• Your mother’s “Friend”

    These guys will never blow

  • ^^^works for Interscope in the Mama’s Basement division.

  • Bizarro1

    Pac??????? Get outta here!

  • JohnBlack

    These guys are most def the best HipHop group out right know.

  • Snaxx

    Yo this joint remind me of a snoop dogg gin and juice type song. hell even some of that 90’s rap from NY. IM feelin it

  • Black McJagger

    These dudes always coming with heat

  • Belize


  • money mitch

    eh smooth beat some other rappers could have done this beat justice though

  • rrahha

    i like it. i fuck with these dudes. We need, REAL, west coast music. the Slang, beats, style, and all that…these dudes do it.

  • This is smooth and funny. I fux wit it. I’ve always fucked with these guys since “07”.

  • carlos

    man.. this shit honestly turned my depressing ass day around. fuck if they blow up but i need more music like thiiis

  • Yo 2 SouthSide

    Second website where I are someone referencing there name and thinking Pac like Tupac. But Pac Div is short for Pacific Division left coast PAC 10. Can you illiterate third grade educated muthafuckers read or hear the difference. Thanks and shout out to the youngins they go hard. I want a TDE PAC Div collabo make it happen!!!

  • Chris

    @Bizarro1 um it stands for Pacific Division. Dumbass.

  • Rick Breezyyy

    I dont understand?? how coud niggas honestly sit here and say this aint hip hop? the same niggas who hate this are prolly the same niggas jacking off to Wiz and Mac Miller

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  • ryan

    kanye would of smashed this beat back in 2005