• Mohammed

    Good song. I wonder what sample Cole used?. Song sounds familiar but kind quite figure it out…

  • ronnie

    its a Smashing Pumpkins joint… called ‘To Forgive’. and whats with the lack of dl links on all of your songs RapRadar? #getyourshittogether!!!

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  • I Don’t Rap

    this might be one of XV’s best. I hope these two work together more. shit is hot yo!

  • CJ

    Too dope! Can’t wait til the album!

  • Belize

    This shit is dope! XV & Cole should collaborate!

  • Derrt

    316 all day

  • Exhibit J

    i’ve wanted a track with these two for a good long while. Thank you! and this sample is nice & smooth.

  • Mohammed

    @Ronnie. Thanks for finding the sample. I do the like some Smashing Pumpkins songs…

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  • Ghat Damn

    And now, officially:

    J. Cole’s Production = J. Cole’s Lyrics

    ….waits for the trolls.

  • damn, J. cole produced this! dopeness… he took the sample from smashing pumpkins! damn…. take that hip-hop to anotha level! indeed…indeed… feelin the hell outta this joint here

  • 2011 is the year of hiphop

    XV is def growin’ on me but lets just say it…. J COLE CAN PRODUCE using a smashing pumkins song as a sample (good band, expand your music kids) damn i cant get past the beat but dont wanna take away from XV cause he did his thing!

  • JustSaying

    XV is growing on me somewhat. Every other song I’ve heard from him was whack, and I do my research. This song right here is really nice though so keep working on your craft and I hope too see you at the top, by the way I saw that comment you made about kanye on sohh,com saying you didn’t think his verse was good on H.A.M. and that his verse wasn’t good but Jay-Z went in. Although that is true you need to watch your mouth talking about established artist, that’s not good business for a new artist trying to break through in the industry. Cats that are higher up can pull the rug from under you for comments like that, so just work hard on your own shit and don’t worry about other niggas fam, do you and sky is the limit. take it how you want I’m just a real nigga looking out.

  • Just Good Music

    I respect XV for keeping it 100. I dont know what article your talking about, but if he said Kanye’s verse wasnt good, he has that right just like you have the right to say every song youve heard from him wack. And kanye’s verse wasnt that up to par. When Complex magazine did a blog consensus everybody spoke their peace on what they thought of the song so why can’t he? Let that man cook. that’s all i’m saying.

    I’ve been a fan of XV for a minute and i’m glad to see people finally giving his music a true listen. he is a dope fucking artist that has been slept on for too long. Hopefully he’ll land a big single and the world will see what he has. He doesn’t need XXL Freshman cover but it would just add to his hype this year. Keep doing work!

  • Vado that dude If you got time check out this site is dope http://www.wanttobelikeus(dot)com

  • This song is dope. XV said on his twitter that he has a couple more tracks with Cole.

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  • I wanna thank XV, for reminding me smallville started again today. I’m bout to go watch clark kick ass online. Oh yeah… J. COLE RUNS THIS BITCH! That bassline is greezy BTW.

  • OH FUCK THIS… I don;t think XV realized the CW are a bunch of bitches and apparently postponed the episode another week. FUCK THAT. I’m pissed. The fuck am I gonna do now??

  • Citylivin’

    “They’ll never steal my dreams like Leo DiCaprio.”……..he talking about “Inception”…i love that fucking movie!…..two dope ass young prodappers(producer/rapper) : J.Cole & Big Krit <——- now them 2 need too work together.

  • Chris

    I miss Kristin Kreuk on Smallville. Yeah, yeah fuck the haters, I already know how the fans feel. That show went on for too long though

  • J.V

    Im pretty sure XV is from smallville

  • J.V

    ^I mean for real. Not tryin to say hes superman or something.




  • Chris

    @ JV

    Well Smallville is meant to be in Kansas in the comics, so its kind of on point

  • hiphopannonymus

    this is dope!!! just copped his mixtape after hearing

  • Been up on this kid since he was 16; good to see him finally getting his due

  • Black Shady


  • suppppppp

    This beat is a monster on some nice headphones. Cole should have kept it for himself… Man if he’s giving shit like this away, god knows what this dude has for his album. Listening to FNL, while it’s dope, you know he’s just giving away his worst shit… His album will be classic, no doubt.

  • Tom_S

    Cole is just the nicest…..XV should be XXL this year.



  • @4loco
    he is born in July, a summer month hot in temperature.
    October born baby, a chill month pretty cold.
    Your looking to much into it.

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  • J.cole should have been featured in this as well

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