Freddie Gibbs Freestyle In Chicago

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Freddie Gibbs is too gangsta for a beat and while bringing his set to a close at the Tomorrow Never Knows Festival in the Chi, he drops a killer acapella for the crowd. A Cold Day In Hell coming next month.

ruby hornet

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  • real

    Best Rapper Alive… Holy Shit.

  • TheMosDefinite

    @real i agree DUDE this rapper is the ressurection of Pac biggy BIG L guru etc etc etc xD PERFECTION

  • omfg

    too sick. this guy has some crazy lyrical skills

  • real

    how the fuck can anyone sleep on this dude? does everyone just have bad taste now? this dude needs to be the biggest rapper in the world. cot damn!!!!

  • Hann



  • Belize

    FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome! THIS is what Hip-Hop is about!!!!

  • Word

    Bars aren’t hot enough???!!!

  • rahrahrah

    Yeah I like Gibbs, but I don’t think this is the best showcase of him. If you’re doing an acapella you need to provide the rhythm not just the rhymes. I don’t think he did a great job of that here. It was kind of slurred. No hate, need to see some more from him on the site.

  • the Hater

    big fan of homie music but nigga style aint built for a capella, same way niggas dont wanna hear freeway rappin without a beat

  • BIC

    @Everybody co-sign

  • Converse

    Allhiphop got a interview wit gibbs. That nigga is the truth speak from the heart and is intelligent as fuk hard 2 find another nigga like that in the rap game.

  • raw

    Gibbs is the only hope for this rap shit.

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  • That aint no freestyle though
    freestylin is dropping words at the spur of moment / dope rhymes but not a freestyle

    If i were a new person in hip-hop and was learning I would be misled Rap radar please educate properly hip-hop is bigger than your backyard.


  • glossedflossin

    @dope you sound like a fucking 14 year old who has a copy of illmatic and enter the 36 chambers and is way more “intelligent” than your friends because you know about and listen to “real hiphop”. seriously, you don’t need to post on this site. everyone knows that probably wasn’t a freestyle because a freestyle doesn’t necessarily mean completely made up on the spot, that is a common fact in the hip-hop community. so if you really aren’t a new person in hip hop you’d know that. I’m sick of these fucking intellectuals on websites. get over small shit. P.S. I was at this show at the metro, fucking bomb freddie gibbs is the man GI pride