B.o.B. To Perform At Grammys

Not only is B.o.B. nominated for five Grammy Awards, but he’ll also be performing. Not word as to what song, but find out when the ceremony airs February 13th on CBS.

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  • dasfsf

    Nice tail Bobby

  • D


  • D-manded

    b dot u should really give this nigga so icy an award for commentor of the year i mean like seriously….

  • B.Dot

    Ha! or mac DIESEL

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    The G.O.A.T. Gucci better be performin BURRR…I wont be suprised if GUCCI took out a restraining order against SO ICY BOI. Shout out to B.O.B. im happy for you homie. Real Talent can make it in hiphop.

  • Ice Cold

    B.o.B killin the radio game, repin ATL the right way. I think hes going to perform airplanes and don’t let me fall

  • NihilTimendumEst

    It Gonna Be This Nigga Performing Airplanes Wid Em And Hayley Williams!! Then Em Come do His Verse And Prolly Bring Out The Nigga wayne For No Love

  • D-manded

    ha yeah but so icy is 25 to life in this shit so id give it to him

  • Belize

    Cool! Hope they do Airplanes Pt. 2. I could do without No Love, LTWYL & Won’t Back Down! -_-

  • zezzoi

    I could do without No Love, LTWYL & Won’t Back Down! -_-



    No Love would be alright, but I want Em to do somethin other than LTWYL & Not Afraid … Space Bound or some shit like that.

  • Yessir

    RapRadar should def give out a “commenter of the year” award. Highlighting the best comments. Shit would be hilarious.

  • B.Dot

    hmmm, ur on to something.

  • D

    Better yet of the month.

  • Yessir

    B.Dot, get it done!

  • Slim

    This must be done B.Dot!!

  • tr

    It’d be interesting but way too many trolls on RR.

    It’s weird but somehow people on NR have some level of respect for each over even though they’re usually completely off topic lol. It’s quite fascinating.