Tech N9ne x Yelawolf In The Lab

Tech N9ne and Yelawolf were recently in the studio in Atlanta and started working on a new track entitled, “Worldwide Choppers”. So far the song will also feature speed demons, Busta Rhymes and Twista. Hallerratcheeeeeee!

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  • Black Shady

    TEAM SHADY 2011!!!

  • GeoffieTheKid

    I can’t wait for this to drop.

  • still best rite now!!

    cant get more rapid fire flows than this line up at all!!

  • DrDreThatDude


  • Belize

    Looks like that would be dope as fuck!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    hell yeah dis shit is tight! cant wait! The first 2 “Midwest Choppers” were fire as fuck, but now it’s “WORLDWIDE Choppers”! RAW SHIT!

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up


    No one in their right mind would vote for “Uncle Luke” in any political position, especially us white folks

  • Pat

    Whats wrong with that nigga’s eyes?

  • Gordon B.

    Tech has been doing his thing for a loooong time and the first time I see him posted is when WhooKid hosted a mixtape and the second time is when he does a song with Yelawolf.

    So he needs to be doing shit with mainstream artists to be accepted despite of being one of the most talented MC’s of all time who’s been around for over 10 years putting out consistent work, right.

    If you haven’t appreciated his music earlier why start now? I guess it gives him more fans so I have no problem with it I just think it’s pretty hypocritical.

  • Soulja hurricane cris

    Cracker white boi
    Yellowwolf fuk kinda name iz dat
    Catfish billy hair look like he walk wit a fan in front of him when he walking. White boi
    I be fuken Dem white hoes

  • Awwwwwwww shit! This’ll be a crazy ass joint! Can’t wait 2 hear it.

  • Soulja hurricane cris

    And eminem music suck just like bubba spark
    It be alot of white folk bumpin deyshit dough
    They nedda stay on rock roll left or music alown

  • dope shit

  • obama

    Hey Rap Radar… You might wanna make a phone call or 2 before you start making shit up and reporting it as fact… Worldwide Choppers is an album… Yela an Tech cut several records at Tree Sound… And Tech is TALKING to Busta and Twista about doing some work… I happened to be there that night so I know, but never the less all you gotta do is reach out before you spread false info for the sake of claiming a story…

  • obama

    Oh an @Soulja hurricane cris…. You’re the definition of a nigger… People like you are the reason we’re still not taken seriously…

  • Gordon B.

    Tech N9ne himself said on ustream that Worldwide Choppers is a song with Yelawolf and maybe some others including Twista and Busta that’s due for Tech’s “All 6’s and 7’s” album that’s coming in June.
    So Mr. Obama might want to check his facts.

  • Soulja hurricane cris

    I just call it how I sea it playboy

  • Converse

    Umm one of ?these rapper? dont [email protected] Damn nigga ru gettin paid to ride shady dick like a freight train smh

  • j

    @Soulja hurricane cris don’t be mad that white man are better rappers playboyyyyy.. faggot..

  • mac DIESEL



  • Word

    @Gordon B.

    Yelawolf is mainstream? Hm. Define mainstream.

  • Converse

    @j Stop stiff n ?coke? white people drug!

  • obama

    @Word… Here, I’ll do it for him… “Signed to a major label. Packaged by corporate America. Trendy and hip with obvious pop undertones. Shoved down our throats whether we like it or not.”

  • j

    @converse im not gonna stop with that white guys drugs nigger.

  • cmosa

    @obama so you are in agreement with yelawolf being called mainstream? wtf are you talking about. 1. yelawolf got to where he is on his own, after years of hustling trunk muzik and playing shows round the south. 2. pretty sure he dresses himself man, doesnt need help from interscope if you think thats who ‘packaged’ him, 3. i dont hear annnny pop in his shit. think its pop cause he sings hooks? wack. 4. dont even play the shoved down your throat card. just isn’t true. so.. you were at treesound that night, have fun kickin it with them?

  • cmosa

    the mainstream argument is invalid anyways – there’s plenty of dope artists signed to majors.. plenty of bad ones too

  • God


  • CK

    what’s the dope song in the background?

  • Chris

    @CK the song in the backround is “LivinLike I’m Dyin” from his new mixtape, BAD SEASON.

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  • Reg

    I want the song!

  • Chris

    Tech N9ne just got it in with Lil Wayne in the studio! They recorded Tech’s first single “Fuck Food” off his upcoming album, All 6s And 7s. check this out!

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