• reallyb


  • Mr Xclusive

    its okay nothing special

  • yeezyfan

    No J Cole, please dont go commercial on me.

  • Belize

    …I really hope this don’t mean J.Cole goin mainstream…0_o

  • James


  • suppppppppp

    Cole been trying too hard to go mainstream.. “In the Morning” “All I want Is You”, That Missy record, etc.

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  • flawda

    Keep doing you Cole, fuck these backpack nerds. All the great rappers managed to balance commercial and street respect, Jay did it, Big did it, Pac did it, Outkast did it,etc. The dude said from the beginning that people will learn that as soon as you put him in a box he will step right out of it. That nigga don’t want to be Talib Kweli or one of those type of rappers yall put in a box!

  • AB

    no hate but this nigga sucks at doing those R&B shit

  • reallyb



  • KRxPucho


    in the morning is an old track you faggot. The original is better than the one with Drake. Only reason ppl hear it now is cuz Drake recently heard it & told Cole he wants to jump on it.

    So no, Cole ain’t trying to hard. Other artist actually want him.

    Same goes for all I want is you. Mark Pitts told Miguel about J. Cole and told him it would be a great track. And it is !!!

  • reallyb

    that nigga mixtape gonna be better than his album

  • reallyb

    but if he do wanna go mainstream his best opt IS TO SIGN TO YOUNG MONEY LOL

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  • Moe


  • villain

    who r these idiots talkina bout selling out and goin commercial do u want him to blow up or not and reach the widest audience possible or do u want him idiots man listen to jay-zs verse on syllables

  • Sony Music Intern

    J cole AINT never comin out!

  • Ice Cold

    @villain Cosign!!! To be become popular & noticed & get be fans , you have to have a mainstream album Nuff said!!

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  • bullfrog24

    Let the man get his money god damn…

    This aint gonna be on his album so calm down. Everytime someone is successful yall wanna call them a sell out.

  • random

    I dont think he gon do the B.O.B. but he just using these features to get mainstream attention and besides in an interview he allready said he wasnt in the “box” so This was kind of expected also look at this line from see world “You either play the game or let the game play you or be that broke motherfucker talkin bout I STAYED TRUE” i dunno guys “kanye shrug’

  • lol

    this the weakest cole verse i heard in a minute but who cares this shit still way better than most rappers on this type of track and his album will be dope no matter what..

    cole a different breed of rapper dont judge him just cause he on a rihanna track dude is just having fun and trying to establish a fanbase hes not changing anything..

    i cant stand this type of music but if i heard someone playing this than at least i get a lil cole verse even tho it wasnt up to par with anythig else hes put out..

    cole dropping spring sometime.. its not gonna get delayed anymore by that time his fanbase will be big enough to warrant an album dropping

  • assasin9

    niggas cant make money — yall want them to live in sewers and shit while yall keep downloading they shit – mad at them for not puttin out music when they just dropped a mixtape 2 weeks ago —

    i already fucked with this song – cole ripped it —


  • Y.G.R.N.

    i guess niggas want J Cole to be rapping about being broke forever. let that nigga get some paper.

  • suppppppppp

    @PUCHOFAGGOT So what if the track is old idiot! He’s BEEN trying to go mainstream. He himself said he ain’t satisfied unless he’s going to do numbers. Him having TREY SONGZ on his next single… Yeah I’m sure he wants Trey for his super creativity, fuck outta here. IDIOT, he’s trying to hit mainstream with shit like this. He added Drake to a track about hoes, he don’t want a hit? You stupid nigga? And the miguel track is corny.

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  • mdot85

    Most of y’all have no idea wat it means to have a diverse catalogue..its all about balance..esp if u have the oppurtunity to make a song or lend a verse to arguably on of the top 5 pop stars on the planet..jcole even said he refuse to be that backpack rapper who nobody knows about cause they refuse to make diff type of records..so its ok for drake to make a record wit ri ri and not cole..so I guess y’all mad he did the song wit keri..or the fact he got a writing credit on LTTP…this has nothin to do wit the content of his own album..jay nas common..all have diff type of records..nas jus did a song wit estelle not too long ago but should be crucify him for not doin somethin super revolutionary..this is chess not checkers..and once cole album drop half y’all gonna be right back givin props

  • lioness

    dat nigga Drake looks gay!

    Keri Hilson BuyU feature is better.

  • Will these niggas shut the hell up with that mainstream/sellout shit. I swear I hate some of these hip-hop fans. You niggas bitch and moan about how niggas like Cole don’t have up to par album sales, and their singles flop, and then when they try to get exposure you call them a sellout. GTFOH, with all that, their with the same label under Hov even damn it (Cole & Rihanna). Cole has made it clear he doesn’t want to be the artist who gets love from niggas like you, who wouldn’t buy his singles, and bootleg his album anyway, and then debuts at #32 on the billboard, and never even comes close to gold. Stop fucking wanting our artist under this genre, to not be successful, as long as Cole delivers that good music, why the fuck do you care if he does a song with Rihanna? He had “In The Morning” way before FNL dropped, your just calling it commercial cause Drake’s on it, and All I Want Is You, is a dope ass record, reminds me of 112 in the ’90s or something, and it wasn’t even a top 40 hit, STFU


    FACT IS that J. Cole will go mainstream b/c the biggest money draw IS THERE! Take it or leave and he will take it, bite and chew on it. It being the bottomline. He will take his talent there. That is where more people with more disposable income spend their dollars, in the mainstream music genre. U can cry sellout and gone commercial all u want but it is what it is and its like that. Ask Jay Z, he tell u.

  • shotta

    why all yall hater afraid of success?

  • Anna B.

    Cosign everyone going after those that are trying to say he sold out. The man does not have to make a record specifically catered towards you. If you don’t like it then skip it. Its not like it’s even his single or on his album, it’s a freaking feature. What was he, as an up and coming artist, supposed to do? Turn Rihanna down? FOH

  • Citylivin’

    Cole will get some paper outta this, especially because Rihanna top charts all the damn time….y’all know that techno shit is selling.

  • Campbell

    Real shit….whether he does a song wit rihanna or whoever else…he aint go sell shit like wiz aint….like gucci dont…..like boosie dont….like all the best RAPPERS dont sell shit…the same niggas every year sell records…wayne jay eminem….singers…beyonce alicia keys…cuz they all been around since the 90s…think about it

  • get off wiz nuts talk about selling out listen to wiz stufff from 3 years ago

    soooooooooooold out

  • ROC

    Aint mainstream the way for his words to reach more people? reaching more people means touching most of them and inspiring them with your words, like Eminem, Jay Z, Nas etc, we need not ground our rappers because we wanna feel better for being the only people who listen to them because we are supportive… let us move on already and let him make more…

    Cole World its the ROC

  • billyraevalentine

    real talk, this was the weakest j. cole verse i’ve heard.

    but i don’t care. it’s just fine by me. nobody bats a thousand.

    other than that, i hope he blows up and u backpackers can eat a dog shit log. also, and most importantly, that miguel song is off the fucking hook. who shits on j. cole for doing that feature? you’re a dickface. u probably listen only to joell ortiz and shit. haha. that miguel song is probably the sickest r&b single of 2010. and u over here calling somebody a sellout for being a part of it. listen to the words, listen to that infectious beat. the artist can sing his ass off; what more do u want? get out the house, find a non-internet woman, and fall in love. stop being around pot-smoking hard-legs all the time.

  • J Blaze

    lisen 2 “See World” track off of FNL, da last verse. U have 2 eventually “sell out”. The music biz is to sell records so u cant knocki. I just hope he balance it out no Drake

  • dan

    this is dope. its just a feature people need to calm down.

  • hater


  • Killa

    Cole World no blanket

  • Killa

    There should be a like button on this shit

  • Killa

    Cause that pic goes harder than ur mother

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  • Dee-Loon

    They are both signed to the same label, Cole as a Artist and Rihanna as a managed artist by Roc Nation… this one is a move to make Cole more popular then he already is…


  • ColemaNUH


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  • Gr!ff

    who the fuck cares if cole “sells out”. him doing one REMIX to an rnb record aint gonna change his own music. and besides all ya niggas will cry when his album dont get released cos no ones buying it or even heard of j.cole other than you hating stans

  • ZoomZOom


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  • 106

    Not bad if this was a Cole song I would be worried but dropping a verse on this I can’t be mad.

  • Real Rap

    why is everyone saying he goin mainstream or sold out I mean if a pretty woman like rihanna asked me to do a quick song wit her i would do that shit and keep doing my hard street hits too its one song get the fuck over it


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  • sweetbabygigi

    Dirtypackers want Cole to stay underground and broke. smh. Not what I would wish on anybody.

  • 2011 is the year of hiphop

    Sell out?? Dude jumped on a remix with Rihanna who the fuck wouldnt, and if you peep his 16 its anything but mainstream and if it is who cares, the due wants to be the next jay-z so stop hatin on the popular if its hot its hot .

  • leesh

    i like it

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  • Sa

    Forget all you Cole hater

  • illaDeuce

    you dumshits… everyone tried to tell drake hes more commercial like Jay and J. Cole is more underground like Nas… stop drawing comparisons J. Cole is J. Cole, he’s gonna do whatever the fuck he does, get paid, get attention, and kill verses in the process. It`s a little remix stop shitting your pants.

  • Robb

    Check out this cool Youtube video to Only Girl In The World @


  • Usual_Suspect

    Tired of people sayin rappers are sell outs for taking mainstream offers. You gotta understand this is the mans job, why would he turn down a CHECK? think about it. this doesnt mean he’s a sell out. he just gettin money. THIS IS HIS JOB. fucking morons.

  • CVShawty

    The problem with NOT complaining about him going pop is that it would be hypocritical.. I like J.Cole, but as a black man, just like any black man he needs to make his money.

    So, “going mainstream” is not a big deal to me, as long as the majority of your album is solid hip hop. Also I can withstand one or two mainstream singles just leave the disco driven production out of the equation.

    But back to being hypocritical if all of you anti mainstream fans take your foot off of J.Cole’s neck and allow him to go mainstream, then you will all be liars and we will never earn respect as a genre. You scrutinize Drake, Kanye, T.I, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj and many others for making “radio songs”. But when they make a solid hip hop album only sell 100K and then you blame the “industry” or you blame the artist with some wack excuse . Make up your mind you want them to sell records or make solid albums, in this day and age its virtually impossible to do both.

    2pac didn’t even do it. He went from Brenda’s got a baby to “Every other city we go”- All about you.
    But you accept it because he was gun down dead. B.I.G went from Party and Bullshit to “Hypnotized” But you accept a radio driven single from him. Why does that have to change for the new generation of artist. Not everybody has the same skill level of Biggie, so why hold that against them? Allen Iverson doesn’t have the same talent of Michael Jordan. But they both use similar ways to score. Do you hold that against A.I .. NO..

    Ease up.. let these rappers get some green in their pocket.
    Make up your fucking mind and promote a anti-mainstream MOVEMENT..

    Either way you have to make ONE system or else hip hop is REALLY gonna die. And not by one rapper saying hip hop is dead and the rest of the world follows like little lost puppies.

    Make up your own minds. And stop believing all these fucking youtube videos.. Read a book.. Not everybody on the radio is in the illuminati. Not everybody who puts their index finger and pinkie finger up is a illuminati puppet. Read a fucking book for once.. Please

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  • deevibez

    idk wat to say..he didnt realli do much
    its jus to put him out there more..i bet jay made this call

  • will i really enjoy techno music alt cause it,s different from all the other music that i listen to most of the time and i don,t think j cole is trying to become a sellout he just want,s to be regized as a different artist and such that,s all…but nouf said thou….

  • Phantom

    damn he do one track and people go crazy because its a pop song, dont mean he going mainstream, can somebody just do something to get some money, maybe rihanna wanted J. Cole he dope (That is really the reason), Stop the dumb shit and be happy that he gettn his name out there so they can zone out and bass FNL Or The Warm Up, He not Wiz Khalifa who has gone mainstream to the poin where he singing with auto tune and shit, make no sense i got Hope for Hip-Hop in 2011 though