• hmmm

    Damn Lex Luger gonna be the most overused producer in less than a month

  • hmmm

    dont help when EVERY BEAT SOUNDS THE SAME

  • Word

    Here goes this guy Pill again that you guys keep tryna shove down peoples throats. Does anyone even care about him?

  • James


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  • Black Shady

    Who The Fuck Is Pill??? and Why all these people jumpin on Lex Luger’s beats????

    If your name aint Officer Ross…stay away from those beats please. thanks!

  • Belize


  • obama

    Pill… Wasn’t he gonna be the next big thing… last year? Well at least he’s got a creative and powerful name….

  • YoYoYo

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  • Word


    HA. Now that I notice it, yup, pun intended.

  • Citylivin’

    hey guess what i liked every Pill song put on RR and i like Lex Lugar’s beats…..can’t be mad at his beats when even JAY-Z & KANYE wanted one…….
    ……………………waits for the slander…………………

  • your pusha

    i like lugers beats even tho people say they sound the same but if you listen carefully he always adds different elements to them its just he uses similar baselines, hes 19 and slowly changing the game, but i think Rozay is the only one who brings his beats to life the fullest, his voice and outragious talk blends wel with the beats

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  • The Beat is dope. Reminds me of Soulja Boy’s I’m Boomin. Pill does his thing. Thumbs Up. Can’t lie I listen to Lex Luger songs on RR just to hear how similar they sound.

  • Hip Hop Head

    Pill is actually dope but this shit is TRASH. The Elementary rhyming plus he’s not sayin shit & he’s usin that Tick Tack Toe Flow makes this a throwaway.

    As far as Lex Luger, the young boy is a beast & he’s doin his thing. His beats may have similarities but that’s his sound. Timbo had/has sped up heavy synth pop shit, Neptunes’s tiny futuristic synths, Kanye’s sped up soul samples, all had their sound & are all household names now.


    #HipHopWontEverDie #EVER

  • ALopez

    That Trap Boy lane is DOA.