Footage Of Wiz Khalifa’s Arrest

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You might remember Wiz getting arrested back in November in East Carolina after one of his performances. Well, as part of Steve-Ography P.O.V.’s first episode, he captures the arrest at the 1:16 mark.

khalifa fans

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  • Mr Xclusive


  • toad3527


  • NoSoup4Yu


  • Iceyjesse

    No contest

  • lol

    White kids love Wiz.

  • Belize

    And crackheads.

  • Soulja Boy might just be the best to ever do it

    Everybody makes mistakes, some more than other. So i don’t see the point of people dissing khalifa. Maybe you feel self-conscious about yourself or just have pure hate and jealousy? Like boy said “Do’nt hate da player hate yourself.”

  • boston-morgan

    ^^^^^ and crack heads haha

  • Black Shady

    I aint mad at Wiz for gettin his money. I mean kid is touring non-stop WITHOUT an album. Just like my nigga Cole

    but I hate his wack ass movement and his wack ass fans calling themselves the Taylor Gang, and all the bandwagoners post-Black & Yellow smh

  • R

    Wiz cant freestyle for Shit heard him on that Tony Toca Freestyles of 2010 SAD SMH

  • Everybody Hates Chris (Bosh)

    white girls.

    skeet skeet skeet

  • A

    They should of kept him locked up .. smh oh well, he’ll be locked up again. A disgrace to Hip Hop and the black community.

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  • nick2bbury

    why do people on this site hate on people that are all more successful and rich than you’ll ever be. It’s unnecessary to point out every vague downside to every artist, because that’s what makes each artist unique, it’s why they’re famous. Stop hatin on the people who are makin hip hop bigger and bigger ya rats

  • BN92

    So Martin Luther King was a disgrace also? Since he was arrested. Pick your words a little better.

  • CVShawty


    yeah but Wiz Khalifa deserves his tour.. Hes been grinding like a mad man since 2005..

    J.cole just fell in the lap of Jay-Z.. Who happens to be signed to the BIGGEST tour company in the game today…

    J.Cole is only touring because he is signed to Live Nation.. Like I said Live Nation is the BIGGEST tour company right now. If he wasn’t signed to Live/Roc Nation he would be doing Who Dat in little 450 maximum capacity clubs..
    Instead he gets bigger venues..
    Thats why J.Cole never sells out the big venues

    Hes EXTREMELY lucky.

    Wiz earned his, signed to a independent label on a 50 city tour..
    and each date was SOLD OUT.. Including Rock The Bells

    I’m not hating but Wiz is on another level than J.Cole right now…
    Not lyrically just as a brand.. Wiz Khalifa’s brand is Stronger..
    J.Cole is just jay-z’s project still

    He’s gonna have to leave Jay to become his OWN product or it’ll be
    2 album see ya.. If it ever drops..

    Cole World … lol

  • mila

    is it just me or are rap concerts full of white people….

  • Fuck niggers There gross

    Wiz sucks….. White pride!

  • Fuck niggers There gross

    @ mila Its because Blacks can’t usually afford that shit haha