• Thank Me Hater

    Ironically everyone passed by this post…..but I’ll show love

  • Joel Tate

    Super Dope! Been on repeat for the last 30 minutes!

  • haterzeverywhere

    dope shit

  • Justin G

    My man Spree is gonna change the game.

  • zebiba314

    amazing song. simple and beautiful. keep the quality coming, rap radar.

  • bk 225

    Hot track! Hot guy! Def following him!

  • Donn

    I actually skipped this for most of the day and then i thought about who featured on it…Esthero!!!
    And i was like, hmmm
    This shit is hot, reminds me of a RadioHead song. Definitely feeling this one

  • Jayju

    This dude Spree is fire… Finally getting a chance to hear something NEW instead of that crap on the radio nowadays. Dope…

  • tr


    I love the song Country Living f. Goodie Mob. It’s just so chill.

  • tr

    gah the original is the chill version, not the one w/ goodie mob. They’re both good songs tho.

  • Spree got a hit on hit hands…. A new voice for the culture.

  • xx

    damn this song flows so great!