• dmfslimm

    nice. dont sound recent, but its nice.

  • what u mean it dont sound recent lol. this song fresh out the studio

  • KingWonder

    For some reason I’m not feelin anybody’s Rap group.
    USDA, Black Wall Street, etc
    they always sound the same and boring.
    But jeezy ripped this shit!!
    where tha fawk is TM103!!??

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I like this joint right here. Shout out to the homie JW from USDA reppin FORT LAUDERDALE 954 !

  • Converse

    Shit nice 2X fukk gucci soft ass!

  • dmfslimm

    @jtsatan the shit sound dated to me. ive heard better from jeezy and em’.

  • D19

    ohhh shit lol but it sound like its fresh out the booth…cte or nothin

  • @dmf nah….. i saw 211 and slick recording this song.. on ustream last week. plus its from dj cas he a up and coming producer,,,,, but yea its a brand new song.. but tm 103 on the way hhaha

  • Soulja hurricane cris

    Turn the fukin lights on
    You herd me

  • Belize

    Prolly old but dope nonetheless.

  • Da Truthhhh

    shit getting old same ol ad libs and same fancy punch lines about coke .niggas is brain washed more than the ww2 nazi’s

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