New Music: Wiz Khalifa “Big Screen”

We’ve heard some snippets of this track over the past year but here is the full CDQ version of it. Still not sure where this track will finally end up, but if it’s used as a single, it could be pretty big.


Sidebar: Wiz Khalifa Brings Out Amber Rose In Milwaukee

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  • Good lookin fam

  • Wugambino

    this could be ill with out the fuckin autotune…no doubt it will be a hit

  • autotune realy feeling da beat do

  • Justmyopinion

    Did he ever hear D.O.A?

  • CarreraLu

    Wow Wiz… autotune… really??

  • rederict

    autotune on the track = death of rap on this track

  • autotune is okay once in a while just not on every song but this is good

  • tonyblunt

    man the beat is en feugo but wHY the autotune lol not, i repeat NOT needed.

    this better than “black and yellow” lyrics and flow way better

  • you people that automatically put down a song because of auto-tune are retarded. just because a bunch of amateurs abuse auto-tune doesn’t mean it can’t be used correctly.

    this track is tight.

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  • Donn

    Lol watch everyone say Autotune is ok cus Wiz used it lol
    I like this joint

  • BLACK777


  • This auto tune shit is garbage. Wiz is falling off before he even reached the top.

  • niice this is a hit!

  • JaccDanielz

    whack song autotune is played out

    plus #wizisoverrated

  • Citylivin’

    boy this shit go hard…..even tho i don’t like the “autotune Wiz”

  • Converse

    *yawn* Fukk this track tpain shit! But im glad wiz gonner get sum shine n 2nite afc championship game.

  • j.

    nice cut wiz

  • Nucky Thompson

    Autotune is an instant song-killer. As soon as i hear the robo-voice, song is over, never getting another play, ever. Wiz has changed his entire style up since I started listening to his shit anyway, and not in a good way.

  • D!A!E

    An AUTOmatic fail….

  • syllables


  • syllables


    straight sellout record smh

  • So Icy Boi!

    Wack ass scrawny no muscle nigga BURRR

  • Javier

    lol rapradar cosigns a Wiz auto tune track but not a T.I. auto tune free album? lmao.

  • Belize

    One hit wonder. Thought Wiz was dope, but startin to question that now…

  • zezzoi

    I dont give a shit if it’s auto tune, IF THE MUSIC SOUNDS GOOD, IT’S GOOD. enough said.

    If people can PROPERLY use auto tune and swag with it (i.e. T-Pain) then i’m cool with it….its those dumb ignorant niggas who use it and ruin it.

  • gus

    ^two hit wonder belize. this is his second chance.

  • zezzoi

    “straight sellout record smh”


    Nah, the thing is….people gunna say Wiz sold out when he makes records like this, Stoned, Black & Yellow, etc…but if you were actually familiar with dudes discography, he has ALWAYS made mainstream hit songs like this … and he’s good at it. B&Y set him over the top, now he’s gunna be huge. pause.

    fuck all ya’ll hatin niggas. fall back

  • zezzoi

    Check out “Deal Or No Deal” Album

    shit, majority of those songs could be top 40 hits on the radio.

    open up your ears to different sounds you over-analytical rap nerds ….

  • Ben P

    Autotune… This dude is to pop to receive the respect he’s been getting.


    cool song…ppl need to look past black n yellow dats not even his best song…look up memorized,never been,this plane,in da cut, superstar,kid frankie,ink my whole body and many other songs …dude got some good music

  • clock is tickin for this guy. i hope he’s savin up. after he finish payin back all that marketing and promo bread and his teenage weedhead fans figure out he’s not talking about anything- he’ll be ‘dont even remember his name’ gone… no matter what y’all say

  • zezzoi


    perfect example of an over-analytical rap nerd.

    who gives a fuck if he’s not saying anything? He makes good music. fuck what you heard.

  • Stop

    The aim is to get people to keep talking bout him and that’s exactly what’s happening

  • @zezzoi

    The problem is that those made-for-Mtv kind of singles are all he makes now. Yea, hes always done them, but hes always had some vibe-out shit too, and some Cudi-esque smokers anthems, and some simple funny songs, and some shit to make u think, etc. Now its pop song after pop song, and its very boring.

  • I fucks with Wiz & Curren$y movemnt, some of my favorite artist.. but Wiz shoulda stayed underground cuz all his new shit is getting watered down.. Burn after rolling, flight school, Prince of the city 2, and Star Power was his best shit..

  • AND I THOUGHT HOVA PUT A END TO THIS AUTO TUNE SHIT!? WHEN WILL NIGGAS LEARN.. smh but get yo money wiz… Salute.. 313 in this bitch

  • lol

    wow this nigga is clearly smoking way too much!! autotune??/ really?? are you fuckin serious?? no wonder natalie nunn but this nigga on blast hes fuckin wack smh. go listen to D.O.A dumbass

  • mikey

    dope track

  • Money Mitch

    I’m not a big autotune or wiz fan but y’all act like anything jay z says is gospel like ^he has final say in what ppl can listen to

  • Donn

    ^Hov is our rap go_d bitch!!!!!

  • IZM

    Its not like autotune is annoying cuz Jay Z said it was. Everyone was bitching about it for at least a year before D.O.A. even came out, it was just nice to hear someone in the industry agree. But even if Jay did a complete 360 and started autotuning everything he put out, it would still be a horrible, annoying, cringe-worthy fake vocal track.

  • Donn

    ^If hov like it then i luv it if he do autotune!!!

  • Lwhm

    this isnt the first time Wiz has been usin autotune, is everyone here just black & yellow fans?

  • fame

    wiz is nice.. He made autotune tracks b4.. But yall dumb fucks dnt no shit.. He is the nex 1 to blow.. Taylor gang or go kill ya self…

  • Money Mitch

    Bp3 had autotune all over it and ^he went back and recorded new tracks that’s why all those timbo songs got dropped, and @donn your a straight Herbert dont ever address me

  • IZM

    @Money Mitch

    I heard that about BP3 too, but what I heard was that originally there was no autotune, then Kanye mastered it and autotuned a lot of it. Jay hated it, and thats why it was pushed back to re-master those tracks, and at that point, Jay added a new song to the album- D.O.A.

    Could be all bullshit, could be gospel, who knows.

  • As A Man Thinketh

    Ok…MY opinion…but most of the time my opinion is FACT..lolol
    Seriously…I tried to give this cat the benefit of the doubt and a chance to actually advance.
    B&Y is a BIG record for him! HUGE actually…but in all actuality he doesn’t have IT. He’s very much middle of the road and this record proves that.

    It doesn’t even matter that Wiz is biting Wayne style, down to the way Wayne says “Yeeah”…and all that tatts, etc. The reason i let biting (that’s right, I’m old slide is bc this generation is straight biters of each other’s style. Not even looking to the past to immulate some OTHER success style of behavior. But you have the new school jacking and sound like each other..which is weird to me – i.e. – Dana Dane couldn’t survive back in the day bc it was a BLATANT ripoff of Slick Rick. Rakim and BDK could coexist bc they were both ULTRA lyrical, one was a showman and entertainer and the other was a NO NONSENSE emcee.

    But back to Wiz…outside of B&Y, please let me know if I’m missing something significant. I’m serious, which songs can I hear of his that will display some sort of structure, real lyrical base (not just weed & taylor gang references) and more importantly a DOPE to DECENT beat?? I’ll wait.

    He’s riding his wave and I’m not mad at that. I remember get a mixtape of his back in 2005, so to see him reap the rewards of the grind, I can NOT hate on that. I salute that. But what I realize it that the music suffers at the hands of the grind.

    Anyway…keep on keepin’ on

  • Donn

    @moneymitch What is a herbert?

  • Later

    Dude copied Wayne on this song to obviously…damn

  • Goldie

    Wiz Khalifa is overrated and auto-tune is dead. #Fail

  • Santa


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  • mila

    sounds like a wayne track to me….

  • crm

    love wiz, but this song is garbage. surprised you like it RR.

  • syllables

  • veesky

    @As A Man Thinketh

    Some of my favorite Wiz records 2 check for: “Take Away”, “Take Yo Bi***h”, “Shame”, “Material”, “Young Boy Talk”, “Supply”, “When U Find” The subject matter varies but he can dig a little deeper than ppl give him credit for, plus the production on all those tracks is top notch

  • veesky

    @As A Man Thinketh

    Some of my favorite Wiz records 2 check for: “Take Away”, “Take Yo Bi***h”, “Shame”, “Material”, “Young Boy Talk”, “Supply”, “When U Find” The subject matter varies but he can dig a little deeper than ppl give him credit for, plus the production on all those tracks is pretty nice. Also check out “Cabin Fever”

  • Obama

    Hey I heard autotune was the ‘next big thing’… Fuck outta here with this garbage! It’s not even wack BECAUSE of the autotune… It’s just wack cause it sucks…

  • Converse

    Steelers!!! Wiz dat good luck charm lol!

  • blake

    This must be a singe, it was removed from dx…

    I thought it was pretty good. It would have sounded better without the tune but it was still decent and he said some shit other than weed. lol

  • i love it.. (autotune or not) im feelin the vibe

  • B’Bean

    songs weak even if he didnt bust the autotune .. wiz is way better than this he needs to stop believing his own hype fell off hard after kush and oj at least miller and currensy holding down taylor gang shame tho cus wiz was my fav taylor gang member until recently