New Mixtape: Consequence Movies On Demand 2

The Internet demanded it and finally Cons follows-up with the second installment of Movies On Demand. You’re just one click away from showtime.

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  • Boney James

    “The internet demanded it…” Righhhhhhhhhht

  • Apparenly the boney cats on RR agree.

    No more Cons. Quit your day job.

    -Brother Starks

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  • JD

    wheres the cudi joint?

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  • Sam I AM

    Honestly if nothing comes out of this, im done with this cat……like for real, just by peeping the cover, I know mad money (or some money period) went into this shit.
    DJ Ill Will & Rockstar? and XXL (snicker – yeah right) Bandcamp, Statik Selektah, and all of those features? And countless Twitter references on top of that?

    Cons definitely went all out for this. For his sake, this better lead to something or he’ll need a better “day job”.

  • Cno

    Why the fuck are you mothafuckas complaining about? Talkin about you are done with him, because of what, nigga?! Cons been putting out qality music. Just enjoy great music! You need anything more?

  • Belize

    Dope! And cool cover!

  • Sam I AM


    Consequence has been inconsistent. Before anything, im not one of those ignorant peeps you may surround yourself with offline and online.I’ll even give “constructive criticism” and if you still want to say its “hate”, you’re an idiot.

    Im listening to the mixtape all the way through (im on track 9 with XV right now). Cons hook game has been pretty wack. He’s been getting buried by the features. I mean actually BURIED. Talib outshined him, XV, Roc Marciano, and Lamar spit better. Cons aint talking about anything really different than other niggas right now. This was a dude I wanted to succeed at first, but the dude is lazy, plain and simple. And its peeps like you that make Rap have a bad name. So quick to gas a nigga up. if you dont even give them criticism, how are they supposed to improve?

    Im on track 10 now. Diggy just buried this nigga and i dont even like Diggy!!! Mac as well, Cons needs to switch his flow up. I suggest you listen to this tape as deeply as I am before you talk out your ass.

  • Sam I AM


    that was pretty obvious. the point was that it was gay. A whole song. Not even a song, a skit, a play, whatever it was. A whole segment devoted to the come-up of Amber Rose with Kanye. if it was Kanye beefing with a dude and Cons was dissing that person on some Beanie Siegal shit, sure i could get with that. But you dissing a chic that doesnt even rap and thats not your chic and you had nothing to do with it? thats wack. the detail he even put into it makes Kanye look like a bitch too like he fell in love with the pussy. Even if thats exactly how it all went down, you dont put your mans business out there like that. This mixtape was wack.

  • rez

    cons is a weird – dough.

  • jRock

    This whole tape is dope, its real music, lets not forget that!
    He is the NEXT UP!
    Been around forever, consistently hot, only a matter of time.
    All you RapRadar ppl always hating, put something out yourselves you faggots, see if you can have half the career!

  • I’ll definitely download this. Cons is talented but like ‘Sam I Am’ stated above, dude has been inconsistent at times. Hopefully, he can get out of Q-Tip & Kanye shadow and shine a bit

  • NY’s Fynest


  • Sully TreD

    MusT Download this whole tape, Wildflower Skit is a riot.

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