Common Freestyles At ISU

In celebration of Black History Month, Common was a guest speaker at Illinois State¬†University on Tuesday. After giving his “The Effect of Hip Hop on American Society” presentation, he kicked a few bars for those in attendance. Pay attention.


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    WACK! old man please retire smh.

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    i mean it was ok i guess, he definitely went on for way too long theres always a period when you know you should/could/just stop, and he surpassed it a minute ago. It wasn’t that great, he would have been better off writing something really intriguing

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  • still got it!!!



    well he was more concentrated on throwing in a bunch of references to stuff around ISU ex: street names, resident halls, etc. He’s one of the few rappers today actually qualified to speak on hip-hop in a public forum

  • Pablo Escobar jr

    Common can freestyle for days about nothing

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  • Alex

    He came and talked at my school (University of Minnesota) and did a CRAZY freestyle. I have it on my phone but sadly there is no way to share it!

  • Van

    Stop it Com. Just Stop.

    That shit was horrible.

    If you’re going to spit at a podium a-cappella for Black History Month at least have something positive to say to the people.

    Anything less is uncivilized and kind of makes you look like and idiot.

  • Van

    lol @ and idiot…..go figure.

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  • Belize

    still got it

  • haq

    hahahahahahaha what a phony. stop it u joke. smfh