Angie Martinez Interviews Big Pun & N.O.R.E.

With today marking the 11th anniversary of Big Pun’s death, Angie Mar dug in her archives and found an old interview with Big Pun and N.O.R.E. on Hot 97. Pun talks about being nominated for a Grammy and wanting to be the first rapper to release a quadruple album. Ha! Rest In Peace, Punisher.

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  • WERT ONE 352

    RIP Pun We miss you!

  • Belize

    THAT is dope!
    Rest in peace Pun.
    You are greatly missed.

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  • CP


  • A quadruple album? I guess that will match his quadruple size ass. RIP PUN

  • suppppppp

    Wife beatin’ coward ass fat fuck, rest in piss.
    If you’re drinkin’ Henny out the bottle and eat like a pig, then you deserve to die. Straight up.. yeah get mad.

  • Doe Money

    Is this Nahright or Rapradar. You niggas post the same shit. Step your game up you label stans.

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    rarely ya come in contact with the real. Since pun passed he was the last shine of sun i could feel

    Book of Rhymes>

  • Black Shady

    quadruple album damn lol

  • Wiz sucks

    fuck this wife beating piece of shit

  • NotoriousRambo


  • jobie

    wished Pun has a longer life and a bigger catalog. in all honestly barely listened to his stuff a year or two ago and was blown away. there arent many guys who can rhyme the way he did

  • DunkDonDaDa

    i hate you fuckin smart dumb cunts that wanna talk shit about this man cuz he beat his wife, him beatin his wife is no worse than u losers beatin ur dick . a sin is a fuckin sin last time i checked rip pun

  • r.i.p. g.o.a.t.


    Yeah Baby!!! was a dope album esp. the just blaze tracks.

  • 106

    RIP PUN Latins going Platinum baby

  • A million things run thru my mind

    i should have bigged Pun up more when he was with us, i was such a Pac fan that it was hard to appreciate others, even Biggie. But mad love to his fam and rest in peace. Top 10 dead or alive.

  • assasin9

    way ahead of his time with the way he said shit —- real lyricist —

  • BLV

    Yeeeah Baby!

  • wifebeater

    anyone talking shit about pun beating his wife should eat a dick…biggie beat kim…pac did time for sexual abuse…yet everyone overlooks this smh. R.I.P

  • motherfuck a hater

    @Doe Money, yo man this is hip-hop not regional news, the same shit is gonna be posted on sites, if shit is going on in hip, niggas gonna post it!

  • JustinTime

    It’s a lotta judgmental mafuckas on this site….sheesh. Let dude musical legacy rock! RIP PuN