Drake, Rihanna, & Cee-Lo Performing At Grammys

Hip-hop continues to take over the 53rd Grammy Awards. Yesterday, it was announced that Drake and Rihanna will perform at this year’s ceremony. In addition, Cee-Lo will recite his hit “Fuck You” alongside actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Jim Henson’s Company Muppets. That should be a treat. The Grammys air February 13th on CBS.

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  • Lyrykal

    Drizzy!!!! The things dat we can do in 20 mins gal

  • Black Shady

    So is it sure Em gonna perform “I Need A Doctor” with Dr Dre and Skylar Grey???


  • Banger

    2pac is puking on his grave that a faggot like So Icy Boy mentioned him on his full of faggots list .. fucking bitch

  • Your mother’s “Friend”

    Meh, these award shows are overated imo

  • B.Dot

    u’ll be watching.

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  • m85

    Good look for them to be performin..my bigger issue/question is how come akeys got no nods for element of freedom..the quality is a given but even on the sales side..wat r&b album has sold more then it did since its release

  • edlover

    Hip-hop continues to take over the 53rd Grammy Awards ? hahha where is the hip-hop at ? umm yeah i dont see any hip hop artist mention cuz drake & rihanna are not hip hop at all but cee-lo is they should get Big Boi to perform & lupe then ull have hip hop at the grammy’s cmon when u think hip hop drake & rihanna never come up smh i can name 200 hip hop artist that should perform over these 2 dumb ass radio stars @ banger 100% my dude cmon so icy boy u must be high on some heroin n drunk to say 2 pac belongs on a list of garbage all them other artist suck major ball sack . i wish the 90’s hip-hop would come back thats when it was at its best now anyone can make a song bout anything and sell a million records the rap game in 2011 is a joke i dont listen to any mainstream artist why? cuz they have no talent .NaS would lryically destroy any mainstream rapper at today .LETS GO ESCO

  • Belize

    @Black Shady: Hope so!
    How are Rihanna and Drake Hip-Hop??
    Glad Cee-Lo’s performing!Hopefully it’s F U and not Forget U.

  • Belize

    co-sign! @edlover

  • Donn

    Yall all still gon be watchin so stfu. Then you gon run to the comment section to hate on every performance. Aint nobody rootin for me, aint nobody clappin for me. Which makes me think Damn can someone just be happy for me…-Drake

  • Android

    How Rawse doesnt get a performance spot is beyond me. HH AOTY HH Single OTY and NOTHING?!!

  • Ruckus

    Actually, Ive never watched one of these things (Oscars, Grammys, whatever else there is). But Ill probably check out that Cee-Lo performance on here, cuz Cee-Lo is the shit, and The Lady Killer was one of the most creative albums Ive ever been fortunate enough to purchase.

  • Campbell

    Even if i watch the shit….it still dont mean nothin…the best rappers wont perform…except prolly wayne and eminem….bullshit

  • realhiphoplover

    hip hop ? hahah where is hip hop cee-lo is but drake and rihanna isnt at all smh @ banger so true why list 2 pac in a list of horrible radio rap queers

  • El gregeo

    So icy boi! Take lil wayne name and pac name off becuz that is just wrong!

  • Thats def a good look for Drizzy

  • listen

  • She played Drake so hard.

  • when did hipittyhop take over the grammy awards? i realy cant tell the difference between the grammys & kids choice awards can you?

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