New Video: Emilio Rojas “Ex-Girl”

[vodpod id=Video.5494755&w=425&h=350&fv=quality%3Dbest%26amp%3Ballowfullscreen%3Dtrue%26amp%3Bscale%3DshowAll%26amp%3B]

Emilio Rojas released his last mixtape, Life Without Shame back in November. Here is his latest visual from the tape featuring Mickey Factz. Warning, this one might not be safe for work.

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  • holdupz

    This right here is that shit.

  • bonafided

    This is a fucking video!!

  • Great vid

  • mv

    who is the chick?

  • wow


  • taylor

    Good looks. You guys need to post more of his shit. Video is craze

  • Belize


  • BongressS

    gooooood shit

  • obama

    How is NO BODY calling this fuckery out?!? So this dude saw the “030” video and STRAIGHT JACKED IT!!! An now he’s getting props for having a groundbreaking video?!?!? Do yourselves a favor… Google “030” an let’s call this noncreative, uninspired fraud what it really is…

  • JetLife

    Good call Obama – he totally jacked the video.
    Heres the ORIGINAL:

  • wow

    i see theres a trend of up and coming rappers using woman to push there product to blog sites now… if your music cant get you all the way there then quit real talk because the viewer isnt listening man just watching….

  • @obama

    WOW! well first of all, ill mention that nobody said it was groundbreaking or anything. Second, that is amazing at the similarities (the very obvious similarities). How do we know that Emilio isnt a fan of 030 and he did his own interpretation? People have done that before and he never tried to say “yeah this is new and innovative” you know?

    Look at Fiona Apple and the Beatles. Fiona sang a cover of “Across the Universe” which is originally their song. As strange as it sounds, i love her version better than the original as a lot of others do as well, but she didnt try and say “oh it’s my song.” she was just paying tribute.

    Lets see how it plays out, but i will mention that you have a good eye for observation.

  • @obama

    this is straight from Emilio himself:

    emiliorojas Emilio Rojas
    @n14ever we credited them on the vimeo… love their video. we just had fun and did a hiphop version. thats all.. its a mixtape track

    so it wasnt a blatant ripoff at all.

  • freedom

    He didn’t cite it until people started calling them out on it – probably thought nobody saw that 030 video. How lame. I borrow shit all the time, but this is a straight jack. Next.