• weazel

    man nipsey is the future of west coast hip hop along wit slim da mobster!!!

  • nipsey is niiiice, west coast future fa real

  • Hann

    Nipsey gone fuck the game up watch it J. Cole, Wale lol Wiz Khalifa. Curren$y doesn’t have anything to worry bout he in his own lane. Kendrick Lamar gone kill the game tho, nuff said.

  • zezzoi

    This beat is so hot.

    Em killed it …

    Nipsey had to come with it … and i think he did it justice … im suprised more people didnt freestyle over this beat

  • KingWonder

    I think Nipsey Is Def. The Future of Tha west Coast, like a 2011 snoop doggy dogg.
    but he gotta pick some better beats, I cant get into a gangsta west coast rapper on a Em beat.
    Em kilt his track tho!

  • KanyeSmug

    I think Nipsey adlibbed longer than his freestyle lol

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  • Word

    Haha. I honestly didnt expect anyone to hop on this beat besides Em. Typically, Ems beats are tailored to fit his style and only his style of rap. Imean, people coulda got on Kill You from MMLP or Soldier from TES or Till I Collapse from TES also but I never hear ppl other than Em rap on Em beats unless its a feature. Thats why its just kinda weird hearing Nipsey on it. I aint gonna lie he killed it though.

  • nipsey got nice flow, video above is tight!!!

  • I play The Marathon faithfully everyday. Nipsey is the truth.

  • as long as he has good beats nipsey is dope

  • real talk

    Nipsey is the truth

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  • AK

    Some one remade the beat. very smart. Hussle!

  • Africa

    Em killed it

  • Thank Me Hater

    Nipsey is dope and this beat is so sick. @Word that’s true though. It’s weird to hear other niggas on an Em beat

  • mikej

    how much of an idiot do you need to be to realize that this beat is a fugazi blaze remake

  • EsatD

    this beat sounds better at nipseys freestyle..cuz Eminem just blows the beat!! SHADY muthafuckaz!!

  • TeamShady

    If Em’ rapped on it already, its dead. Nip just poked a dead horse with a stick…

  • Converse


  • jayceon taylor

    dope as fuck, my fav beat from recovery too

  • seancoonery


  • Black Shady

    Next time get the real beat Nipsey. dont slow it down or nothing

  • Belize

    Dope! Did well with it imo.

  • Bangers N Mash

    No one is coming close to Em on this beat but Nipsey did his thing with it.

    Fuck I love that beat.

  • donkeykong

    This just made me listen to the Eminem 1 lol
    but this is still good

  • ON_POINT->

    one thing- so comparing this cat to snoop. this cat is on some other. Point

  • i like his sytle of rapping but i do think he should have been more originaly with the beat tho,,,,nouf said thou…..

  • LA

    Nipsey hussle.. I mean the nigga is kewl. But he didn’t really go in on this… Heard him do better.the best Cali nigga that has it down packed is Ammo Arsenal!! Now that nigga is nice he on like a game level with the skill but personally he jst go harder then game to me cus his sound is fucken hard dude like a new school menace 2 society type nigga mad skills, sound, image the whole damn package I vouch for Ammo Arsenal that nigga tha heart of the west! Seem like Compton only breed hard niggas cus it feels like everybody else damn near wack

  • Stereotypical Black Man