• Isn’t it his debut album?

  • B.Dot


  • So Icy Boi!’s Stepfather

    Wiz a real lyricsal rappa (yeah uh huh black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow, black…) makin’ hot music! it’z gonna be a hip hop classic Gooch da GOAT BURRR

  • sthgrl

    Its his first album signed to atlantic. But he’s released 2 studio albums prior to this. He’s been around for a while.

  • Gus

    He’s had two previous albums.

  • So Icy Boi!

    its Wiz first major label release album

  • Ok

    It’s gonna be some shit … He can’t top deal or no deal

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  • Didn’t see that album title coming. Even though I saw Rolling Papers as a TT and instantly thought Wiz Khalifa. I think it’ll go gold. I see Black and Yellow becoming a #1 single. Especially if the Steelers win the Super Bowl.

  • Hoodieonsmash

    Ofwgkta this was domo genisis first tape name

    Odd future over everything

    Post some odd future shit b dot

    You can fuck my bitch b dot

  • Black Shady

    3rd? what are the first 2 LMAO

    according to wikipedia, his first album sold 10K, and his second sold 9K lol
    and I hope people dont think he will sell because of Black & Yellow. I GUARANTEE he’ll catch a brick. better load up on those features if u wanna see 100K total

  • N.I.K.E.

    Two Words: Domo Genesis

  • nigga down the block

    @black shady

    he did 10k his first cd. thats 100,000 dollars more to his name. your favorite rappers have to do 5x as much as him to even get 100,000 dollars from their OWN album. plus he does shows alot which im pretty sure arent cheap.

  • your father’s father

    i wont lie .. i never gave this guy a chance because about 90% of my ipod is music from 2000 and back .. with the exception of a few albums after that. i saw the video of wiz rolling a joint and he sounded like a cool laid back dude, so i decided to listen to a few tracks of his. almost every song i’ve heard is actually good. black & yellow is probably the biggest song he’s made so far, but i’d have to say i like his old mixtapes better. (flight school to be specific) of course you need a big 1st single if you’re going to drop an album on a major label and black & yellow definitely fits that bill. i will be giving his new album a chance and i hope its dope.. best of luck to wiz.

  • hiphopannonymus

    ^ truth

  • syllables

    wiz you suck all u talk about is trees you just made a autotune song dont kno if u ever hear death of autotune by the king of new york jayz must be livn under a rock and idk y u keep sayn taylor gang who the fuk is in taylor gang i wouldnt buy this album if there was nthin else on the shelf along with rosses album diddys soulja boy waka flocka gucci mane kanye lil wayne whos gettin so terrible drake nikki all u corny faggots who aint sayin shit in ur raps get the fuk outta the game ur not hip hop at all

  • ZoomZoom



  • Macaroni_24

    for those who dont know wiz just shut up and dont comment if you got something bad to say..i bet he’ll do better then most rappers you like..
    Now to Rolling Papers!! March 29th itches!!! lol
    cant wait to be honest this is going to be a great album!!
    S/O Wiz

  • Citylivin’

    “Deal or No Deal” went #1 on iTunes INDEPENDENTLY! (BEFORE “Black & Yellow”)……that’s all folks

  • Fuck Ya Life

    Nigga ain’t gettin my money, especially since I ain’t heard anythin good since black and yellow blew up. Pot head nigga is download material.

  • Dream On

    Anyone that says all Wiz talks about is trees, please go back and actually listen to his mixtapes and albums. Sure there is weed talk but thats only a small part. Show and Prove is a pretty good album and Show and Prove is full of hits. Star Power and Flight School are my favorite tapes that he has put out. Please stop the hate before you lames even listen to his earlier shit. And besides I prefer weed talk over YM or and Brick Squad shit any day. Keep the hustle up Wiz

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  • your pusha

    he will do well, its meant to be , no one can stop it now

  • Donn

    Dream ym is what greatest is! Dont compare wiz to them smh

  • Belize

    Didn’t know he had two other albums. *kanye shrug
    Sounds dope.

  • Donn


    Wiz is dope…

  • this is gonna be dope

  • Devil

    Why should we care about his mixtapes?

    If he’s a true artist he would talk about something else besides weed on his official albums.

    This nigga is wack, hate it or love it.

  • It’s over Wiz Khalifa, he got lucky with that single. CHECK OUT http://WWW.DEMENTEDI.COM FOR MORE GOSSIP update daily and often

  • Black & Yellow sitting at #3 on the Hot 100 Chart, and #1 on the rap chart. So he has a commercial hit single, but hey, that didn’t do Nelly’s last album any good though lol! Hell, B.o.B. had 2 of them, and he still only just went gold a few weeks ago, when his album came out back in May. Between his fanbase, and Black & Yellow though, if he cranks out another hit single, does a good promotional run with the late night shows and what not, I could see him easily crossing 100k



  • Wizard Khalifa

    Honestly, Wiz is dope. Listen to his lyrics and you will find yourself nodding your head along with him. And for those of you who are hating on him, shit, you are talking about him and that is every artist’s goal is to get their names talked about. and i guartantee you will listen to one of his songs on this new album. He is doing what he loves to do and to who ever is hating, hate, its not going to do shit in the long run. Shout out to Wiz, keep doing what you are doing. Dopeness. and thats word.