Eminem At “I Need A Doctor” Video Shoot

Em arrived in L.A. earlier this morning to finish up Dr. Dre’s upcoming video, “I Need A Doctor”. The track’s produced by Alex Da Kid and will be released February 1st as the next single for Detox. Just what the doctor—and fans ordered.


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  • Post no billz

    I still havent heard it yet.. Im gonna have to find it on the net..

  • Lyracist

    First on a top 5 post. Sweet.

  • Lyracist

    Son of bitch…

  • Lyracist

    Just watched the actual clip… He should’ve slapped those damn camera men.

  • Cj23k

    Whats up $

  • CarreraLu

    Whats up Slim Shady? haha

  • Donn

    Dope song, the single is supposed to hit Itunes this week if it hasn’t dropped already. Not sure th actual date but the track and single cover art already dropped for it
    Skylar Grey is amazing!!!

  • Dara

    I LOVE YOU. thats all i have to say marshall..

  • Soulja Boy might just be the best to ever do it

    @Postnobillz Do’nt hold your breath unless you like a song about a man professing his love for another man than yeah you will it lol!

  • Yup !

    Blind Fury > Eminem…..

  • Soulja Boy might just be the best to ever do it


  • seancoonery

    Id like to hear a cdq version but its not going too change the fact that the songs garbage.



  • ben

    this song sucks. dre has fire though, the album gonna knock!

  • Able Danger

    This doesn’t seem like a very strong single, and I like the song. Atleast KUSH had that West Coast vibe. This sounds more like a Recovery song. Scrap Detox I wanna hear what Jupiter sounds like.

  • i said YERR

    how is this news?

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  • White_rappers311

    That’s fucking awesome


    Half you haters can’t even fucking spell correctly, that’s why no one takes you seriously. It’s like a little 9 year old kid coming up to you and saying “hay u suk doo doo man!”, you just pretty much laugh and walk away.

    I Need A Doctor is a good single quite frankly, it has enough emotion for the ladies and enough history that some true hip hop fans will enjoy. Just because you’re an emotionally detached jerk off who didn’t get enough attention from mommy, that doesn’t mean everything with some heart in it is “homo” or “lame”. Grow the fuck up already, chump.


  • Frankie Emz

    The greatest producer, beat maker of all time that jerked his fans off for 10 years is reduced to outsourcing soulless, mediocre UK pop beats from Alex Da Kid to appease Jimmy Iovine’s sales quotas. Dre, I love the way YOU lie talking about trying to avoid anticipointment, about to release a song not even fucking co-produced by you as your single, shitting on your core fans with its musical wackness and a rumored $50 price tag for the album to boot. You did it to yourself, putting all this pressure on you. If Detox isn’t a 12 out of 10 album, everyone WILL shit all over you and your legacy, which makes me sad being a fan since ’87 bumping KDAY mixes.

  • Geebz

    the fans want dre production. fuck an alex da kid on Detox

  • Geebz

    co-sign Frankie Emz


    I despise that square head bitch! 10 yrs and that shit still not out! Fuck you and eminem for creating a gay homo loving getting fuck in the butt song!

  • Truest

    Hate to say it but i cosign Frankie, how the hell are you arguably regarded as the best producer of all time and your first single isn’t even produced by you? Noone is buying Detox for the lyricism because its publicised that Dre has ghost writers, so it’s a no brainer they’re buying it for the production and overall classic quality that the past albums were. So how are you going to release this single that’s not even produced by you?

    I’ve heard the song before, and i think its great when artists sometimes bad, this is the latter. I’m not saying this song is bad in its creativity and content but this is not a single. The public baits into songs that are either party oriented or love/heartbreak song types. A single about Ems relationship to Dre and their parternership throughout time is not going to do well, you can mark my words. Their relationship is not uncommon in life but there is no way this single will be something many many people are going to buy because they relate to it or are intrigued its party/up tempo theme which it isn’t.

  • Truest

    I’ve heard the song before, and i think its great when artists sometimes try new things but sometimes its bad when you step too far out of what you are normally known for, this is the latter. I’m not saying this song is bad in its creativity and content but this is not a single.**

  • Pat

    I hope it leaks before the 1st, this better not be like H.A.M where it was actually officially released cuz that was mad gay.

  • Lol @Pat, this single been leaked the past, like what, 2 or 3 months in a low qaulity

  • KingWonder

    slim muthafuckin Shadyyy!!!!!!
    Hell yah! welcome to L.A.!!!!!

    Don’t really like Need a Doc is gonna be on Detox. but oh well.
    song was pretty dope imo, just not Detox 10 year material


  • Frankie Emz

    REALLY??!! Dr. Dre’s “perfectionist” musically snobby ass that shelved King Tee, Hittman, and Rakim sat his ass down and heard this Alex Da Kid “dopeness opus” that is I Need A Doctor and said “This is what my fans are waiting for, and this is Detox’s big single. That Kush shit was a throwaway..” FUCK Jimmy Iovine’s Jerry Heller 2.0 ass. Elliot Wilson know too.

  • illfactory

    I agree with what ur saying hommie but what u said applies more towards a new artist or an artist that needs to get that mainstream appeal and buzz. Eminem and Dr Dre have phenomenal fan bases and at this point in their careers they don’t need radio spins. Shady didnt get radio spins on relapse yet he still did massive numbers. By the traditional def of a single u have a point but Dre’s lead off singles will be his first offerings and they will set the tone for the rest of the project. u and I both know that there are very little people who may not know who dr dre is, listen to kush or i need a doctor and say oo im gna go get detox. his fans will get it…kush isnt blazing the charts either. nowadays u really cant tell what a single is and what its ultimate purpose is. sometimes artists release songs just for the hell of it online and they blow up..so i dont see anything wrong with i need a doctor as his 2nd single. i like the fact they are going against the grain…why just give in and give the masses what they expect?
    “Im a trend I set one everytime Im in..” Dre.

  • Black Shady

    HAHAHA! Haters are maddddd! Its too late to hate. Em been on top for the last decade. He’s already on top for this decade too haha!!!

    SHADY 2011!

  • zezzoi

    Scrap Detox I wanna hear what Jupiter sounds like.


    lol, didn’t Dr. Dre say he was trying to make songs to sound like the planets at one point recently

  • zezzoi

    King Tee, Hittman,



  • Pat

    @Prodigy yeah but that one had all the watermarks on it and sounded too fucked up, I wanna hear the final product maybe Dre added an extra verse, I want them to split the verses up, Em has two, so Dre should have two also.

  • Frankie Emz

    zezzoi says:
    Wednesday, January 26 2011 at 12:38 AM EST
    King Tee, Hittman,



    It’s cool, Dr. Dre has had a 25 year legacy he just may shit on in recent events.. King Tee is an OG Compton rapper that got signed to Aftermath in the mid 90’s. A crazy album called Thy Kingdom Come released in 1998 that Dre got too scared to put out because The Source gave this incredible album 3.5 Mics out of 5. Wikipedia the homie King Tee, and Hittman was the breakout star of Chronic 2001 like Snoop was on the oiriginal Chronic, but Hittman never became the star Snoop was because “Jimmy didn’t hear a hit from him”

  • Wes Wes yall

    Eminem is a true definition of a star!

  • boston-morgan

    This track is a pathetic joke. Dr. Dre can suck a dick. Chronic is in my top 5 albums of all time. i Need A Doctor is literally a pathetic disgrace, anyone that disagrees is basically on Dre & Shady’s balls. If you didn’t know who these 2 artists were you would NEVER listen to it EVER!!!!!!!!

  • I’m tellin you

    There Word ! I Can’t Wait



  • RapMusic25

    Cool,the video will be awsome.Fuck the haters,always got something to bitch about.Hope he will perform I Need A Doctor at the Grammys

  • Fr3sh

    @boston-morgan. I’d love to see you tell Dre to suck a dick to his face. Apparently you aint seen that dude in a while cause he’s lookin like Carl Weathers in Predator hahaha.

    Also… Nobody would even be commenting on this song if it hadn’t leaked out so don’t drop your bloody tampon all over this post. This track is DOPE that’s why it’s being turned into a single off detox and a music video

  • So Icy Boi !!!

    Eminem you sell out!!!

    Gucci > eminem.

    Everyday and all day.

    Here is my list:

    1. Gucci BUHrrrr
    2. Soulja Boii
    3. Lil wayne
    4. Ymcmb
    5. Plies
    6. Wiz khalifa
    7. Nas
    8. Tupac
    9. Big daddy kane
    10. Tupac

  • zubz

    Shit look at these haters !!!
    This song is dope .. If you haven’t heard it how can you hate ?!?
    Ya’ll were hating on game and now purp and patron is dope ya’ll back on his shit .. Man you guys change like that weather !!
    Dre don’t got nothing to prove to no1, his worked with the best snoop, jay , tupac , em , 50 the list is endless ..
    Just be gratefull his decided to put it out and stop bitching

  • syllables

    the goat at workk

  • STILL haven’t heard the song yet. I don’t know where I was when they leaked that shit.

  • NotoriousRambo





    @ So Icy Boi



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  • villain

    1st of all why the fuck is there a non dr.dre beat on detox after 10 years? really c’mon son
    2ndly this song sucks major league eminem raps terrible like his forgotten how to actually rap instead of clever wordplays and flows his compensating with grunting and delivery but man terrible …chucks forget about dre back on

  • nasonemic

    u haters r funny.gaurentee wen the album drops no matter how great it is an im sure it will be from dr’s track record you gonna say it sucks

    I need a doctor is deep as fuck great storyline and lyrics. an it ain pop. u realize if u call this pop how many pac nas biggie and yes even jigga songs is pop

  • D

  • mac DIESEL



  • BranDEn

    I’m an iguana.

  • nasonemic

    @ mac diesel
    not groupies man just puttin out opinions but if drake or wayne or even ross nowa days put summin out like this everyone would say its fire

  • So Icy Boi!’s Stepfather

    @ nasonemic: naw I hear dem stans too… Eminem iz so overrated… errbody nows dat Vanilla Ice da greatest white rappa BURRR

  • MinajBangher!

    Track is HOT!Fuck you haters!!!Go suck Guccis wack tracks!SHADY and DRE!!!!LEGENDS!!!!And still RELEVANT!!!!HAhahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!Eat a dick HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • djhfg

    “Mocha & Milk” is a perfect match like “black & white” people

    ______[ Bl-a-ck ]”[ Wh-it-e ]”[ Fl-ir-ts ]”[C0-”m] _____
    The most successful interra cial /// da t ing c lub. If you are still waiting for your swee t “milk” or “mocha”, don’t hesitate to check it !! Don’t let your babies wait too lon g for you !!

  • So Icy Boi!’s Stepfather

    @MinajBangher!: Em und Dre old ass niggaz! It’z a new era… Lil B & Gucci rule da charts… real hip hop iz back BURRRR

  • nasonemic

    @ so icy boi
    U just a hater i see u always reppin gucci name one song he did that was meaningful and had substance like u see u argue tha one man haha also they is old ass niggaz but so is everyone else in da game now shit jayz is around 45 fif is 35 nas is old as shit snoop is old as shit kanye gettin old
    everythin u say bout gucci is bullshit clown got a icecream tat on his face nuff said

  • nasonemic

    EM OVERRATED fuck outta here, there is only one rapper who has accomplished as much as him an that is jay and he did it in double the amount of time

  • So Icy Boi!’s Stepfather

    @nasonemic: you just jealous of Gooch! and dat tat iz so original BRICK SQUAD BURRRR

  • nasonemic


  • GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brandon

    @so icy boy.. do you even know what music is.. im probally sure you dont youre just waisting youre life listening to gucci and solja boy.. and eminem is not a sell out gucci and solja buy are more of a sell out then he is fuck off…


    the video should be dope cant wait to veiw it.. and i dont see how this can be a dr, dre single when eminem is moslty on the song it should be a single from em… but im looking forward to the video 😀

  • Gordon B.

    @The haters,I bet Dre laid his magic touch onto the track even if it’s not his beat.

  • So Icy Boi!’s Stepfather

    @Brandon: Gucci is music… you just EM stan… Eminem makin’ pop songz … white kids like dat! we real niggaz listen to Soulja Boy ‘n Waka!!! Gooch da GOAT BURRR

  • nasonemic

    @ so icy who is we didnt soulja only sell 5,000? and waka sold only 45,000?

    @ gordon b. i heard the final version today well they say it is im not sure if it actually is but i heard a couple changes in it http://www.theendlesswaltz.com/2011/…akvideo-shoot/

  • Word

    The song is cool. I wouldnt have made it a single though. Nope not at all. And Em need to start rapping on some Dre beats again. Or does Dre not know how to produce anymore? Damn nigga. How is a Alex Da kid beat gonna be your second single?

    Imean dont get me wrong, I like what I heard of the song even though I still aint hear no CDQ but come on Dre. But then again, fans shitted on Kush even though thats exactly what everyone wanted. That ol school West Coast sound. So i cant blame you Dre. But I wanted your Em feature to be on a Dre beat. Tired of hearing Em on these pop Alex Da Kid beats.

    Imean, he still kills it, but I wanna hear Em on beats like Living Proof, Ridaz from Recovery, Session One, etc etc.. Echo was cool too I think Alex produced that one but that beat was banging. So in other words, FUCK YOU DRE!

  • So Icy Boi!’s Stepfather

    @nasonemic: sales means shit! da street wantz Waka and Soulja… BURRR

  • So Icy Boi!

    ^^^ get a life my nigga

  • So Icy Boi!’s Stepfather

    ^^^ get a girlfriend my son

  • bigjay2501

    did rap radar post the song? cuz i damn sure havent heard it.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Gucci BUHrrrr Soulja Boii Lil wayne suck dicks

  • roger

    man they should make a song called ” forgot about EM” thatd be sick, this song is alright .. i wanna hear cdq version

  • seancoonery

    roger- Em needs to make a song called forget about shouting

  • meezy

    Great song

  • Elias

    Man I can’t wait for Detox to drop. I think this is going to be one of the biggest rap albums of all time…just look what his last two did. It’s gonna be huge. I’ve been a Dre fan since his NWA days and like everyone, have been waiting forever for this to finally come out. I actually found this surfing online with my Logitech Revue with Google TV(I’m a DISH customer/employee)…I pulled up the Kush video from Dre’s site and also downloaded the track and came here to post this, all from my couch, all at the same time, all during a commercial break on TV. This Google TV is the best thing to happen to my TV just like Detox gonna be the best thing to happen to my stereo.

  • team shady

    team shady wen they come back everybody take the back seat cus u aint winnin its clear wut ive heard that were getting a d12 album a solo em album a royce and em album detox at some point 50 album this summer slaughter house album a yelawolf album and a tony yayo album all in 2011

  • team shady

    o yeh and prodigy is comin out of jail dont be surprised if we get a mobb deep album or mixtapes

  • FuckMainstreamStayUnderground

    sounds dope cant wait to hear it… i though this was an eminem single but imo neva mind… and
    it might turn out dope as fuck though


    please stop listening to listening to shitty mainstream go underground for artist such as… Ensane, Hopsin, Tech N9ne, Grim Demize, Maliki, Loose Cannon, Cognito, Prozak, King Gordy and VenniPaz.

    only 4mainstream artist id prefer is…

    Kanye West

  • MHarstad

    Its a great song..when it leaked, I thought they would just scrap it like Topless..Its gonna be a huge hit..and if its not your cup of tea, don’t worry..Dre won’t disappoint

  • Brandon

    @so icy boy…

    Eminem stan… lol nah man Em isnt the only rapper i like or listen to.. i prolly know a shit load of rappers u never and are twice as good as the shit list you put up there.. here my favorites shock me if you heard of them imo…

    1. Prozak
    2. Brotha Lynch Hung
    3. King Gordy
    4. Ensane(only can be found on datpiff.com)
    5. Hopsin
    6. Tech N9ne
    7. Cognito
    8. Krizz Kaliko
    9. Esham
    10. Twizted
    11. Grim Demize
    12. Loose Cannon(can be found on datpiff.com)
    13. Maliki(can be found on datpiff.com)
    14. Rozwell
    15. True Grit
    16. Vennie Paz

    im doubting you never heard of any of these… go look them up and youll be fucking shocked that they rap 10x’s as hard as gucci.. he just dont cut it for me… and you say hes music fuck no hes i can name 5 rock bands that are better than his ass same goes for solja boy & wacka flocka flame.. there music has no meaning so please stfu with this gucci man shit…

  • Brandon

    insert [not] infront of [hes]

    gucci man isnt music

  • Brandon

    @So icy boi

    and thats just a racist statement… thats prolly why u dont listen to eminem cause hes white… and Recovery isnt all pop its a dope album… so you’re saying cocaine, rhidaz, going through changes, you’re never over, topless, session one, not afraid was all pop no the fuck it wasnt.. and ive listened to them and they just rap about money, alcohol, drugs, and girls…. oh yeah life really revolves around that shit… again gucci isnt music.. the reason why i dont listen to him has nothing to do with race because alot of black people dont like him either… stfu man you just have no taste in music im sorry to say but i would actually listen to them if they had better beats and had more meaning in there music…. lol fuck im done here with this shit racist bastard

  • d


  • zubz

    I really don’t understand how hip hop fans can hate on dre .. Arguably Nobody else in the industry has done What this man has done for hip hop .. In terms of the artists he brought to us : Tupac , Eminem, Game , 50 Cent , Snoop , Nate .. Fuck the list is endless .. In terms of record sales this man has probably been a part of over 300 million albums sold, I don’t know the exact figures but I’m sure its there somewhere … He has nothing left to prove to any1 .. He is putting out this album for the fans so be gratefull that we get to hear another dre album … And stop with this 10 year bullshit .. Didn’t we wait about 8 years for 2001 to drop and did he dissapoint ?!? .. Till this day people bump that 2001 and Chronic album .. Which other artist songs from 1992 and 1999 you still bump to huh … So what if Dre didn’t produce the song we all know he had touches and his gonna do the master production …

  • Belize

    That’s fuckin awesome! Lookin forward to it! It would be absolutely sick if they performed that at the Grammys! No more lettin fans down Em, stick to your word nigga!

  • Yall cant deny the concept on the song aing dope as FUCK!!

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  • So icy boi!

    I want to suck gucci mane’s dick. BURRR

  • !

    Gucci > eminem.

    Everyday and all day.

    Here is my list:

    1. Gucci BUHrrrr
    2. Soulja Boii
    3. Lil wayne
    4. Ymcmb
    5. Plies
    6. Wiz khalifa
    7. Nas
    8. Tupac
    9. Big daddy kane
    10. Tupac are you serious about this list you should be banned from ever listening or commenting or buying rap music again period……. do your history young man this is ridiculous!!!!!!!!

  • st

    The version I have of I Need a Doctor, only has Dre rappin on it and its DOPE! Haven’t heard this current version yet. I’m copping Detox no matter what

  • woolybully

    does this guy wear the same clothes everyday?

  • Devil



    hate it or love it! 😉

  • Word


    Do yourself a favor, and ignore So Icy Boi. Engaging in an argument with him wont do anything. Trust me. I seen people try and it only make shit worse, got the comment section looking like WSHH. Point is, dude prolly not even being serious anyway. Come on, who in they right mind would put Gucci over Em, Jay, and Kanye? Nobody. Unless they from East Atlanta where Guccis following is the strongest.

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  • drew who

    @ So Icy Boi

    your kinda funny, but why do u waste all your time on here ? honestly.

  • i need a doctorrrrr

  • Dman

    @so icy boi. Soulja boi hahaha are u 16? So should flip that chart .. Making 10 the new 1