• hghfgjfj

    Lil Wayne >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • zezzoi

    For anyone even SAYING that Wiz “sold out” , you niggas don’t know Shit

    he’s been making music like “Roll Up” for AWHILE…. just because he didn’t get noticed back then doesn’t mean he changed the way he makes music.

    he’s the same dude. just now he’s got buzz.

  • CK

    Everybody took Ace’s flow, Ace killed this beat by the flow and the hook , apart from ross, nobody came close

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  • Convese

    Ahhh im feeling it! U gotta b a fan of that memphis and tennessee music to feel tha: PYREX KING!

  • Belize


  • So Icy Boi Boyfriend!

    Im feeling it! BURRR

  • Why Are Artist Afraid To Make Hit; They Rather Just Ride On Someone Else’s Hit & Take That Momentum…
    It’s A Shame. If You Want To Try & Take The Easy Way Out; Hit Lex Luger & Have Him Produce Something Especially For You. But Getting On The Same Beat As Everyone Else Not Only Likes Creativity But Is Cheap As Well..

  • Is it me or do ya gotti look sexy in that pic?(no homo)

  • Dre

    Thanks, Nice song


    I SEE YOU SHINING!!!!!!!!!!!


  • TryDifferentJokes

    Kinda looks like a blind man here…

  • LO

    Wayne demolished this joint. If he sound like this flow wise and voice wise i will cop C4 twice

  • Belize

    ^Amen! WAYNE DA G.O.A.T!

  • Dude is kill en it If you got time check out this site is dope http://www.wanttobelikeus(dot)com

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  • Mr.G

    Shit knock!

  • belly

    this shit hard, everybody came wit it

  • Jay

    Im not from the hood but this is cool

  • AnuKiNSkywalker

    not feeling it

  • Toven

    Pretty dope!

  • coco loco

    look at his hand thats on the door knob in the picture, why is it so big?

  • Toven

    ^Bc he use 2 beat yo azz with if!

  • coco loco

    @ Toven, right after his fingers was in yo ass punk.

  • Im from Memphiz, Yo Gotti a legend here, been out since the 90’s, he goin dumb hard as usual, shouldve got Ross spot on the radio spin tho…..