Prince & Cee-Lo Go “Crazy” In NYC

Prince’s Back 2 America tour came to a close last night at Madison Square Garden. After opening up the show, Lo returned to the stage to perform “Crazy” alongside Prince. Looks insane.


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  • James


  • IZM

    DAMN. What a combo. In 20 years our kids are gonna look at this shit as if MJ and James Brown were doing concert together.

  • Sad that vids like this most like will garner no other comments besides mine. *Sighs* Niggas focus on the wackest shit just to complain and hate on it. Antagonize on your own time. But when shit like this drops, you gotta give respect where respect is due.

  • Vexed and Glorious

    love me some prince. graffiti bridge was the worse though. he can still get it though.

  • dll32

    damn ceelo sounds great !

  • yhcranA Kid

    If that ain’t sick, if that ain’t cohesion,..nothing is.

  • Belize

    Cee-lo is so dope!

  • LastoftheMohicans


  • Beezy

    What the fuck is up with Prince’s war with the internet? They filed a copyright infringement claim over a YouTube clip already???? Hey Prince! How about joining the 21st fucking century, eh???

  • Great article! gfmniujrhgbj