Crooked I Tells His Million Dollar Story

It’s been a big week for the Slaughterhouse crew, but Crooked I has some more in store. He has finally announced the release date for his upcoming album Million Dollar Story. Look for it on March 22, 2011. He recently spoke to hhhdx about the album.

“I’ve got to have some sort of humungous impact, man. I think it’s going to be a great year. I’m doing a full length album, Million Dollar Story. I want to have half of it complete before we go on tour and then have the other half complete when I get back from Europe. I’m really, excited about the album, though. It’s been a journey, without a doubt, with my career and with my life. I’m just trying to put some inspirational music together as well as just classic Hip Hop and put it all in one package,” he told us of the album.

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  • gsdh

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  • assasin9

    wait… it’s the middle of january — the release date is March 22nd, and you have none of it done ? i’m a fan but wtf, what have you been doing other than dropping freestyles and doing radio interviews…

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  • Donn

    Can you say double flop?

  • that article is from january 2010.. look at the date

  • assasin9

    smmfh – y is this just going up now then ? I remember that article – are they just looking for slaughterhouse news to put up so they can get hits ?? sometimes I wonder about this place.

  • S

    “that article is from january 2010.. look at the date”

    talk about lazy journalism, damn

  • Toven

    ^?so tru?

  • Justmyopinion

    @ assasin9 – that’s the whole plot for within the next 5 wks for you to hear a whole ‘nother story about why the album date is pushed back.

    Overall, if the album date holds, it may be looking to be a great first quarter for Hip-Hop.

    Speaking of which, we’re 6 weeks away from Detox release date and no word on that either.

    So, then again it may be a disappointing first quarter for Hip-Hop.

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  • jacobjones

    1 million pennies

  • Thank Me Hater

    Yall some negative ass niggas man. Damn!

  • Belize


  • assasin9

    lol – it aint being negative, it’s the truth — if u are a blogger/journalist/editor make sure u have ur facts straight before posting for the world to see – and as an artist stop putting up release dates knowing you can’t stick to it — this article is over a yr old and still no million dollar story.

  • Gordon B.

    Take this bullshit post down, it’s not even about hating but god damn if you work for one of the biggest hip hop blogs and post a year old articles, getting people excited for no reason, I mean c’mon.

  • shut up

    Shup up monkeys. Be lucky ur not in prison or something

  • S

    Assasin is on point. If you want to go around act like your this huge part of the culture, you cant be messing up like that

  • NotoriousRambo


  • real talk


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  • Ready2Die

    Gonna b album of the year


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