New Music: Lonny Bereal Ft. Chris Brown x Busta Rhymes “Don’t Play Wit It”

The Conglomerate presents Grammy nominated songwriter, artist, and producer Lonny Bereal. And for his latest single, he enlists the services of Chrisy Breezy and Busta. Sounds groovy. Feel free to play this more than once.

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  • beenafan

    hott track! go lonny!!!

  • money mitch

    beat is annoying as fuck

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  • amber

    I love the video

  • AngelsTooGrown

    I LOVE this!

  • Paige

    Yeah! I like it it’ll have to grow on me, but it aint the worst this in the world. Maybe another 5 times and I’ll love it!!!!

  • Paige

    Mmmmk! This song has totally GROWN on me i freaking LOVE it.

  • Neickha

    Lonny is so talented.. Busta is Awesome and so is Chris… I like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As im listening im feeling it even more whoooooooooooo….

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  • Donn

    I am a Breezy fan but this is lame…

  • Belize

    Beat is so annoying. This is wack.

  • Sarah

    The way chris sings/raps on this track I can see in my head.

    Remember the video by Lil Mama feat Chris and Tpain

    Look at the @2:01 mark. that face. i wonder if its his O face…anywho.

    Good song. Chris gives good face in music videos. That is all.

  • Tracy

    I love this song! Kind of sounds like the beat is not really for dem.

  • Chris Breezy i lovee


  • Roger

    @money mitch hell yea but its ok to dance to but i kinda thinks its wack so da video better be poppin

  • Money Mitch

    Lol at all the names I never see on here commenting saying they love it, stop commenting ur own shit Lonny

  • Sarah a.k.a Daddygirl05

    Yes I really like dis song yall went in on dis 1

  • anneb

    The song is hot, the beat is different from what we hear every day. God job Lonnie. Chris i simply adore your vocal, your voice just touches my spirit, my soul, this is a eff of gift God gave you. I love your part, it is special although short, you illuminate the track.

  • victoria


  • redbone5

    awesome……what else is there to say!!!!!!!!

  • Soulja Boy might just be the best to ever do it

    Clearly females adore this track?????????

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  • Annie Marie Casimir

    Baby dont play with it dont play with it….lol i always do what i am told not to do

  • Annie Marie Casimir

    i love it baby dont play with it…i will

  • Mr Xclusive

    Breezy nigga!!!!

  • Mr Xclusive

    all the dudes that say they dont like this song are insecure about their sexuality…fuck outta here!!! you aint considered gay for listening to something like this, if your gay thats means you like men and taking dick up the ass!!!! not listening to an R&B song with guys singing….smfh

  • beatz

    Not feelin this. Too much going on.

  • I kinda want Lonny to land some studio time with Midi Mafia again… “Lost” was a sick track. We’ll see how he handles the Chris Brown route.

  • jesus

    some people are deaf…this is a hot track

  • gloria

    I love busabuss but the song is whack

  • Jayla

    Wow im a huge chris breezy fan but i have to say im nt reall feelin this one right here..mabey i should listen to it a couple times to posibly chnge my mind

  • Annie Marie Casimir

    The Killers of Billboard 2011 what a shot i love it

  • Annie Marie Casimir

    my addiction and i @AdOnischelra is proud to sing it low dont play with it

  • NeverAgain

    This is HORRIBLE. Ive never even seen most of these “female” commenters on here before, and they just happen to unanimously love this pathetic track? I call bullshit- @Lonny Bereal quit posting on your on shit nigga!

  • Dannyu

    NeverAgain – and the rest of the people questioning the comments and if these people are real. Chris Brown linked this site.

    He has over a million followers on twitter. Many of them are his fans. So figure it out.

    Its a dope song. Period. Stop being so paranoid. His fans are his fans for a reason. They like his music. Just like you like the music of your fav artist.

  • EbonyLuvanDance

    Soooooooooo HAWTTTTTTTT!!! Love Love Love!! Music I Can Dance To!! Great Job!!

  • AJ

    I liiiiike this song!

  • well hello to all its not to often that people invite me to go H.A.M but check this out because i’m like in and out of this computer but i will say this whatever i want and whatever i want to be i can be that and plus if GOD is with me i really ain’t worried about who wants to be against me now thats a piece of H.A.M and by the way i really don’t play with it unless i feel and that really ain’t to often yuuuppp!hollaaaa!!!!!!!

  • Allena(Ledetta)

    I’m a Chris brwon fan but I’m not feeling this song!

  • anneb

    chris brown and lonny b bein hot is killing the haterzz!….euh……LOVE IT!!!!!!!STAY PRESSED OR KILLED YOURSELF…..alleluia…alleluia alleluia alleluia…………… eh eh, don’t play with them……….

  • Kimberly

    This song is terrible. Why would Chris get on this. The guy singing on it sounds terrible.

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