• meh. at least bobby’s better than waka flocka & gucci. i’d rather hear this than them, even tho this is straight pop

  • Really doesn’t belong on rapradar but dope nonetheless

  • Converse

    ?I want the purple stuff? when did chappelle move back 2 america?

  • Sony Music Employee

    The Script>>>>>>> 99% of rap

  • Sony Music Employee

    <—————– Drake & charlamange is hilarious

  • Coroner

    cosign @j-po music. Even it’s a lil bit poppy still better than those ‘short bus shorties’… Bobby’s making great music

  • B.o.B. seems to be well on his way to realizing his goal of collaborating with every popular musician. And while I’m not a rap fan, I do tend to like his music.

  • So Icy Boi!

    ^ then why tha fuck are u on RAPRadar? Anyways this shit is mad wack. where Gucci at? BURRR

  • So Icy Boi!

    And Im sure that bald dude is mac DIESEL’s look alike BURRR

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  • erines11


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  • Belize

    It’s nice. Not my thing, but for pop I guess it’s pretty good.

  • Belize

    I’d cream my underpants if Eminem was on it tho.

  • Kush

    B.o.B’s the shit

  • dfhfh

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  • veesky

    The last dude looks like Robin Thicke

  • ireland

    euro pop fukin yanks make me there irish but this euro pop shit please explain what a load of shit like what ye gives us britney christina etc

  • wack DIESEL

    the script are fucking dope, my girlfriend love their shit. she suck my cock dry when i buy her script stuff

  • I.S.A.A.C.

    This is seriously dope.
    Rock/Rap collabs are always my great to me. Even has an avid rap fan that holds lyricism over all else in music, i still like all my music to have lots of musicianship and melody. That’s why Kanye’s album was so dope, that what made Recovery better than Relapse, that’s why Lauryn Hill WAS the greatest thing ever, why The Roots are so respected/beloved, and the only reason why Lupe is NOT considered top 5 in popularity (he’s already #1 in skill on a mic IMO).

  • SB


    Hip Hop Blog Run By 12 Dope Females!
    *Sorority of Hip Hop*

  • Converse


  • dirty black nigger

    @Converse u wannna get ya throat slit or sumn?

  • zezzoi

    Eminem “Difficult” >>>>

    Youre Never Over is cool, but Em’s singing takes away from the impact of the verses…. Difficult >>> Youre Never Over

  • Converse

    @dirtywhitehonkey Fukk u! *yawn*




  • Belize

    Em i luv!