• WERT ONE 352


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  • Belize

    Not feelin this one. :/

  • Sony Music Employee

    r u kidding me? wtf is up with the YN blackout? u need to tell q-tip to get that stick out his ass and stop being a bitch. the man made a documentary about you. not everything gonna go as u want it. Q-tip actin like he jay-z.

  • LALL


  • Inside I’m ICE, Outside I’m LAVA!!

    Who the fuck are they pointing to? Or do they all have carpal tunnel? What da fuck (Del Torro’s voice from The Usual Suspects)!

  • Vado that dude If you got time check out this site is dope http://www.wanttobelikeus(dot)com

  • LALL

    To “Inside I’m ICE, Outside I’m LAVA”: Gibs is pointing to the dude on the right, dude on the right is pointing to busta, busta is pointing to you, MYSTERY SOLVED. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • carlos

    i miss katt stacks

  • Converse


  • King Jugganott


  • he wack and need to eat a tapeworm

  • 514

    +6 REP
    Vado gotta be on every banger from NY and remix from now on just like busta showed him.

    + jones is dope

  • 514
  • your pusha

    i like fred da godson they were banging him in new york when i passed thru there dope joint

  • money mitch

    people really like fred the godson? maybe I need to hear more but damn precious brother sounds mad wack on this

  • Anelka

    @YN d 40 year old looser, wat has Nas Gotto do with d Blackout,? u must really be infatuated with d Godson, but unfortunately 4 u, Nas dont play dat. Lol @ur stupid self calling Nas a tax dodger, he got money to take care of you n ur unborn generation for years to come.

  • davy don

    fred, vado……dis is ny bloodclaat rap….swag + rhymes…haters suck unno mother mother….

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