• Black London

    You Yanks aint ready for this…

  • anon

    sad thing is that itll prolly get hits on the radio for being a gay club song

  • D

    thats wack….

  • lioness

    thumbbbbbssss …waits for final version and video.

  • jburg

    hate if you want, this shit is gonna be a hit.

  • DJ HzD Brazil

    everybody is on this techno or dance shit…
    Sean Kingston…
    Kelly Rowland…
    Kid Cudi…
    Kardinal Offishall…
    and even Lil’ Jon!
    that’s why nobody cares about black music…
    they’re following the pop ish…
    let this eletronic shit to the djs please!

  • jburg

    @So Icy Boi: Nigga you can’t be serious! That nigga wack and he is dumber than a bag of nickels! You making a case for a nigga that put an ice cream cone on his face! FAIL!

  • icedoutjesse

    @SoIcyBoi! gucci has an ice cream cone on his face…. nuff said burrrr!!!

  • So Icy Boi!

    @jburg Nigga Gooch tha goat! 20 mill sold in the US and 50 mill worldwide! Gucci dont gotta sellout and make gay pop songs like ur hero Feminem! THE STATE VS RADRIC 2: THE VERDICT COMING SOON! BURRR

  • jburg

    @DJ HzD: Its called evolving sound. No one wants to hear the same oh shit, thats why music is always changing. Thats why The Game album hasn’t come yet. Nigga don’t know how to create a new sound and buzz. Wouldn’t a real DJ know something about music evolving?

  • So Icy Boi!

    And what tha fuck does it matter what he got tatted on his face? It dont affect ur life nigga smh. BURRR

  • jburg

    @So Stupid Boi: Get that nigga dick out you ass, you sound as dumb as he looks!

  • Tom

    This song is not his best.

  • Paige

    i really like the song…it’ll do great in europe, new zealand, the uk, and other countries but america still acts like he killed someone i don’t know what he has to do to get respect from americans “maybe save a baby out of a burning house” haha!!!

  • Belize

    People havin fun goin all Marilyn Manson?

  • tr

    Damn techno fans should be mad at Hip-Hop for biting their style.

  • Toven

    @jbrug Why can’t a smart nigga listen 2 gucci? His message is no different than any other rapper drugs, sex, violence so quit being bias and a asshole.



  • jburg

    @So Icy: No nigga I never wore that bullshit. I’m sure you got a couple in your closet though. Sorry I don’t have to run around with my pants down my ass and play “thug”.

    @Toven: Eat nuts! Who said no one could listen to that wack as nigga? I said dude sounded dumb for what he was saying. Understand what you are reading. How is my opinion being bias? The nigga sucks point blank regardless of his musical content, that’s my opinion, has nothing to do with bias.

  • Donn



  • Toven

    @jbrug Learn how 2 be more specfic instead of sprewing ignorant shit.

  • K-Lam

    Who’s heard that the guy who is leaking those Eminem tracks is gonna leak a 11 more with artists featuring Elton John, Dr.Dre, Royce, Drake etc…?

  • Toven

    @Donn If you like pop so much go to popradar not rr and quit being motley.

  • @k-lam guess wht no 1 care!! Wack song trash talk 101.

  • zezzoi

    The Euro-trance/pop movement has taken over here in the US now.

    I Aint mad tho. Let the hoes get drunk in the club. Only better for us niggas

  • Itz Yourz

    Its for the radio and certain clubs…so it would do good…but dont know about being able to get a tour going on with this song. i wouldnt wanna hear this at a concert. Chris is just exploring his options..he dont have to stay an R&B.

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  • KanyeSmug

    After this you can’t *Refudiate* That George Bush hates black music lol

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  • hahanyouknowwhatitis!!

    @KanyeSmug and now we know

  • This song does not make me want to roll

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  • DJ HzD Brazil

    @jburg I’m just saying if this evolve more…
    in the future we’ll have no more black music…
    just the classics…
    And I understand this shit…
    but to me is to sell yourself to the trend…
    so, no…
    i don’t fuck with this…

    So if Metallica starts playing some emo shit its evolving?
    i don’t think so…

    Ps.: Just cuz i play some shit in the club doesnt mean that i like it!

  • Arii Price

    Maybe because I dig European dance music, this was cool for me. Gonna download it. This hits the playlist. Sounds like Vikter Duplaix.

    Doesn’t surprise me that the typical niggas don’t like it though. If you can’t nod your head to this, you ain’t got no soul, man. Tryin too hard to be hard.

  • Chan

    This song is kind of cool. Don’t get me wrong this is no were near Chris Browns best. I am a die hard Chris Brown fan and I will support all of his music. This is different yes but maybe a little misunderstood. I also think everyones going into this expecting to hear a track like no BS and this aint it. Let artist be artist.

  • This Song Is Dope, No I Won’t Be Rocking To It, But Those Folks That Actually Buy Records and Singles On iTunes Will. Big Ups To Chris Brown and The Folks Behind Him For Reviving That Career. F.A.M.E Will Do Gold Maybe Platinum Before Its All Done

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  • J Nasty

    It’s pop (popular) music, you can’t hate, he wants to sell records. David Guetta has made a ton of hits with artists, (Akon, Kid Cudi, BEP, etc.) This house/techno style is hot right now and its going to be around for awhile.

  • Es Bee

    @J Nasty – absolutely. This is the new pop, period, end of story. Music goes in cycles – and at present, this is what sells. Not to mention, a LOT of people DO want to hear music such as this.

    And this is a good song, btw.

  • Nice tune

    I feel good listening to it thats one of the purposes of Music.

    That hard core rap and hard R&b does not make the charts because it only reaches out to a few people.

    If you make records you would understand what I mean if you don`t you will bla-bla – bla on these Blogs.

    Try to be a signed artist for one day imagine making music was your Job!!!
    If you know anything concrete about the music business you will understand what CB is doing but I doubt It.

    A Fed up with Blog Hate artist.

  • mila

    welll since everybodys bein all emotional n shit, imma just keep it simple. I don’t like the song….

  • shizzy fn mac

    this song is the best i like this one

  • fuck all you haters go drink some haterade punk ass

  • REFUDIATE THIS SARAH what it’s meaning? my english still so bad…………….