Lupe Brings Out Stepdad in Australia

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Lupe’s still in the land down under and during his show last night at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney, he brought out his stepfather. Yes, you bigots, he’s White. Gasp! He then went on to explain why he uses a British accent on his Japanese Cartoon projects.


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  • Ah step-pops taught him Islam.

  • ptone814

    LUPE FIASCOS THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!!!!!!!! G.O.A.T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • seancoonery

    Really now, do we have to keep having these, rapper brings out whoever on stage posts. Most rappers bring out half the industry because they cant hold a show on their own.
    I know this is different but in future……

  • Soulja Boy might just be the best to ever do it

    Reall Why would it matter if his step dad is white? I do’nt know man but maybe you are the one being a “bigot” since you’re the one who convey it upon us. When a person brings up any sterotype it means they are just as ignorant as a person who accept it as normal and is just their a certain race lifestyle. I don’t believe in race because it is made up. take my advice and learn how to spread love and stop the hate because at the end of the day it’s just GOSSIP!

  • Donn

    Best RAPPER alive!

  • Belize

    Dope! Really nice!

  • Whitequickness

    White people love lupe fiasco b/c he makes gucci mane look like albert einstein

  • still best rite now!!

    what the fk did his stepdad say? lol subtitles needed!

  • The 4th blogger took the “bigots” comment a little out of context lol, Hip-Hop is a majority afro-american artform that fought against racial profiling heavily @ 1 time, B.Dot was joking you probably watch tarentino flicks anyhow

  • Soulja Boy might just be the best to ever do it

    ^Oh really it’s all fun and game? Not trying to spit polical shit at a rap site but that so call ?joke? was tasteless. Learn how to spell you bigiot still fun and game?

  • puerto-black

    Can’t wait for Lazers

  • nah

    gimmick! so lupe thinks bringing out an aussie as his step dad???? will increase his sales? WE DONT BELIEVE U NEED MORE PEOPLE!! THIS IS THE BIGGEST LIE-LET ME SEE IF CHICAGO BELIEVES THIS

  • Huh

    @nah “Bringing out an Aussie” ???? Dude, I was there, he clearly stated his stepdad was Brittish, not Australian. But facts are overrated, who needs facts to make claims, right? Idiot.