• robbyrob42

    Shits aight

  • So Icy Boi!’s Stepfather

    Yeaaa Sean Kingston smokin good… b.o.b wack nigga, can’t rap and sing… Gooch da GOAT BURRRR

  • BOBs verse really speaks too me.

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  • lol

    Sean Kingston is the fakest label pawn of the new decade, this fool would put on a pink dress and dance to disco if his label told him to. Corny ass fool probably practices smiling in the mirror.

  • Alas

    i dont know who i dislike more…sean kingston or that white lady from the progressive commercials

  • Converse

    ^Kill yo self! #FAIL

  • Belize

    BoB did dope!

  • Rick Breezyyy


    sheeeesshhh that was harsh lol. if he read that he would probably cry

  • Lifeshardtolove

    Sean Kingston SUCKS ass, i just like B.O.B’s part, he killed that shit..as usual!