Behind The Scenes: DJ Khaled “Welcome To My Hood”

[vodpod id=Video.5395723&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Khaled wasn’t lying when he said he’s got some brand new visuals coming for his latest single. Take a look at the official behind the scenes footage courtesy of Derick G. Khaled’s next big movie should be arriving on the small screen soon.

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  • Belize





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  • Codeen

    LMAO!!! 1:40-2:08

  • cashdon

    Tired of hearin da same artist? If so I got some fresh raw talent for u no gimmicks no bullshit just visit

  • IAmAndroid

    ^^Im tired of hearing innanet rappers. Next.

  • kareem team

    Welcome to my hood but they aint in the hood. They on green screens thats probably gonna show pics of the hood. LMFAO lame ass niggas.

  • D

    I’m sick of these rappers. Fuck, every song’s the same.

  • Devil

    Why the fuck does DJ Khaled tries to act/talk hard all the damn time?
    I would love to bitch slap that fat boy on the mouth…

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  • Belize

    Crazy wack! Overrated bums!

  • Chan

    Video looks tight although the concept is kind of played out. I think Khaled is the wackiest person in the game. He tries to act soooo hard and its just annoying. Know who is scared of you little fat man. Stop trying to act hard.

  • dan


  • D

    People, beware!

    New DJ Khaled is coming right after that one in 2012. It’s called We The Best 2012.

    First single will be called ”Always in the Hood” and features rap superstars Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Birdman, Fat Joe and T-Pain!

    Big Homie from said it was dope. OMG, can’t wait!

  • Black Shady

    damn I cant front…this video gonna be A MOVIE!

  • Symphony Hawkinz

    Yo! how many times DJ Khaled gonna act like he the saviour of hip hop.With all these bullshit records this is the same got damn record as welcome to my get the same motherfuckers on the same record.nigga talking about he doing a movie.Man fuck outta here.the scene with plies with the car bouncing up and down that straight from the west coast.Niggas standing on top of the roof thats from hate me now nas and diddy.yo hip hop need some original ideas please.These niggas hurting the game with the same over saturated bullshit.then radio plays the shit like its new smash of the year this the same fuckinnnnnnnnnnnnn recorddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!! I’m tired of these niggas man.Nigga said his grind impeccable thats because you on some EA sports shit and you ain’t got no competition.These niggas lookin li9ke jerry curls.hip hop need a whole new hair do for real!!!!!!!

  • Itz Yourz

    Vid clip Funny (esp the bigboy ryhming)….and weezy, I agree the rolling stones got you looking real greazy on the cover. Not to fret I put it at the bottom of my birds’ cage so he can take his shits on it so you should feel right at home.

  • From Miami

    SMH!!! Clowns…


    how many times is dj khaled going to make the same fuckin song, With the same niggas. At the same apartments. With the same beat. With the same theme.
    Atleast change the theme.

  • jaybee32

    more like ymca fags..

  • Khaled’s Dad

    My own boy Dj Khaled is lame! He need’s to shut his fat ass mouth! He sucks! Baby talking about how dope he is, Ha Ha! Baby sucks too! Both those fags need to just move outta the way and let Wayne do his thang! Plus that shit was funny how Ace Hood was gonna be Khaled’s Star! Ace Hood =’s Flop!

    I wont do nothing with their disc’s but maybe use as a coaster, or break up the dro on! Even then id hide it cause it sucks that bad!

    Like Jay Said “You Got Baby $,Keep It Real With Niggas”!

  • lol u blog commenters been hating dj khaled for a min now and the guy still been making hits and money for a min. so i guess what ur doing working so keep it up!

  • mac DIESEL

    @ D



  • To The MC

    anybody hear minutes when t pain is like “twin, towers”

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  • are u serious

    @mr. zee man shut ur bitch ass up. Ur really defending this same-song syndrome having ass nigga?? stop being a conformist……go broaden ur horizin…..and listen to some real original music! lol @ u thinking ppl give a shit about how much money hes making, ANYBODY can do what khaled is doing, all they have to do is yell annoying shit all over their records, make the same records talking about the same shit, get the same rappers and get an auto-tune singing ass nigga and bam! they can make money off the masses mediocracy! well excuse the fuck outta of me if im (or anybody for that matter) not easily impressed by that shit lol