• He raps like Wiz Khalifa

  • kaz

    Gucci mane ? lmfao gtfo hahah

  • bniz

    This song is so sick, I love the beat. Haters just jealous. Mac is an animal! 🙂

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  • JD

    gucci mane is an embarrassment to rap music. ill give you thousands of gucci mane lines that are the most embarrassing lines ever heard. hes whack and fake as fuck. and those arent only three white rappers around, get your shit strate.

    errol james you need to actually LISTEN before you say shit like that. he doesnt sound anything like wiz…wiz says the same shit in ever song, just switchin up a word here and there. if you listen to other mac songs you might realize the talent this kid is bringing. GUARANTEE he will be the next big thing.

  • @JD I wasn’t talking about his lyrics. I was talking about the way he flows to the beat. it’s exactly like Wiz. Listen to Never Been by Wiz then Listen to this. He rides the beat exactly like Wiz

  • This kid does not ride like wiz, he has muuuucchhh nastier flow. You need ur ears checked fool

  • nice beat though


  • monica

    i love it! can’t wait till the entire mixtape Best Day Ever comes out 3/11/11!!

  • Taylor Gang

    @errol maybe if you knew both of them you would know that wiz khalifa and mac miller went to the same school and are best friends and rap together all the time. 412 for life Taylor Gang
    Mac Miller & Wiz Khalifa >>>>>> Anyone



  • ChronicallyIllmatic

    Mac Miller is one of the most underrated white MC’s in the game. He’s got a chill flow but at the same time, he can raise his tempo and keep up with any beat. K.I.D.S. was an incredible mixtape that’s got a completely unique style that dudes are already trying to reproduce.

  • IIG

    I wish Mac the best, but it will be a cold day in Hell before I’m sitting around a listening to him. I respect his attitude and grind to the utmost though.

  • LiftOff!

    Homie could spit..

  • Belize

    Mac is a respect-demanding emcee, but his delivery makes him come off as wack.
    Sorta like Yela. (And NO this has nothing to do with race!).

  • Commentary

    Haha sickest song by Mac Miller, him and Chris Webby are very underrated white rappers Hope them the best!

  • This nigga is WACK. He’s always been WACK and he will always continue to be WACK…and I wish rappers would STOP naming tracks after ppl. That shit is gettin cliched and wack, jus like Mac: WACK!

  • yaknowjstone


  • Smack Whack Rappers

    Beat is nice but his lyrics are TERRIBLE go and listen to all Mac’s songs and its all the same talking about money, weed, partying and girls. Those who think this is the future of rap are fucked in the head.

  • I’m not even big on Mac Miller but I like this track. Rostrum Records has another star in the stable. The fact that he’s white might give him more marketability.

    @smackWhatRappers I’m sorry you don’t like the future but this is indeed a branch on an ever growing tree.

  • dirt

    the beat is whiteboy awesome

  • yeadat

    Niggas is just jealous white boys be comin’ up on game now.

  • is he some kind of joke?


    yo forreal if u like this nigga, u straight up have no business listenin to hip hop … u faggots wnna talk bout y hip hop is dead … LOOK AT THIS HOMO! fuck mac miller, fuck wiz … grow up homie that weed talk was cool in highschool


  • i said YERR

    lol yo mac miller is the biggest joke ever. dude is terrible y is he on this site?

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  • damn, just post the price on the homepage, bro..cause some new artists still think if they make a hot song or video they could get posted here

  • fall back

    yall motherfuckers are some haters!!

  • Greg

    You people are so stupid mac and wiz use same producer and engineer’s stupid fucks

  • Hip Hop Head

    This song is cool, definitely NOT wack IMO. I respect his grizzy & ima watch n listen to what he drops next.

    @Greg Using the same producer & engineer doesn’t mean shit except the beats they use may have similarities and the technique for recording & mixing MAY be the same but that even changes depending on the song. If Wiz & Mac sound similar (I dont really know cuz im not a fan of either) it wouldn’t have anything to do w/ the Producer(s) or Engineer(s).

    #HipHopWontEverDie #EVER

  • thegoddj

    Rostrum Records is absolutely killin the game. Damn

  • yall niggas hatin are just straight up retarded. With few exceptions (gucci?) almost anyone in the game that puts in work has something to offer, whether or not it meets your personal preferences. I use to skip over tracks/albums cause for someone reason i’d have something against the artist, then I hear it later and its like damn, why didnt i give that album a chance. No room for real hate in hip hop, yall niggas racist and lames.


    MAC MILLER = How sad Hip Hop has become…. all you lil white boys in ur mommy and daddys cars and clothes bumpin this wack as shit about smokin weed, bitches wana suck my dick now but not in high school, and being rich is the reason why real Hip Hop like the Lox, Slaughter House, J cole ect… dont get the recognition they deserve. Still waiting for this fake as mo fucka to drop some REAL content.

  • Rick Breezyyy

    Mac Miller is a Lyrical Aaron Carter. ill slap dude this clown

  • Slipo

    I wish somebody would get in this little boy’s ass…what is he? 5 foot 1?? Mac Miller is probably the only rapper alive that Yung Berg would beat up.

  • macnnn

    damn good

  • Kim

    “Niggas is just jealous white boys be comin’ up on game now.”

    Word, bro

  • I fuckin LOVE Mac :)) He’s bouta take over the world! Can’t wait<33

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  • This kid is straight garbino! Rhymes and flow are 101 type ish. Won’t last long

  • yung a.k.

    mac miller is to fuckin sick

  • listentomac

    I’m sorry to inform all you haters, but Mac Miller is obviously doing something right if he’s gaining fans like he is. Half of you haters don’t even know proper English, Mac is sick and he’s not going anywhere for awhile.

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