoy music is to separate fiscal success and quality of music completely, then make your own decision about what sounds good. Because magazine covers, platinum plaques, royalty checks, movie appearances, awards shows, record label politics, fashion faux pax, promotional controversies, even Kanye-esque ego-maniacal antics have absolutely no effect with what the record sounds like when u play it. And THAT phenomenon, the sound that comes from the speakers when u press play; THAT is the only difference between a terrible artist and a great one.

    Please stop trying to poke holes in this argument by pointing out that artists other than Nicki Minaj also market their music. Im very well aware of this, thank you. My point remains, that no matter what was on Biggies cover, it was still the same album underneath. No matter what Eminem wears, hes still gonna be the exact same MC. But if Nicki Minaj had no ass and a hairlip, and still put out the exact same music, would u still listen to her? Do u think anybody else would?

    And my point is not limited to Nicki, she just happens to be an easy example, as well as the topic of this page.

  • Maestro

    I wanna slide my thin, white cock inside that mocha vag.

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  • Donn

    I don’t give a damn what Nicki looks like
    I love her album, good and bad music is YOUR opinion
    There’s a million of us plus who thinks her music is awesome so who cares what anyone else thinks
    Majority rules

  • Haters are annoying


    Great job wrapping it up with probably the most childish, ignorant final statement u could have made. Glad we made so much progress; enjoy your tasteless garbage.

  • I fell you mane gotra kept it movg doe ass ya fal mean. sod mony gang>youg mony

  • Sugarshane

    Lol at “majority rules.”

    agree with everything said by haters are annoying.

  • We Stay Calm We Just Drop Bombs

    As someone who actually works in the record business, in truth, we give you what we want to give you. The current radio roster comes from focus groups and Billboard charts, not bringing the original or the best. Honestly, if some record exec didn’t think he could make money off of Nicki Minaj, none of you idiots would know who she was in the first place. She’s a pawn in a losing game.

    Nicki is annoying as hell, but I could at least respect the fact that she was a female rapper in an industry where there are none anymore. But then Pink Friday? Which, if you’re honest with yourself, is nothing more than a R&B/Pop record with more autotune than dope verses.

    She sold her soul for the cash and I don’t care what anyone says… music shouldn’t be made for the money. And that goes for all of the dumb fucks who call themselves CEOs of their own record labels/consulting firms/production teams and all of the wannabe rappers/singers who will NEVER get on, because you’re imitating a expired (see: fabricated) model.

  • Belize

    ee gads, that’s more like it, ugly bitch

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    Does this qualify as Blackface?

  • Nice pics…..

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  • Who Me?

    They got her on some UUUGAH BUUGAH ish! straight played! Make the black girl put on black face…disgraced in broad daylight

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