DJ Premier’s Beat That Kanye Declined

Here is a beat that DJ Premier created specifically for Mr. West before he decided to change the direction of his latest album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. This beat was known as “Jermaine Jackson”, which was also sent to and rejected by Bun B as well. Alright you “aspiring rappers”, get to it.

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  • file not found.

    damn – now rap radar rejects it wtf

  • Ummm, file not found…is this sum type of joke.

  • Mike B

    ^^^Click on the DJ premier link

  • JaccDanielz

    Premo must have been really really drunk while making this beat…completely trash…..

  • Mike B

    Honestly I dont blame them for rejecting it…They go thru hundreds of beats for an album…How is this blog worthy? lol cuz it’s Premo?

  • jeezy

    if u take premo name off it .. it sounds like some 15 year old with fruity loops ..smh … REINVENT UR SOUND OR BE LEFT IN THE DUST

  • ctg

    Here’s a link to the beat. Doesn’t sound like it would have fit on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy:

    DJ Premier – JJ Beat (Rejected Kanye West Beat).mp3

  • wickwickwack

    this is just the beat …preemo would mos def have added some stuff,scratch etc
    but this is classic gangstarr

    Guru would have killed this

  • supppppppppp

    This dude is fucking overrated for real. What a shitty beat. All this soulful blablabla SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO TO SLEEP. “real hiphop” my ass suck a dick bitch.. fucking wack ass beat. pretentious garbage.

  • Thank Me Hater

    LMAO @Joanna

  • King Jugganott


  • I see y they tturned it down. It was ass. Lol.

  • alldope795

    @JOANNA hahahaha
    anyway…yeah. i can see why kanye [or anybody!!!] would reject this beat, uhhh i mean SHIT.

  • BCR

    This cant be the beat. Even if you added layers to this, it’d still be wack.

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  • ireland


  • Wes Wes yall

    Greatest beat of all time!!!!!

  • assasin

    :: mark Jackson voice :: you’re better than that

  • This is HEAT and yeah I said it because I Love Premo (No Homo). Hip Hop needs to get its soul back and this type of music is where it starts. I guess Rap Radar is for the Goons now because real Hip Hop Lovers would respect this.

  • slick rick

    rap radar you lot always hating on a sly.

    “Alright you “aspiring rappers”, get to it.”


    and fuck any idiot in the comments thats chats shit about premo to.
    his got more classics than your mothers have hair on there head.

  • Justmyopinion

    Truthfully, it sound more Nas than Kanye though.


    Premo is 8 years late, Ye wouldn’t touch this type of shit anymore.


    I believe this was also featured in the Def Jam Rapstar video game too as one of his 2 instrumentals that come with the game.

  • CP


    You have no idea what you’re talking about.

    @ other idiots

    You cant totally judge a song by hearing the basic instrumental. If you had heard a Kanye verse on this it would change the overall feel, plus add the hook, scratches, cuts and samples and you get a complete sound.

    Anyone who wants a legendary producer in hiphop to “CHANGE” his style up is retarded. Preemo still makes great beats till this day but your calling for his head over 1 instrumental?? Grow up kid.

    Another part of journalism that you kiddies forgot to read about was this was for Kanye’s original “concept” of the album before he went a different route.

  • Get the Bozack

    Ya niggas is haters. Preem made this beat when ‘Ye told everyone he was doing an album based off that “boom bap” sound. Had ‘Ye spit on this: 1) He would of killed it and 2) Everyone would of been dick riding. So stop fronting.

  • Rhyme

    lmao, the hell was Premo thinking? wheres the rest? 1 loop over and over smh.

  • CP

    The closing quote, “Alright you “aspiring rappers”, get to it.” is not a diss to anyone, he’s telling MC’s to lay a verse on this beat and it might blow up…

  • as

    I like Premo, but not feeling this at all.

  • badjuju

    This aint something Kanye and Bun would spit on

    I would give this to Guru (R.I.P.) or Jay Electronica

  • Nathaniel

    love preemo

    but this is boo boo batter.

  • Belize

    Piano could maybe be sampled in another song, but smh.

  • the kidd

    yo ill take this shit ….. real hip hop

  • Black Shady

    kinda weak!! he could add a couple things to the beat to make it hot
    i’d still spit on it if I were a rapper. I’d take the beat no doubt

  • Cory Belliveau

    A little breakdown and reworking this beat would be a classic jam, too much looped for my taste but then again “hip hop” and “nas is like” are amazing instrumentals

  • Ben P

    Lol all the haters saying this shit is whack… Ya’ll are probably into those Wiz Khalifa electro-ass beats. I actually think this would have been a decent beat for Kanye, but Guru would have ripped this beat to shreds. Sick ass beat.

  • Who Me?

    Hmmm Yeaaaah, preemo needs to update his style, keep the same vibe and what not but update his style. There’s a difference in being rooted in boom bap and stuck in ’93. Plus everybody has bite his sample chop style so he gotta bring something new with that good ‘ole feel to it ya dig?

  • KingWonder

    this shit IS wack.
    no hate, but i know premier can do WAAAAAAAY better than this!
    this shit sounds too basic, and for a kanye album!? you gotta cme harder than that…

  • rickthespic

    this sounds choppy to me… i feel like somethings missing…..

  • JDot

    Sick, that is some 95-96 heat. Still who cares who raps over it, if there is no scratches there is no primo track…

  • I can see why he didnt want If you have free time check out the dope stuff on my site http://www.wanttobelikeus(dot)com

  • NotoriousRambo


  • Consignment

    Premier is Hall Of Fame, but this shit is terrible. I respect the architects, but c’mon anybody saying this track is hot is just saying it to say it or their ear needs to be cleaned out…

    Gangstarr beats dope!!!
    Group Home beats dope!!!
    Signature joints for Jay, Nas, and Biggie legendary!!!
    Jeru Da Damaja beats dope!!!

    This joint ain’t fuckin’ w/Lex Luger, Star Gate, etc…

    NO ID is killin’ that 90’s style, but this shit.

    I expect more from Premier.


  • First Kanye, then you said Bun B? Wow…Me Too!! I dont want this shit!!!

  • AnuKiNSkywalker

    I got it.

  • jeezy

    the nigga is overated ..and this shit is trash …. no one is asking him to change his sound … but he isn’t good enough to not evolve his sound.

    hes stuck in the 90’s …which is why he isn’t getting tons of work from rappers

    Just blaze doesn’t sound the same as day 1

    Bink doesn’t sound the same as day 1

    Even the justice league doesn’t sound the same and they’ve only been here 6 years … this fat man can’t evovle his sound he shall be stuck with getting shitted on by an ever changing game. and those who are in it. ….HE WILL NEVER GET ON ANOTHER JAY-Z Album

  • dmfslimm

    all who dont like this aint down with the primo sound. period. yall know he wouldve put some scratches and more samples and shit on it. its like a 64 impala primed down with no rims or candy. when you fix it up and add to it, its driveable. such as this beat. yall bugging.

  • GTboy

    this is a beat where the voice should be dominant .. KRS one type of shizzl !!

    still nice as instru …

  • jobie

    sounds kinda weak, but its not finished obviously. A lot of work needs to be done on it

  • Trav1

    Kanye would rip this.. Maybe the new album will have some stuff like this.


  • D


    Peeps are right he stuck in the 90’s and that aint a bad thing, that was the golden age, but a nigga just gotta switch the style up, add some new elements, start taking some diff samples, the samples getting used today are from every genre… preemo still samplin the same crate he did in 94 lol

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  • thebullfrog24

    it definately had potential, you guys are lames

    yall need some more synths for some more techno hip pop?

    kanye could of easily added some layers to this and made this beat amazing, he would a sung over the hook college dropout style and it would of been amazing.

  • Goldie

    I never really liked Premo’s beats and that shit confirms why. “Nas Is Like” beat was ok though.

  • mac DIESEL



  • B. Digital

    Premo is dope but not this beat.

  • DC

    Maybe before it became MBDTF and it was Good Ass Job.

    Not bad, with the right production it could be hot. I’d like to think Ye could still work with something like this.

  • bjbsa

    agreed with @mac diesel. This beat is more of a chill laid back beat that requires some real lyrical stuff from a rapper. Some people wont like it, but i prefer this kinda chillness

  • chilleymost


  • CP

    Have any of you haters listened to any preemo beats in the last 3 years??? Im cool with people not feeling the beat thats fine. But all of sudden preemo is wack and overrated? GTFOH…Preemo has dope shit everyear, your just basing his whole style and body of work on 1 instrumental!! Noone is batting a thousand with their beats or work. Please educate yourselves instead of spewing shit you dont know what you’re talking about. I could list about 10 dope beats in the past couple years that Dj Premier has done, but you wont listen.

  • CP

    I think its funny that the haters can only name 1 hot preemo beat “Nas is Like”

    Premier has straight CLASSICS throughout his whole career, he’s still relevant in 2011. There are some top producers that cant even say that.

  • CP

    Listen to AZ – The Come Up, Royce Da 5’9″ – Boom, Joell Ortiz – Project Boy, Termanology – So Amazing and get back to me. Thats just 3 GREAT CLASSIC beats by premier in the last 10 years alone. I could name about 50 no problem.

  • CP

    * 4 Beats

  • CP

    I’m pretty sure KANYE WEST has already recorded a dope verse on one of the hottest hiphop beats, maybe you’ve heard of it.

    ITS CALLED “CLASSIC” by Rakim, Nas, KRS-One and Kanye

  • There’s cats who look to Lil Wayne Drake as the standard to look up to, but real enthusiasts know what time it is. 2011 Preem will be bringing that raw shit for the streets, not MTV

  • a

    I think Premo would get rejected less from today’s big name artist if he changes his style a little to fit the artist more rather than just providing a signature Premo track. Honestly speaking almost every Premo beats are alike. The drum patterns sound the same (Boom Bap) just with a different loop or sample. And don’t get me wrong I love the shit out of Premo even the current shit like Black Poet the Blaq Print and Joell Ortiz Sing Like Bilal. That nigga Premo still got it dont get it twisted. Its just with an artist like Kanye or Jay-z you really need to craft a beat and not just throw sounds together. If you would have put that beat on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy it would have stuck out like a sore thumb. And I know Premo got his own lane which I respect but dudes like Kanye and Just Blaze are creating Masterpiece records. Do You Agree?

  • CP


    I respect your opinion, I just dont think you did enough homework on what preemo has done in the past couple years.

    Just for example on Royce’s StreetHop album, “Something to ride to” is a great beat and its creative and chill and is a great vibing beat.

    Preemo likes to work with the artist one on one and they “collaborate” to form a great record. This record is not a finished version and was made specifically for Kanye. So this record could have grown into a great beat. It’s ok to me, nothing special and I’m a diehard Preemo fan. I just cant stand when people generalize and make a blanket statement. When its clear they really dont have all the information to back up their arguement. Generalizations = Laziness

  • n


  • if you dont like this beat you clearly are a rap fan and not a hiphop fan so fuck your opinion. Yall are some I like anybeat that sounds like “amili” or says “HEY” in the backgorund ass niggas.

  • mr bubble butt

    ………..but kanye can rap over that HAM beat SMH……..

  • CP

    This beat > HAM beat

  • Its a little average..but I love primo.

  • YO PRIMO! Keep puttin them chucky beats out there son. Kanye week West is from the Midwest, did not even know that had real Hip Hop out there until Common came out and rashed for a lil. Nobody else. Kanye is a SCRAM. Did you see that last video. What direction is he going. Following Mase’s foot steps. PRIMO IS A LEGEND young bucks. Hip Hop is dead. I bet you scrams wear skinny jeans. lol KEEP Gettin it PRIMO. I can’t believe this. I”M OUT 100 Dj Grizz Mass Representative (617) Bean Town! if you don’t know

  • Aj

    I think this beat has a shitload of potential. Yeah Kanye probably couldn’t make it work cause he’s shit but definately some old schools rappers could’ve. Guru would wreck this shit.