Cory Gunz Reality Show On Hold ?

Cory Gunz’s reality show, Son Of A Gun is set to premiere this April. But it seems things may have already backfired. According to TMZ, MTV and executive producer Nick Cannon were served with a cease and desist from Johnny Fratto, son of mafia boss Louis Fratto. Fratto claims he has a series titled Son Of A Gun in the works and that the MTV trailer used some of his themes. Now that ain’t gangsta.

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  • boston-morgan

    I am extremely bored at the university of massachusetts… thank you RR for keepin’ me entertained during class…. fuck off johnny fratto.

  • Jojooui 212 QUEBEC CITY

    Faggot ass mafia yo overhere in Quebec Canada Montreal thoses faggots wearin 3piece suits and eatin macaroni got shot all the time theyr reign over and pussy hole that how come they claim to be gangster when they move like this yo no more power on the street x cuse me for the comment but this pissed me off icould`nt wait for the Show and now thoses bitchass fucked it up but they always were like that YMCMB i want the show don`t let thoses …………………………….win it

  • What

    Cory Gunz is fucking lame and this show isn’t going to help him anyway. Just forget it dude, you’ll make the same mistake your pops did and end up broke.

  • assasin9

    ^ whaat mistakes did his pops make ?

  • Whitequickness

    Eric the ac-ac-actor

  • coco loco

    i don’t think his pops made any mistakes, at least he not trying to be an old head rappn, she pushing his son.

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  • Cory can’t catch a break

  • John

    Sounds like a front. I think the show was put on hiatus when the majority of people saw commercials for it and said, “Who the fuck is Cory Gunz, and why does he have a show?”

  • @whitequickness

    *Hi 5* for the Stern show reference….(even if he’s “done” with them)

    Fratto’s been having that show in production for yrs. now i heard = no one gives enuff of a shit to pick it up. Cory’s lucky he’s got Nick Cannon’s doofy ass putting $$$ into it. Fucking, just change the name. “Gunning for the Top”/”Top Gun”/Any of that dumb shit MTV could name it.

  • Damn Homie

    “i’m clubbed fuckin footed motherfucker”. lol

    Cory Gunz show is WAY late to capitalize on any buzz that he had going a while back. The dude is just “Twista Lite”.

    The problem with this fast rappin niggas.. is they like a seal balancing a ball on his nose.. we all look for a sec.. like ok cool.. and then move on. Even if he spent a nice line.. 95% of people didn’t catch it cuz it sounds so jumbled together.

    That fast shit works in spurts and in the right moments.. but every verse.. every song.. gets old.. and boring.. nigga gotta flip his flow up.. get some inflection in his voice and shit.

    C&D letter from Fratto ain’t enough to stop the show from airing.. UNLESS what he says is TRUE.

  • ben

    Who? @whitequickness ha! howard stern rules!

  • Lall

    No one wants to watch this boring rapper on some ginny miny liny chiny yiny diny rap shit

  • HollyWood

    Cory Gunz is some shit. He was horrible on the wayne single. Especially with nick cannon running this shit. Epic Fail.

  • Ben

    Best rap artist out hands down!

  • Belize

    I knew it would go nowhere! smh! And if it did it would be wack!

  • This isn’t going to stop Nick Cannon.


    gunz titles stays getting jacked lmao I FUX wit gunz tho!

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