New Music: Travis Barker Ft. Swizz Beatz, Game, Lil Wayne, & Rick Ross “Can A Drummer Get Some”

Can a drummer get some? Hell yeah! Here’s the official first single for Travis Barker’s upcoming project, Give The Drummer Some. Those guitar and drum riffs make a great combination, don’t they? Album in stores March 15th.

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  • Converse

    Dope shit damn barker never disappoint!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Take wayne, game, officer ross off this song then U got a decent song.



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  • KingWonder

    OH SHIT.
    I seriously Did not Know what to expect when I pressed Play!
    swizz? game? ross? wayne? I thot I would hear some bullshit dj khaled songs again…
    but this just Shited on every Dj’s face!!!
    Beat was Nuts!! every1 killed ther verse, but enough with Swizz screaming nonsense on every song! lol Sighs.

  • Belize

    Horrible! Except for Game. @B.Dot: more notable commentors:
    @mac DIESEL (the original)
    @So Icy Boi! (the original)
    @K.o.D./@Cold Blood
    @Haters are annoying
    @Thank Me Hater
    @Your mother’s “friend”
    @B.Dot’s Father
    @Tim Lee VA Stand Up
    @Ashin Kusher
    @Black Shady
    @Black Shady
    …Just a thought.

  • ham

    damn i’m suprised game easily had the best verse

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Wayne says he wont go back to NYC. Its a good idea the NY homies dont want you stinking up the CITY wayne.

  • Boris

    this goes H.A.R.D. fuck those haters, they will give this song props whether they realize it ornot

  • Hellz Yeah

    This shit is DOPE!!!!! Went hard as fuck when Ross came on. Beat is nice T. Barker

  • Jenni xxx

    This song is craze. GAME hasn’t sounded this good in years. He sounds hungry like a mo

  • Adelson

    Muito fodaaa!!!

  • DJ HzD Brazil

    This cd sounds like a must buy!
    Congrats Travis!

  • Black Thought

    game killed his verse…red albumm we waitinn…rozayy and weezy were nice too

  • B.Dot

    got it! thanks! u forgot Nathaniel tho.

  • Sugarshane

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dope!


    Hot shit……………RED

  • DJ HzD Brazil

    I Just me or Rozay is getting better each song??
    He got some bars, and is making me change my mind about him…

  • Cudder

    wtf? what bout me, i was there when thisis50 was ripping off your stories

  • jme123

    how do i download dis shitt…

  • JEaan

    BOOM! Guess wo just entered the room? ZOOMZOOM, most useless poster on RR

  • mikey

    i hope em on the album

  • Yup !

    Yall Know This Is Old Right….!

  • Yes SIr

    Damn This shit goes sooooo fuckin Hard. Nice Job T.B everyone sounded sooooo good

  • Belize

    yup! can’t forget @Nathaniel, and @Cudder been here forver.

  • South Of Heaven Bitchz

    This go HARD/ Whenis there gonna be a motha fuckin’ movie fo this . Wanna see this

  • Thank Me Hater

    This shit is dope. I fuck with Travis

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  • GemikQuotes

    Travis is a Living Legend. – enough said.

  • Mr Xclusive

    Waynes verse is over a year old….matter fact this song is over a year old

  • Yuuup

    dope shit! need to shoot a video for this, gonna be a hit! all the rappers killed it but 2011 is gonna be GAME’s year. think RED bitchessss

  • dirty black nigger

    Shit is dope, BEST VERSE IN ORDER……..#1 Game #2 Ross #3 Wayne



  • Ice Cold

    Not bad shit

    Travis >>>>> khaled

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  • Yup !

    This is some pre-jail Weezy (pretty sure he recorded his verse in 2008)

  • DrDreThatDude

    DAMN!! I did not know what to expect when I clicked that but my ass just got smacked to the floor. I want to hear more of this album ASAP. I don even like Ross but he did some shit on this. A+ gold star. “Pee on the peons for eons” Wayne went in.

  • k worlf

    Damn Game is killin everything right now!

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    GAME Time! travis>>>>>>dj khaled this>>>>>welcome to the hood

  • Belize

    Yeah only mention the commentor who have no life like me. I need a boyfriend or something cause im getting tire of my right hand.

  • hcrowntown

    so-so. didn’t khaled make this beat 20 times already? game is sounding good again.

  • duche


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  • So Icy Boi!

    This aight I guess. BURRR

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  • trekk

    Game holds it down


  • So Icy Boi!

    Gotta make those comment awards happen B.Dot,I been here since like 09 BURRR

  • LALL

    game hands down

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  • LALL

    no lie waynes verses are getting boring

  • Rasool

    did any else notice that weezy sounded like Cory Gunz? Dude is coming off real unoriginal to me right now. smh.

  • TWO

    I can’t wait to hear this whole album. I ain’t been disappointed yet with this dude. I fux with al these drums too. Givin the drummer sum

  • Sudija

    game time
    dope shit

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  • Bangers N Mash

    Game was nice.

  • AJ21

    Travis delivers yet again, Games verse was easily the best but Weezy and Ross did a good job too.

  • john ellis

    this track is out of control good. fanfuckintastic job to all artists on this track

  • as

    Game actually sounds pretty good. Wayne was pretty whack, but that’s why people love him. I just can’t get into Ross though. Not hating.

    Barker sounds good, though. Saw him live at the Epicenter show. His drum solo at the end was nuts.

  • your pusha

    in swahili im screaming sitaki motherfuckers! ..RAWSE …TRANSLATION in swahili im screaming you dont want it motherfuckers!..killed it to the max

  • Gordon B.

    Yeah I was surprised too, seems like Game is focused again, I really hope so because I want that RED album.

  • Mook

    lol game stans coming out in full force today

  • KingWonder

    Hahahaha @ Mook
    just One verse won’t cover all that wack shit he released lately, besides, game is used to making tracks with Travis. barker needs to produce his album lols

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  • inkpenpimpin

    GAME TIME!! Haters honestly know he’ll bury your favorite rapper. Scrap that 2010 bullshit!

  • Nicee

    Game sounds awesome. i like it. favorite track so far

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  • Mook

    @King yeah man Game is done he keep releasing wack singles…then wack mixtapes Im just tired of hearing about dude

  • Word

    Game >>>>>>>>>>> Ross >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wayne

    (For the sake of the song, not overall)

    @Belize and @B.Dot

    What are yall talking about?

  • Ice Cold

    ^^^^ cosign

  • layoffs

    lol @KingWonder one verse wont save game? well thats aight coz u must have heard him kill that clinton sparks green lantern track with bun b & jim jones…… and that ghostface track with joel ortiz…… and kush… twce. So i guess game is pretty well saved at this point……. lol ur retarded. Can u say retard? r-e-t-a-r-d

  • c

    damn shit sounds crazy. Cant wait for the album march 15 needs to get here now

  • ESCO

    Rick ross horrible again.

    Wayne surprisingly good.

    Game pretty damn good, but I shouldn’t be surprised at this.

  • James


  • 5th borrough

    Gotta admit, Game kinda been killing shit lately.

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  • Word


    That verse was from 08? It sounded like a verse he would spit now in 2011.

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  • skrilla


  • TWO

    Travis Barker bout to fvck vp the game

  • Black Shady

    @ Belize ; good looking on the shout out…but what is it for? lol

    on the song ; this is pretty dope!

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  • same song?
  • Do This!

    This is jammin the fuck out! Waynes verse is the dopest. Then GAMES & Ross’. I remember hearing about this song back in the day of the homie speaking of it. Not a bit disappointed

  • Mui Thai

    WAYNE MURK’D EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JunnBug aka Jun Nishihara

    Can’t stop listening to this! Thanks for the post!

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  • OffMyNutz

    Game sounds eh,Wayne really sucks though….Fraud really eats dick and Swizzy needs to shut up…Travis killed the track.Should have just let Game kill the whole shit!

  • OffMyNutz

    J.Cole>Wayne and Fraud combined!

  • Mui Thai

    True GAME did do his fuckin thing’ I got this shit on repeat

  • Belize

    @Word & @Black Shady: haha! @So Icy Boi! been goin off about some Commentor Award shit, haha. @Word be on it too.

  • Argenys

    Can we get a link?

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  • real

    man Wayne recorded that in 08 lol i wish i was new but it was alright

  • C-town

    Game is fuckin back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, FINALLY
    all of them killed shit no lie

  • Gamer

    GAME is BACK bitches BWS

  • Blastic

    i doubt weezy recorded this before jail. i doubt he knew hed be working with travis before he went to jail. just listen to the line “WEEZY F BABY IS AN EFFIN STAR…GET IT F AND STAR” search travis barkers clothing line famous stars and straps logo in google…what is it? an f and a star

  • El Greenientie

    Game and ROZAY Went in

  • BK

    Dope shit. Love the beat(?). To all those saying Game’s back, remember, it’s 1 step forward 10 steps back with this guy.

  • DJ Cold SMH

    this white dude needs to look in the mirror. he has no bizness bein in the hip hop game. go bak 2 the wanna be punk white boy muzik. dont see why peple like thiz track. sux azz

  • Wes Wes yall

    Game niggga!!!!!!! Yesir

  • L.A.

    Love this fucken shit.


    Travis goeeeeeeeeeees for days. He pops like a mothafucka like no other honket mothafucka is a drummer and duz it like this. Appreciate .

  • Z!S Boyz

    Game. Game. Game. Game.Game went it! The official west coaster is back!!!

  • Killomic

    Game has a pretty decent verse…
    Wayne flopped…
    Ross verse was wackkk…
    Drums are dopeeeee…

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  • Z!S Boyz

    Yup, tha drumzzzzzz are dope

  • http://RED.COM R.E.D.

    fuck the haters 2011 is Games year because he gonna spit classic shit on detox and then drop his own classic album

  • wickwickwack

    reason n rhyme …no reason to rhyme
    talk about an empty track

  • Citylivin’

    confused…..i thought Lebron was a “little bitch nigga” Wayne? hahaha

  • __eeK

    game aint had much “lyricist” to outshinee too yeh he had da best verse but thats nothing to be rpoud about lol

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  • Ok

    Game killed it

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  • Itsfarfromover1

    Young Money

  • Africa

    lil gay wack rapper
    The game killed it

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  • your pusha

    was game that good or are people just happy to hear from him?for me it was ross, matter of fact the whole song was nice, let me listen again..

  • cashdon good musik for ya ears

  • tony


  • boss

    Fuck the notable commentators

  • sneakerdigga

    Nice! Hope it get out!

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  • Black Panther

    Boring song and game was wack like always move on stans.

  • damm

    this sounds cheap stupid easy guitar riff and none off the mcs comeoff wayne goes back in his easy1,2 spit and game to beat is nothing special

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  • Devil

    This ain’t nothing special, a really simple beat, simple drumming, game, wayne and fake ross sound the same like they always have…so idk what the fuck y’all smoking…

  • JavarisIsOnMars

    Wow Game back to good rapping huh ? lol Good Song.

  • TrencT

    It would be dope if Eminem was on there!!

  • Chris

    Travis barker is the king!!! so exited for this album! awesome

  • Ola

    This what I expect from game nothing less

  • Damn homie

    Idk what y’all niggas talkin bout I’m top 5 dead or alive blog posters…real talk

    Leaving me off the list is like Chris bridges…


  • Ashin Kusher

    Good to see wordplay like that from Wayne, although his verse was recorded long before the songs release. Nice to see Ross on tracks like this, certainly wouldn’t have happened two or three years ago. Game definitely back on the scene, 2011 should be a good year for him. Sounds so much better than that Brake Lights mixtape – that Mike Jack line was a killer.

    Not suprised from Travis, dude is TALENTED. Just check out his 3am, Forever etc. remixes

  • U Fuct Btchz

    This Travis Barker dude is fuckin up this rap shit in a good way. Bout time

  • jshiotta

    im gonna have to agree with everyone else sick song iff it was game and either no one else on it or just different people. get like game jayz and em (i know thats asking a lot lol) on it would be a monster



  • Wes Wes yall

    Sounds like this was games song first

  • Black Shady

    LOL @ all the “Game is back”
    I cant wait till he drops RED so I can see him catch the biggest L of his career

  • YaDig

    Whoah this is dope. Guitar reminds me of some old NWA

  • HARd as FCK

    Yeah, T. Barker is takin names. Damn this goooooooooooes!

  • http://rapradar agyemang badu

    they all make it hot

  • yo

    Hah, Wayne stole Cory Gunz’ flow

  • caity

    love barker but this was kinda wimpy. I guess I was expecting more…

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  • chris

    this album comes out on my bday

  • toxiccclala

    love itttttt. cant wait till march for the albumm

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  • Trav1

    Not feeling it so much

  • Converse

    @chris Fukk ya birthday clown smfh.

  • ZoomZoom

    Belize says:
    Friday, January 21 2011 at 6:39 PM EST
    Yeah only mention the commentor who have no life like me. I need a boyfriend or something cause im getting tire of my right hand.



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  • Belize

    Wayne kill it!

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  • 2011 is the year of hiphop

    Before i ever listened to a rap song Travis got me hooked on Blink. Now all i listen to is hiphop and he’s still blowin my mind. Traivs= the best across all genres

  • Jagged

    Song is dope except for officer rick

  • Ozzyosman

    Dope… Beat banged and Game just killed it… Wezzy Verse was fire.. Pre-jail.. easily can tell…. Voice doesnt sound weird… Ross gettin better…

    Hate me Or love Me!

  • bigjay2501

    168 comments? this shit is “OK” at best, what the fuck were yall listening to? Swizz was annoying on the hook.

  • montreezy

    stop hating this shit go hard Game Ross killed it

  • cmosa

    huge travis barker fan.. but I’m kind of disappointed with what I’ve heard off this album so far. Maybe its just the guitar that’s getting me.. I know homie has some guitarist friends who could lay down something more substantial than two boring distorted powerchords back and forth. Regardless, going to keep an open mind, and I really do look forward to hearing the rest of it.

  • HARd as FCK

    I can’t wait for Travis’ album to drop!

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  • Annes J. Chu

    Whoa! Look at all those tattoos he has, that guy!!:0 rap/rock, hmmm… Wonder what that sounds like!:)…

  • Slatefield

    Travis Barker’s beat is very good… but oh my God, Lil Wayne’s lyrics are probably some of the most hilariously bad lyrics I’ve ever heard. Rick Ross doesn’t do much either and Swizz Beatz gives off an OK performance. Here’s to hoping Travis has some better guest stars up his sleeve, because while his beats are damn good, … I dunno.

  • hrdrockdrummer

    take that stupid guitar out and this song would be awesome.

  • Ghostly Rhymes

    The only person that acually killed this shit is the BOSS

  • Raylinn

    nigga did u say take wayne and the game off this song and it would be decent yo moms pussy aint even decent go swallow a sack of baby dicks just like u have

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  • andrew prise

    new music!!

    Strwbrry Fields youtube:

    Strwbrry Fields Forever new video from my new FREE LP “Short Thoughts”!!!!

    Available For download today!!!!! DL Link Below go get that!!!

  • Brandon Mcartney

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