Curren$y Signs Deal With Warner Bros.

The jets are flying high today after it was announced that Curren$y inked his Jet International imprint to Warner Bros. The New Orleans native’s manager says his EP, Covert Coup, will be exclusively produced by The Alchemist and will drop on April 20th.


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  • mm

    this dudes really the only “new” guy i check for.

    AL is still a beast too

  • He’s EP?

  • Ok

    Hope this nigga dont start makin bs like wiz

  • Young Sha

    If Warner couldnt market Wiz and help him blow, why would Curren$y sign with them?

  • J.R

    Jets Fool !!!!

  • whitequickness

    this is guy is done anyway wiz is killin it right now n theres only rrom for one pot head in the game…hey currensy how does it feel to be th next devin the dude, fuckin irrelevant lmfao

  • polo kid

    High than a mug….

  • villain

    pilot talk is a crazy record its up there with kush & OJ

  • Belize


  • Post no billz

    Warner cut a check.. I hope currensy gets to keep his creative control.. Lookin foward to that covert coup.. Alcemeist is beast on the beats..

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  • Your Father

    What an ass for signing with Warner.
    They have a terrible history with marketing Hip-Hop.
    Ask Lil Scrappy, Murs, Wiz Khalifa, Talib, Jay Rock and gang of others.
    Blu’s about to find out soon too.

  • devante

    Idk why he signed to them, he was making a pretty pennie indie

  • Word


  • haterzeverywhere


    You do realize Warner IS Atlantic right?? like wiz didnt go anywhere he just shifted over to a new set of product managers and such… and yea warner has had a dry run as of late with hip hop but Todd Moscowitz is head of it now and his run with Asylum [Gucci, Waka, Cam’ron} has been pretty damn good

  • joeproblems

    im confused

  • Chex

    Al al al al al al Alchemist!

  • JD

    I checked his tweeter he said “THEY DIDNT WEAR SUITS OVER AT WARNER…CHILL”
    JET$ FOOL!
    $pitta knows what hes doing
    dont worry.

  • If I read correctly it said he said his imprint “Jets International” not Curren$y as artist. So I take from it he’s still on Def Jam




  • joeproblems

    “The New Orleans native’s manager says his EP, Covert Coup, will be exclusively produced by The Alchemist and will drop on April 20th.”

    Is his manager still Dame? what ever happened to bluroc and the rebirth of roc-a-fella yodda yodda. I aint seen or heard them making noise since the summer

  • joeproblems


    click the source link to XXL it says both he and jets

  • koa29

    , why would Curren$y sign with them?


    Warner REGRETS letting go of Wiz after seeing how he blew up… so why not sign someone as good, if not better and pretty much in the same “lane” as Wiz ?

  • cudder

    his manager is Mousa, arab looking dude, always wearing front faced fitted and big nose. Wherever spitta is Mousa aint far you’ll see him all the time.

  • real



    Everybody wanna become sign most say they dont so they want feel left out *Wayne shrug*

  • So the Roc is not in the building? Free Dame Dash.

  • Louis The Rich

    This nigga and wiz got next, ask ya little homies and them, they’ll tell ya. This kid is wild and he got alchemist on every track? Fan fuckin tastic! Im sold! When does it drop?

  • Chan

    Man yall are stupid. Curren$y is the best rapper right now. I love Wiz but Curren$y is 10 times better. Easy. Wiz is just more in the spotlight whereas Curren$y is extremely underrated. His lyrics are sick. Hes a real as nigga too. He want sell out. Congrats on homie getting his money. He’s just making a smart decision not selling out. JET LIFE TILL THE NEXT LIFE!

  • Yung Silv

    spitter is the boss props to him cant wait for covert coup . .. currensy = consistency

  • zee

    cant stop laughing at he fag who thinks Wiz Khalifa is better,,,,, dumb ass… Nice to see Curren$y makin moves. He wouldnt be so underrated if people could find his albums somewhere


    Whitequickness your a fool. go listen to radio rap

  • dion

    Congrats to the “PILOT” of “THIS PLANE” on that deal JETS bouta make some noise this year. I don’t b understandin yall niggas dat fuk wit spitta n don’t fuk wit wiz or fuk wit wiz but don’t fuk wit spitta. “Only 2 things poppn dats JETSET and the GANG”



  • Snaxx

    I swear yall are not reading anything thats on the post , excluding a few of yall. His imprint which is the Jets International is under warner. Its kinda like how Young Money is an imprint of cash money and cash money has a parent company which is universal records. He himself is not signing to them you hatin ass idiots

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  • listen


    wuteva he makes off on either label is gonna get tooken away anyway.. dame dash is gonna suck him dry(no homo)and have him ready to kill him just like beanie sigel is

  • LukeCage

    Dame Dash lost

  • Gumbi

    Alchemist producing the whole album? I wouldn’t worry about a thing, Curren$y is still gonna drop fire. Jet Life.

  • Huh

    haterseverywhere…I was going to say the same thing u said. These people saying Warner has a terrible track record marketing HIP-HOP must not know that Warner is the parent company of Atlantic. The list of rappers that flopped or failed to make mark while under Warner might of been due to budget. But Jay dropped BP3 on Atlantic/Warner, and they have other artists like T.I., Gucci Mane,Lupe Fiasco etc. It really depends on Currensy’s situation with them is like.

  • Huh

    also ALC production is going to be big..hope he can rock those heatrocks Alchemist probably gonna give him.

  • Thought he said he would NEVER sign 2 a major again…??? Oh well, Curren$y’s cold either way and now that his buzz is bigger and better, Warner Bros. can push his product more.

  • ZOD

    Man, niggas act like curren$y is new…this nigga been grindin for a long time…I remember this nigga was on No Limit…so that let you know how long ago that was..

    Any way none of these niggas not fuckin wit ZOD…check out the page…


  • Always looking forward to new Spitta tracks, heard he is putting out 3 tapes this year!

    Check it out for the latest news in hip-hop along with new artists!

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