Behind The Scenes: Wiz Khalifa “Roll Up”

[vodpod id=Video.5556216&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Here is 30 minutes of footage from the set of Wiz Khalifa’s upcoming video featuring Cassie playing the leading lady. No cameras allowed? Yea right. It’s public. We see you Lyor.

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  • Yup !

    I’ma Cheese Head Yall Niggas Cheese————-{Wiz} !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ha !


  • IQ

    why would u post this

  • Willie_mcfly22

    ^ cuz Wiz is blownin up and becomin relevant…

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  • gdfh

    Expecting a da te on this “Valentine’s Day”? Don’t have any access to find your baby?
    ~~~Blac k’ whi te’ F lir ts. C’ 0- M ~~~The most s uccessful interra cial da t ing c lub. The best p lace to find your swee t “milk” or “chocolate”!

    Go for it !! You will have a da te soon !! 😛

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  • villain

    hide your beacchhh moguls first kanye now diddy wiz keeps true to his word of takin yo beach and smoking with her lol

  • Mr Xclusive

    cassie looks so sexy, and then wiz walks in with his ugly ass smfh, the only reason he’s relevant is because kids these day smoke weed and they support this no talent piece of shit artist!!! fuck the youth!!! (Not me though im clean)

  • Citylivin’

    whoever is behind the camera is a “call the cops.”

  • The Real Pinky XXX

    not bad


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  • illaDeuce

    I thought Lyor runs Warner now, and pop/RnB expert LA reid’s got def jam?

  • Devil

    Wiz = Pop music for hippies.

  • n8o15301

    this nigga wiz think he hollywood….id a talked to the guy in the bushes with the camera liuke ‘hey bro you wann hit dis’…lol this nigga actin all bougy….this is what lame niggaz do when dey blow…id be there talkin shit ..hittin on bitches with full heads of hair…and i wouldnt have a ugly ass skunk taill or a duck bitch…and my song would be harder….n8o….im that niga 4real

  • Black Shady

    33 minutes???? awww hell nah

  • Black Shady

    and damn you diddy!!! Money can get you anything….Cassie is diddy’s property lol lucky fucka

    and LOL Wiz is one funny looking motherfuckaaaaaa

  • James


  • Delan Stone

    The guy behind the camera was very annoying and arrogant. Where is Kanye When you need him?

  • Belize

    Half an hour?? Just watched the first bit, and it was more comedy than anything.

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  • Rafelito

    Can we stop talking about Wiz Khalifa? He’s turned commercial already so let’s stop

  • United States

    his buzz is getting crazy packers slowed it down a little tho

  • Alfie

    Can this guy talk about anything but weed?

  • PRkid

    Any one noticed that whoever recorded this,or edited the video,spelled ‘Cassie’ wrong?