Lupe, Estelle, B.o.B. & Janelle Monae Game Changers Pt. 1

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My wife, Danyel Smith chops it up with four of Atlantic Records’ most promising acts for the label’s new web series.

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  • Belize

    All 4 are dope!

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  • real

    this here is something good for music, another game changer here

  • oh my goodness! Elliott Wilson’s wife is GORGEOUS!! Woooooooww lmaooo

  • btw, Dilla was definitely one of the biggest game changers.

  • Doe Money

    who cares.



  • DC Nick

    tell c flo to get som bass in his voice this aint elementary school

  • Young Mo Fo

    Lupe look like he was feelin Janelle. and she was the most diverse artist of all of them, Lupe seems like hes the most experienced of them all. I think Lupe is a game changer, and Janelle, and maybe BoB. But Estelle seems kinda simple, I even checked some music of hers.

  • Black Shady

    I clicked the video just to see Elliot’s wife…and I gotta say; oowweeee shes hot lol

    SHADY baby!!!

  • Geebz

    how stupid does YN feel for the Lupe blackout months ago? aint yo wife a fan dawg? fuck outta here. lasers, march 8th.

  • tr

    lmao at Lupe @ 1:21. YN’s gonna ban this dude from RapRadar hahah.

    Janelle Monae is amazing btw. Very confident – it comes across in the tone of her voice.

  • pppccc

    i seriously hate all four of these smug idiots.

    monae’s hair really pisses me off.

  • Wowza

    Spit Fya from Compton ghostwrote for Bob, funny how he’s being shown as a “gamechanger” when he is living the rhymes of a amazing lyricist from out west.

  • @EtiennedeParis

    interesting format.
    Estelle not in the same leaugue of artist. let’s face it
    I feel Janelle passion & committment, Bob’s sincere approach & Lupe’s pride and experience

    ps: YN you made it! ha!

  • villain

    check out the eye lupe is giving Janelle , iv seen that look before its the look of a someone fantasising about pounding the fuck out a babe

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  • haq

    lupe is kinda gay

  • respect

    i can’t see the hosts face, wit all them breasts in the way lol

  • upinya

    ^^ butta face

  • Cno

    YN definitely knows what he’s doing. Ha!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Janelle Monae needs to distance herself from DIDDY aka Career Killer Combs.

  • Cno

    Janelle is beautiful.

  • How did YN get a woman like that? SMH He really is the Jay-Z of this internet shit……

  • Nathaniel

    Janelle Monae is just oozing with insight and sincerity. everytime she spoke she just commanded the whole table. she’s got the juice, lol.

    Lupe is so guarded, yo. that nigga refuses to open up, lol. he’s an amazing artist and rapper, but i don’t think he’s ready, still, to be introspective. out of all these cats, he’s been through THE RINGER in the industry. from 18-29… 11 yrs. 6 yrs of hell, 5 yrs of success, but a fight everyday. i want to hear more from that nigga. AND he’s from the GUTTER. what did it take to create a nigga like that? black panther/martial arts master and dojo sensei pops, culinary artists and world traveler moms, 9 brothers and sisters, poor as fuck in the westside of the chi with a business partner doing 44 yrs for heroin trafficking… oh and a white step dad from europe. = a lupe fiasco. wtf? i wish he’d be a lil more vulnerable.

    B.O.B. was created by atlantic. period. most of his records are sent to him through the label. when he gets to a place where he’s really “doing him” aka creating his own art from the ground up like janelle, i’ll put him in the cannon. to me, he doesn’t really belong there yet. YET. he’s a good kid tho, no doubt.

    Estelle… honestly don’t know much about her. so i’ll fall back, lol.

  • This is amazing. To whomever put this together THANK YOU. It is good to see Hip Hop represented in a positive light, young people who don’t follow the beaten path sitting down having a respectable conversation about the art that they love. Because they aren’t speaking slang, cursing, and disrespecting each other I highly doubt it will get recognized by the goons and gangstas but who cares. Those people this was done for will respect and appreciate it (hopefully). It is seriously amazing and I have a feeling it will only get better. Thank You Mrs. Smith

  • Word


    Nah man I gotta disagree with you about B.o.B. Dude plays all types of instruments, raps, sings, his beats are diverse. He covers different genres. I think all of that is him doing him, he’s using his God given talents in his music so that has to be doing him point blank. Imean, what do you think doing him would sound like? i think this is exactly what doing him sounds like. His album was good.

  • Janelle monae is only good for steady fuckin

  • haterzeverywhere

    shit is dope and they all have helped carve a new path for younger generation…

    but FUCK

    Ms Monae WHY do you take yourself so seriously? You fucking make music.. that’s IT.. you aren’t saving babies from burning buildings, curing cancer or any of that shit…

  • @haterzeverywhere

    If you don’t take yourself seriously, who else would? In my opinion, she has to probably take herself even more seriously to combat the abundance of ignorance that surrounds her. Yeah, she’s “just making music”, but people don’t understand how powerful music’s influence is; it’s subliminal and other things. She’s one of the rare artists not making detrimental music, and still penetrating a culture. That’s a deep thing, and a power responsibility. So I think people like her (and Lupe for that matter) have to take what they do so seriously, because they have a social responsibility now to be the influence on the next generation of “out the box” thinkers, who are already subsequently lower than the amount of “kids” in the new generation who aren’t going to have any depth…

  • Lupicc


    B.O.B doing him is his mixtapes
    B.O.B being done by Atlantic is his album

  • Anelka

    D moderator needs to get a new job, this aint cutting it. Kudos to lupe,n co.

  • Anelka

    @moderator, why is d voice so manly? n hair is a mess. This is an epic fail, nuff said.

  • Speaking the truth

    Janelle wants to fuck BOB and Lupe want to fuck Janelle and Estelle want to sniff yellow nigga’s wife’s ass.

  • duke

    Ms monae has her mind right. she gets inspired looking at everyone else get inspired by her own work! man she turns me on with her brilliance. plzzz someone comment if u kno the name of that instrumental playing on the backdrop!! that piano is amazing and when that beat drops maan its riveting!

  • k.b.

    “….black people are not monolithic”…… thank you Janelle……all 4 are dope artists, I copped the Janelle and B.O.B albums last year, I have both of Lupe’s….I grew up in the UK so I know Estelle’s work although I don’t follow her like that.
    Atlantic …. DON’T F**K THIS UP….. you also once had Little Brother and Saigon. Yes the other stuff will sell but there is a group of people out there that will cop quality music as well if you market it right.

  • the One

    Hey Janelle,

    Will you marry me??? lol! Now that is what I call a woman! If you doubt me check out her old pics she has the body to go along with that face….Not to mention her intellect!

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