T-Pain Set To Leak RevolveR

T-Pain’s ready to take matters into his own hands and leak his fourth album, RevolveR. He turned to his Twitter account late last night and offered the explanation below.

Since nobody wants to respect this form of art that you all say we “love” so much, I’m just gonna go ahead and start leakin the album myself tonight. well maybe I shouldn’t rant but everybody was lookin at me strange when I said I didn’t wanna drop my album, it’s not that album sales weren’t doin good for hip hop and rnb, it just felt like no one respected “music” anymore.

You know what, you guys enjoy the post game and I’ll find my own ways to take care of my family. Oh and bty the “I Am T-Pain” Toy Microphone is comin in June (google that). To all the hackers and leakers thanks for showin interest in my music but I feel like I’ve been taken advantage of when I’m just tryin to let ppl know what’s goin on with my music and then you audio highjack it for your own amusement I would have been happier if you would have just waited to get a better quality version of the song but it’s cool its pretty much my fault anyways, so for the most part y’all can suck a fart out of a homeless mans ass.

And to the fans, I know I talk a lot of shit but I’m a cool dude and I wanna say that without y’all and Tallahassee and Akon and Bu and the nappy headz and the team that I have now, I wouldn’t be half the guy I am today so thank you as well. Here we go again YASIMELIKE

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  • Able Danger


  • 92i

    Jay-Z was right! Of course it’s DOA!

  • 92i

    Real music need to coming out==> can’t wait for Saigon CD!

  • DirtMo

    ^^^That about sums up his situation

  • DirtMo

    **The 1st comment

  • King JuggaNott

    Yeah right. That shit is gonna bang. He shouldn’t leak it…fans are spoiled. They think everything should be free.

  • wow

    I love it when soulless music-pimps start crying about how much they care about music.

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  • Cold Blood



  • SweetDeebs

    he means.. he needs to find other ways to feed his absurd iced out liquor bottle chain fetish.

  • NuJew

    Blame Drake, HA!

  • odC

    label will sue him.

  • Your mother’s “Friend”

    Lmao & smh, last kicks of a dying horse

  • HIPhop

    D.O.A!!! llol

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “Rappers came and went, I’ve been here from the start / I seen them put it together, watched them take it apart”–Jay-Z

  • curtis


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  • sean

    You t-paining to much

  • RedRocBoy

    Pain got caught in the crossfire. “Get back to rapping Niggaz T-Paining too much”

  • serpentor

    “enough with the complaining boo-hoos already”

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  • blueprint

    we off that

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  • .

    hov ended his carreer. hands down for the GOAT Jay-Z

  • YoYoYo

    T-Pain you wack. As a recording engineer, the more your voice sounds like T-Pain with the Auto-Tune RTAS Plug-In, the more wack your voice is in reality. All that electronic sounding shit is from all the notes he can’t hit. Auto-Tuned is used by everybody, even Beyonce, its just a way to enhance your voice if your singing, you can hit the right chords, and its just to enhance it, but T-Pain talks like such a fucking idiot. Like he sounds literally retarded when he talks.

  • AnuKiN

    whens the last time you fed the homeless?

  • AnuKiN

    This dude is mad ? whens the last time you gave the homeless? you have no respect for yourself and ppl , your the real bum.

  • Jason D

    WE respect music, not money and autotune you clown

  • Feenixa

    is t-pain serious? why doesnt he realize that no one cares about revolver? autotune is DEAD, so is t-pain’s “career”

  • bjbsa

    idk u guys. ive heard the song with chris brown and I sorta like it

  • hmmm

    feed your family? dude if you can wear iced out liquor bottle chains and coppin Bugattis i’m sure your fam is obese by now GTFOH hypocrite

  • jimedwards

    nobody wants your shitty noise you call “music”

  • Ashin Kusher

    Let’s get back to rap, fuck t-paining too much. DOA.

  • pppccc

    another urban artist catchin feelins over sales….smh

  • d4nkrolla

    how the fuck he gonna talk bout respecting music when he shits his whack ass autotune all over a track..

  • Jinx

    t pain is wacck

  • BLACK777

    @AnuKiN and @ hmmm


  • Left nut swanging

    Half of you are dumb as a brick of cheese…so the sound of his voice takes away from his song writing abilities?This nigga eats songs with super dope concepts…only a retard would say hes wack because of autotune…thats like saying someones wack because they use a vst voice warmer plug in on there verses -_- fuck outta here you dick riders

  • lol fuk jay-z he old as hell and he aint even good, he neva been in my opinion. just his beats were good but he didnt produce them, anyway t-pain is one of the greatest artists right now, u dont like him bkus u think of autotune, but u think just cause he does shit u dont like tht he isnt good, just cuz ur ass dont like him in general doesnt mean other people dont, this album is great, yall are fuckin ignorant and greeedy yall are fuckin girls too i swear ut picky about every song and album, its either great or its trash, stop being fuckin females #SMH

  • bjbsa

    @ left nut- exactly. T-pain is a master of autotune. Others screw it up, but he always sounds good with it in my opinion. and regardless of it, the lyrics to his stuff sound good

  • like seriously its t-pain?? he a cool ass dude, his music not fuckin generic shit u hear all the time now! SMH how can u honestly dislike him, because jay-z made tht gay ass song DOA? fuck JAY DOH Death off HOva he wackk as hell he done fell of yeaaaars agoo. stop dick ridin pain. yall dont kno the other side, yall are fuckin ass holes too. if tht was u makin an album and ur album was gettin leaked and shit yall would feel salty as fuk!

  • and what i mean not generic is, he HAD autotune wayb4 50000 million people started using it. he might not of been the first to use it, but tht was just kinda his thing..

  • i swear none of yall have NO RESPECT for nothing.

  • James B

    U guys are all haters, T-pain is a talented mo fo, and u guys all loved him until your rap god released D.O.A. because u are all mindless sheep. I listen to what I want and not what Hova wants people to listen to. I bet all u guys who have iphones play with the I am T-pain mic, and u bumb his music in All I do is Win, U guys are all mindless sheep who hate on a guy because of Jay-z

  • Real Deal

    ^You think T-Pain is more talented than Jay Z? You should stop listening to music SMH

  • James


  • I.S.A.A.C.

    Now let me say…. i HATE autotune for what it’s done to music lately… but T-Pain is seriously awesome. He writes, produces, and performs all his own stuff plus he can dance and plays multiple instruments. If he were Kesha, or Far East Movement, i’d be pissed at the auotuning but T-Pain creates dope music and makes the choice to sing it himself with computers help instead of giving the melodies to someone else.

    All that said, T-Pain is the ONLY person I like using Autotune because he actually is talented and he uses it the best by far. Support his music, even tho it’s not rap. (he’s an entertaining rapper too)

  • Belize

    Stupid-ass! He sure loves losing money! smh!

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  • tr


  • Michael

    He acts like he makes respectable music.

  • NICK B!

    HAHA YALL HATER YOU NO WHAT YOU ARE $$$$WACK=NOTHING LOL T-pain is a real nigga true and you dumb asses like Jay Z wow people this fuck food shit is going to let you bitches see music T PAIN TY for all the music i love it keep up the hard work ymcm

  • NICK B!

    HAHA YALL HATER YOU NO WHAT YOU ARE $$$$WACK=NOTHING LOL T-pain is a real nigga true and you dumb asses like Jay Z wow people this fuck food shit is going to let you bitches see music T PAIN TY for all the music i love it keep up the hard work ymcm NAPPY BOYYYY

  • T-Pain Iz Great No Matter What U Say Yo bitch Minded Listen To The Bartender N Take Your Shirt Off Or 4 U Turn Your Brain Off

  • DAmn Shame

    Yall niggas trippin with all the jay refrences ol’ bitiin ass nigga. Plus he talkin bout rappers, not singers like T-Pain and his bitch Beyonce who also auto-tunes. I used to hate T-pain…no lie. But listen to Three Ringz and tell me it dont jam. If not then yo ears are really lackin

  • Real Deal

    DOA vs Karaoke u decide