TDK Chronicles: Nas (Full)

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Here’s the full eight minute documentary on Nas’ relationship with TDK cassette tapes. Directed by photographer Jonathan Mannion. Death to digital!

Nas goes deep reminiscing about cassettes, mixtapes and musical influences (Tribe Called Quest, MC Shan, Kurtis Blow & Queen, just to name a few) while reflecting on his early life in the Queensbridge housing projects.


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  • why would he have plies on the mixtape tho ? LOL

  • mario melara

    NAS IS THE G.O.A.T….Just saying

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  • Young Mo Fo

    And niggas get mad that Drake sings…

    I didnt even do research and found out that one of Nas’ own favorite throwback rappers sang on his songs.
    Not to mention Eminem really put some singing onto a few songs.

    But nothing is real hip hop to some of ya.

  • Yeah,


    Yeah, but Em can’t sing, Kurtis can.
    Deny that and your stannery will show.

  • ….PLIES????

  • Citylivin’

    would y’all please give Drake his dick back?….i’m pretty sure he wants to fuck some chick but y’all be on his dick so hard…..i think Drake tired of hearing his own damn name…i bet Drake be thinking “i wish these niggas would shut the fuck up.” lol………

    ……anyway……i bet Plies mind is too blank to even accept that Nas co-sign.

  • LoPeSHoL718


  • Gary-oh

    @lopeshol718 NAS got his Doctorate?

  • DIGGSY!!!

    i let my tape rock till my tape pop

  • Gordon B.

    Too bad casette tapes had shit audio quality, vinyl is where it’s at.

  • dll32

    Plies ? For real bruh bruh ??


  • cbaxter

    damn i remember that [email protected]!! glad to be apart of the late 80’s and how we used 2 record shit!! brings back crazy memories of summertime out on the porch just tryin get it on tape for your new mix tape
    start reading your books man get it together!!!

  • Lucky Kunene- King of Hillbrow buildings

    I still got tapes wit REAL music


  • CotDamn



  • Belize

    I just turn forty-five yeah bring back memory

  • Belize

    YES! Back when rap was something dope and not a wack waste of time!!!!

  • iaintshyttho

    Yall need to stop bitchin about Nas picking Plies, yall just picked one negative thing over the rest in the whole video

    On the other hand, Nas needs to step up, he aint been that good of a rapper since 2003, i hope his next album replicates his prime

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    Jesus Christ I got chills listening to this cuz I still have a box full of tapes I made when I was like 11, im 28 now. Thats when I fell in love with this shit. I still got a tape from 98′ when Flex played “Nas is Like” for the first time on Hot 97, he played that shit like 10 times back to back dropping crazy bombs!!! I was going crazy in my mom’s bedroom to that shit

  • i still got my older brothers Sharp Radio like that one

  • these young bucks don’t even know what a cassette smell like lol

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  • hell yes

    Nas is the GOAT been that since 1994-present! Nas needs NOT to replicate his prime because what he spoke about at age 20 is defnitely not what he is living at age 37…EVOLVING is what a GREAT artist does!

  • JBiggs

    Yoooo I got like 92 tapes in a box and that’s because I lost some of the other joints LOL…..them SA-90 joints with the dark gray color on them were the illest, they never popped in the deck. But the homie Nas had me laughin’ loud as hell when he said that he used to put the batteries in the freezer, I stayed doing that shit too and I still don’t know if that worked at all LMAO!