Lil B Performs At Highline Ballroom

Hip-Hop’s deity, Lil B The Based God greeted his worshipers last night during a sold out performance at the Highline Ballroom in NYC. That’s no easy task. We weren’t in attendance, but those that were caught some of the bizarreness. Say five Hail Marys and take a look at what went down. Thank You Based God.


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  • LV

    why do ppl like him

  • jeezy


  • kong

    U can do it! Cut his fucking head off!

  • So Icy Boi!

    I wanna a new face tattoo. Please guys help me! which is better Ice Cream or Ice Cream Cake?

  • BasedGod movement !

  • BASEDrobot


  • Steve

    Word up… Lil B music is HORRIBLE… He yells BULLSHIT the whole time! Suck my dick, Ima pretty bitch, Im a princess, Bitches on my dick???? wtf??? Then says he trying to teach people.. TEACH PEOPLE WHAT???? SMH now they gone say im hating bc I havnt learned A THING FROM HIM…. SMDH.. 2 THUMBS DOWN!

  • GTFO

    This whole movement is hilarious to me. Entertaining and funny. We need some of that from time to time.

  • kong

    @So Icy Boi!

    U should just get your face tattooed on your face. Thats what real poser thugs do.

  • glossedflossin

    oh god damn it based god, you came to new york and you fucked all our bitches swag to the 900 million.

  • JAYE

    He’s a real rapper? I don’t know why but for some reason I thought he was a comedian pretending to be a rapper. This can’t be life…

  • asd

    lil b is a “based” clown

  • betty


  • west

    This nigga is Crapper

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Hip hop needs Lil b right now,

  • ben

    what is a based god?

  • D

    I see the dude got potential but still makes really crappy music. And he got one of the dumbest fans.

    ”Fuck my mother, you can fuck everyone in my family, BASED GOD”. Only in America.

  • seriously

    why the fuck are people doing this? i dont get it!!!! “fuck my bitch based god” “fuck my mom based god”. why is this cool? i dont understand! someone explain please.

  • fuk waka

    whos is this guy again?

  • D

    @seriously I think they finally see someone in hiphop who doesn’t give a fuck. A drug addict who lost his mind. And people like that. If I can call them people.

  • D

    And no disrespect to Lil B but this shit would get you killed in the 90’s.

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  • BrooklynRaw2FU

    Machines put money behind garbage like this while rappers with more to say get put on the shelf… when You got Nas and Talib fighting to get promotion they rather promote this ignorance. imi curious on the age of his fan base. and if they all mentally ill SMMFH

  • Doe Money

    This guy sucks. Just like some of the rest of shitty indie talent posted on this site.

  • lol i dont get it. i really dont get it…

  • kong

    @Doe Money

    Dudes kinda the opposite of an indie artist… indie rappers create the music that they want to make first, and let the promotion follow suit (if theres any promotion at all). This kid, on the other hand, cant make a decent song to save his life, but promotes the shit out of himself anyway.

  • “my mind treasures hidden in the sand pussy nigga.” – Lil B

  • NotReally

    ^Aw, Im sorry, did u think that was a decent line? Cuz its pathetic.


    all my friends be useing the word Based god latley so im geussin they getin it from this guy…huh?

  • and the point of this is? hmm. is this what people are spending their money on now. his whole performance was an intro. hahaha

  • i’d rather go see 50 tyson

  • Citylivin’

    “I cook,i cook,i chef,i cook,i swag,i swag,i swag,i cook.” ???….you know what i’m not even mad at this…..this is the rap that’s winning, face it….don’t nobody have time for those real lyrics anymore….he sold out a show with these lyrics? hey congrats brother….(i feel sorry for Nas,Jay Elect,J.Cole,Big Krit & Wale)

  • ZoomZoom

    Citylivin’ says:
    Friday, January 14 2011 at 1:14 PM EST
    “I cook,i cook,i chef,i cook,i swag,i swag,i swag,i cook.” ???….you know what i’m not even mad at this…..this is the rap that’s winning, face it….don’t nobody have time for those real lyrics anymore….he sold out a show with these lyrics? hey congrats brother….(i feel sorry for Nas,Jay Elect,J.Cole,Big Krit & Wale)



  • Thank Me Hater

    Rapradar should have a separate section for shit like this and title it ” The daily roast” where niggas can just in and go ham. This section should include niggas like Lil B, Raz B, Gucci, Lil Kim etc

  • This shit is truly amazing.

    Not only is he dead serious, but I follow him on Twitter, & the guy has more visible fans than I’ve seen in years. I was feeling like niggas do, so I went to Youtube, rolled up & watched about an hours worth of his shit. Every video, I’m thinking I missed something, so I peeped the next one…

    I found zero redeeming qualities in his music. I can see how this dude would (the real) Jim Jones millions of people w/that hypnotic crystal meth music.

    I don’t hate what he does; I got better shit to piss on, but what the fuck is happening here?

    “Hoes suck my dick cuz I look like John Stockton.” Gtfoh. Nah, really tho. Gtfoh.

  • ^Jim Jones the cult leader, not the rapper.

  • Citylivin’

    i know @ZoomZoom what the hell was i thinking calling them lyricists? BasedGod is easily above all other artists….and WAY better than Nas & Jay-z put together………..
    …………..are you happy? is that what you wanted to hear?

  • NotReally

    @The Tony Grands

    U mean hes drugging the people at his shows with spiked kool-aid? …. Actually yea that makes a lot more sense than him actually having fans.

  • Thank Me Hater

    Even though Rick Ross is ass and only has hot beats with no lyrical talent, I can understand why he has fans. Even though Drake uses the same flow and cadence I can understand why he has fans. This guy………………………………………………………………………………………………………… I’ve never been so confused in my life

  • original will

    lil b and 50 tyson shows that hardwork pays off you can say he spit trash or whatever but point is the nigga at one time last year had 3 new music videos on wshh everyday its like the mike jones phase when he kept saying his name and repeating everything he say people found it funny and got fed that shit so much they thought it was hot same thing with Oj Da Juiceman like its not about quality its about quanity these days

    Lil B was coming out with videos not just songs but premiering videos with them bitches everyday hell yeah they was stupid some very incoherent but he did what alot of artist are afraid to do and thats put it all out there the good and the bad and claim it

    he couldve easily went the dre and Game route saying its a leaked song its not mastered and all those bullshit excuses but he claimed every song

    and started a movement

    I really think he wrote that Pretty Boy Swag song for Soulja Boy

    like i dont respect Lil b as a rapper but as young black man thats not out there making his living slinging cracc stealing people cars and taking lil old ladies purses for a living you to comend him he could be doing worst shit than he doing right now

    him and soulja boy its not like these kids grew up privileged kids they from the hood and the music they make you can tell school wasnt they thing so you should be happy we have two less bodies getting bagged up or hemmed up by the police

  • Belize

    Very wack.

  • Rap Radar

    You guys are ridiculous. Hip Hop isn’t always about being dead fucking serious all the time. Ever heard of Blowfly? Thank You Based God, but please park your car before fucking my bitch next time.

  • FUCK Based God

    man fuck everyone who supports this dude
    what tha fuck really what tha FUCK is going on???????????…..i think the world is really coming to an end.
    this is pure garbage
    how the hell did he sell out a show????
    whats going on with Hip Hop man its so confusing .
    I used to think soulja boy sucked sour donkey balls
    but this guy who is not God is making soulja boy look like Pac
    its just wrong something needs to be done


  • Lil B’s brilliance is that he is so enigmatic that we are all desperate to figure him out. He thrives on being random and nonsensical. Our need to define him and put him in a box gives him hella attention, and our confusion leads to more attention because we can’t conceive that we are really being confused by an idiot. I believe that it is this cycle that establishes him as relevant.

    Through that process we become amused by him, leading us to become tongu-in-cheek sarcastic fans. And even though our fandom is a rouse in our own mind, we are paying attention, forever hoping for the day that we can make sense of him and dismiss him. This whole time this muhfucka is laughing his ass off all the way to the bank.

    And lets face it, he doesn’t just sell shows out, he’s turned people into followers of a sub-genre/ lifestyle that no one can define. He’s taken hip-hop fans who are too cool for school and turned them into girlfriend-sacrificing zealots. As hard as it is to say, he is a genius, because he’s killing the game when most artists are treading water at best. I can’t help but respect it, even though I don’t understand it.

  • What the fuck is a lil b? I respect his hustle not his music.

  • Beau G

    @38thNotes: You explained it very well, actually thats EXACTLY whats going on. And I can’t hate the man.

  • Mike deli

    I feel disgraced to say that I saw J. Cole at this place.

  • KennyD

    It’s 2011 who buys albums? Artist have other ways to make money so why not spend ur “album money” on one of his shows? he is reckless i wont even lie witch will make for a great night.

  • basedlord

    They stay hatin on the based god cus he swagged out and fucked all they bitches. Keep it positive and based and you’ll live longer. U negative pricks gonna die at 36 years of age. SWAG WOO!!!

  • Old Bay

    Lil B is from berkeley=Hippie…….much respect to him he making moves……..and the shit he does is very entertaining.



  • LukeCage

    Lil B is the next Jay-Z


  • Mike B

    I dont understand what’s so hard to define about this shit? He’s quite obviously a homosexual/bisexual. Shouldn’t a dude like this have mostly females in the audience sweating him? Yes, but he doesn’t it’s all weird kids/men. All Excatsied, Vallium or xannied out looking like zombies. And that bitch that was on stage was fucking hidious.This is just a bisexual hiphop party. Fucking disgusting and sad that it’s embraced by the rest of hiphop. The first openly gay, yet in the closet gay rapper. Ha

  • Peterrrr

    Wtf. Yall Promote The Shit Outta This Dude, But Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All Dont Get Shit??
    Wtf Is Up With That?? They Got Earl, Probably the Best Straight Rapper I Can Remember, Remind Me Of Cam’ron, Big L. And Tyler, Who Is A Better, More Coherent Lil B. THen You Got Mellow Hype, Domo Genesis, All Them Other Dudes. Wtf Is Up with them getting Ignored?

  • jadbeats

    @38thNotes NO dont give this dude lil b that much credit he is not a genius hes just dead wack and yes ive heard some of his songs where hes tryin to spit some ok shit but the fact is his ridiculous tracks calling himself a pretty bitch or miley cyrus or ellen d. are what his fans love so the good tracks he has are overshadowed, just ask his fan i know some and all they say is “he got swag” WTF?

  • Rap Radar

    @Peterrrr working on it. ODD FUTURE is just above our heads right now.

  • Frontrunner

    People like to be entertained, and he is a very entertaining character.

  • MadMike

    A lil B is a lil Bitch. When did people start to listen to people talk slower than an old man with Alzheimer’s about cooking crack all day and call it music anyways?

    The bottom line is trash like this will never penetrate real hip hop. Hip hop is kept alive by the DJ’s, people like DJ Revolution, Dj Excel, Preemo, and artists/ producers like yeezy, jay, black milk, Khalil, drizzy. Covering all spectrums all that matters is that you go out there with passion and FUCKING TALENT and have some respect for where the fucking game was birthed…….

    I hope the next video RR posts on this fuck is one of him getting shot at his next show.

  • oledude


  • oledude

    MadMike i think its ironic that u say Lil-B is trash and “Real Hiphop” is kept alive by the DJ’s when DJ FUNK FLEX PLAYS LIL-B on radio everyday!

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  • Tiffany “Basedqueen” Reynolds


  • Based Auntie

    @38thNotes That’s a good summation of Lil B’s genius. And @KennyD has a great point too. People are forgetting or maybe don’t know that Lil B’s been giving away most of his music, aside from some of his downloadable albums. Those of us who saw his show, at a very reasonable ticket price I might add, were thoroughly entertained. His stage antics and patter were worth the price of admission alone. Lil B is s a MASTER of social networking who has built up a loyal fan base by directly interacting with his fans (if you follow him on Twitter, he follows you, if you post a cooking video on YouTube, he’ll share it on his Facebook page). And he’s done all this on his own. And he’s only 21 years old. How can you not respect that? He has said in interviews that he has more mainstream material he will release in 2011. Let’s wait and hold our critique of his capabilities a a rapper until then.

  • NotReally

    ^Everything u mentioned was promotional. Im a marketing major, and I can absolutely respect his talent in that department. What I dont understand is how any of that makes his music any better, cuz thats all that really matters to me. And Idk, maybe its just me, but when people act stupid, whether theyre faking or not, its not entertaining, its annoying.

    I respect the hustle, just not the artist.

  • Based Auntie

    @NotReally, I respect your comments. And I agree that the marketing does not make the music. Maybe it’s that the business model for music has changed so drastically. Instead of signing and then developing artists, labels do it the other way around now and only sign people with a following. And those who are able to build their following aren’t necessarily those with the best music. His fans (I’m obviously one of them) find his music fun and see his message as one of encouraging individuality, while many people don’t see it that way at all and feel they are experiencing The Emperor’s New Clothes in real life. But, I have a feeling that B is going to surprise his detractors once he begins his mainstream career. (And by the way, good for you to major in marketing! Smart choice in this day and age.)

  • MikoMuhFucka

    Yall Lyrical this, Lyrical that muhfuckas need to just stop right now. Feel bad for Talib and Nas, but young black males made it this way. Yall stopped caring bout lyrical skill and just wanted a new dance, anew trend. and Lil B uses this Like w/ the cooking and Paris Hilton because he knows young people will bump dat shit.
    But he also wants to shape young minds. after he ropes young dudes in with that “fuck my bitch shit”, he tries to tech them to love, respect and help each other out. He doesnt have to be the smartest dude in the world, or even know where his direction is heading at every moment, because the BASE of the movement is positivity.
    If u base weather u like Lil B or not on his lyrical skillz, then u are just a dated, nineties, left behind dickhead. Its his swag, yall, his vision, he knows that he is meant to touch many peoples hands in this life.
    Lil B is a real dude who put out every single piece of music he has ever done by himself. He shows people that u too can make a career by yourself, with n o backing from faggot major lables, and u cant knock the man. All videos by himself too. common young black men, see past this shit, and see what basedgod is really saying.

  • WHy cant people like this and the people at his SHOW be the ones on the NEWS for getting sprayed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK the BASED GOD GARBAGE ASS NO SKILLS ON THE MIC, ISNT THIS THE SAME DUDE GOT HIS ASS BEAT AND DIDNT EVEN STAND UP FOR HIMSELF AND PEOPLE SELL HIS SHOW OUT!!!!!!!!!!????????? YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING robot no originality, no read thru the lines type of mind you FUCKING RETARDED SHEEP FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!

    man fuck everyone who supports this dude
    what tha fuck really what tha FUCK is going on???????????…..i think the world is really coming to an end.
    this is pure garbage
    how the hell did he sell out a show????
    whats going on with Hip Hop man its so confusing .
    I used to think soulja boy sucked sour donkey balls
    but this guy who is not God is making soulja boy look like Pac
    its just wrong something needs to be done


  • Based Auntie

    We won’t hate you @FBG. We’re based! 🙂

  • This is great
    ~CompellemB thebasedchild

  • Kalifoolya415

    Just the lifestyle we live in Cali,straight raw, but its them thizzles & good designer drugs & dank that make him based..yee

  • wtf !?!?

    silly mortals ! *** extended fart sound

  • Mr Xclusive

    this is utterly rediculous …you people are fucking brainwashed

  • crack hit its peak in the late 80s and early 90s; all lil b’s fans are the crack babies that were born then.

  • lavieenbros

    it’s ironic

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