Wiz Khalifa VIBE Cover Shoot

[vodpod id=Video.5493515&w=425&h=350&fv=config%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.realgravity.com%2Fcached%2Fapi%2Fstaticplayerxml%2Fc0e00780-d58f-012d-2afb-12313b079c51%2F8025b1c2c1ace7351bbaefea701b7b58%3Fembedded%3Dtrue]

VIBE was nice enough to take us behind the scenes of Wiz Khalifa’s cover shoot for the upcoming Feb/March issue. Watch out for the 2 other artists that will be on the cover as well. Issue hits newsstands everywhere February 22nd.

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  • Cheechu

    im so sick of wiz. crazy how fast the dude sold out. please go away you cornball

  • El gregeo

    I amit withou black and yellow i would never knew who a wiz khalifa was. But after B&Y i have been listening to his old mixtapes on repeat! You call it selling out i call it expanding. Him and snoop album drop on my bday*kanye west shrug*

  • El gregeo


  • Belize

    Wiz did sell out fast.

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  • Black Panther

    Damn i remember when wiz could make a pop song and still would not be a sell out? now he got sign whole new story smh @wiz fans

  • Von

    this dude smokin his career away he need to back to his Prince of the City 2 shit

  • russ2187

    Probably one of the most overrated rappers ever !! He’s all image.

  • ok

    wiz sold out fast thn a pair of jordans on saturday … i hope spitta dont

  • Belize

    ^He was sign to young money dumb ass!

  • OffYaSelf

    this nigga with his poop stache… get the fuck outta here

  • haduken

    his album better be good or im going in best buy braking shit forreal.



  • so i guess you guys haven’t heard the flight school and burn after rolling mixtapes, auto tune and pop songs all over them

  • Converse

    K&o was shit compare 2 friday night, trap or die 2 and their is no competition 2 fukk soulja boy clone!

  • Tray106

    I remember The Source Magazne did something like this. Seems like a total rip off of that. Then again noone reads Vibe

  • Da Snake

    so sick man!!!

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  • cashdon

    Soundcloud.com/cashmarte go listen!!

  • The Hater

    Why is it you fanatics label a nigga a sellout if he becomes succesful at what he does?? Gtfoh. I couldn’t stand this nigga when I first heard him, his tapes grew on me, but ain’t no change in subject matter so fallback with that sellout shit. Fake ass hip hop critics

  • Mike_Willl

    Ayo Wiz! Im stoned too!