Swizz Beatz x DJ Runna Swizz Beatz vs. Fela Kuti Pt. 1

For this week’s Monster Mondays, Swizzy switches things up. He teams up with DJ Runna to release a nine-track collection mash up with the sounds of Nigerian musician Fela Kuti. Africa is far, but it’s also after the jump.

1. Fela Intro
2. Touch It (Touch It / Chop & Quench)
3. Money in the Bank / Yellow Fever
4. Get Me Bodied / No Agreement
5. Swing Your Rag / Who No Know Go Know
6. It’s Me Snitches / Kalakuta Show
7. Tambourine / African Woman
8. Check Up On It / Gentleman
9. Fela Outro

Download here

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  • Belize


  • flawda

    Dear Swizz, please stop biting Kanye’s swagger with this GOOD Friday shit and his artistic covers.

  • Able Danger

    If anyone finds themselves in Times Sq. do ya soul a favor and see FELA!

  • 2Much

    i’m tired of this monster mondays, timbo thursdays and all that shit…nobody really cares…the only interesting day in this category was the original GOOD FRIDAY… Yeezy The King !

  • swizzy swizz so original in this rap game genre with these “monster mondays”……… so original

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  • H.N.I.C

    Fela the king but some of these songs are mehhh…

  • Uptown Don

    I’d rather listen to Fela. Cats get rich and get culture. So funny. Like white folks!!!! And stop jocking Kanye with the gilded art frames…that shit is played out and far from artistic. Cats is begging for attention in all the wrong ways. Cake soap users!

  • I’m so disappointed in all of these imitators. Just because Kanye came up with G.O.O.D. Fridays doesn’t mean you have to copy him. I don’t even pay attention to any of these artists because the quality of the music is not even good.

  • nate

    no need to fuck with Fela’s shit Swizz. Fail.

  • assasin

    Damn, so kanye originated weekly songs and artistic covers? Interesting

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  • puerto-black

    Fela’s horns make ANYTHING better.

  • puerto-black

    Google FELA


    I’m hurt. I was going to use this. I’m actually African. But either way i appreciate Swizz’s appreciation for African Music. Fela is definitely an Iconic figure.

  • cmosa

    Well. like everyone is sayin, glad to see fela kuti getting mainstream props, but I’d rather see these dudes start ACTING like fela and start EXECUTING like king crimson, rather than just biting samples off their songs. Fela Kuti was one of the most remarkable and important people in history, certainly an originator, if not THE father of the “punk”. If you don’t know what I mean read some more about him (think his actions, not his music). So many lessons to be learned from his life, so at the very least some kids will think “who is fela kuti?” look him up, and be better for it. Can’t front, I’ve done the same thing with so many of my favorite artists’ influences.



  • Ekiti

    Dude menn this shit better sound good. Dont think you gonna mash up some shit and Nigerians over in the US are gonna give u a pass. LOL Wale you better pay attention

  • where can i download the album

  • money.anthem


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  • Cali Live

    this was awful. they either rushed this shit or listened to it 40x to convince themselves that it sounded good

  • wales

    yall niggas saying yeezy started this shit are all ignorant fucks. its crooked i that is the originator of this shit.