• lil wayne

    wow i just realized how bad i was on this song smh!

  • Started listening to this. Closed the page and went back to Lil B’s Myspace collection at about the 20 second mark. Just drop C4 Weezy

  • N0t fuCk!ng @rounD

    this fucking loser has no buzz so he jumps on wiz’s shit now this? he cant use the i flip rappers beats excuse for this one, he just dick riding hot songs for buzz, piece of shit im losing more respect for this dude, c4 will bomb, get it?

  • Donn

    Still one of the Top 10 most relevant rappers out

  • at least his voice sounds regular here

  • DeLaFasa

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7V0dQAjLHI check my song out brooklyn’s own DeLaFasa

  • haq

    that crackhead was lost at birth and is still missin’.

  • dmc

    wick-wick-wack! lil wayne=WHORE

  • Jojooui 212 QUEBEC CITY

    ok i use to Swear by the man yo the jail not supposed to hurt brotha like that it`s a shame common Weezy the Byg Jay-z is after ya stop make us look stupid i got a full compilation of ya tracks on my f…..g machine

  • Belize loves Eminems

    lol wayne just drop c4 thanks

  • reallyb


  • fuk waka

    just fukin 16 bars???????????????? SMH i was hopeing for a FULL remix!!!
    whats the point of this

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  • Ozzyosman

    Heard this was the OFFICIAL Remix

  • puerto-black

    bruno mars is the shit.

  • Doe Money

    This is the kinda shit that you typically see on R&B Radar. Stupid wack…

  • lol

    Wayne the greatest of all time bitchez

  • Product of Chicago

    Dope remix intro verse…Wayne’s bars have been up since he came out the joint…he murked 6’7, he murked Fire Flame remix, that Chris Brown joint…Hustle Hard he blew to pieces…and came nice on this…C4 should be a problem

  • Itz Yourz

    Jump off Noahs Ark for a chick?…shhhiittt I dont think so…that bitch can swim she bound to drizin.

    Its a cool verse. Bruno didnt really need it. The song go hard itself. But you must admit wayne is improving.

  • cockblocker3000

    weezy killed it!!!! bruno mars sucking my dick!

  • Belize

    After hearing this maybe Bruno WANTS to go to jail.

  • Connor

    If it was the full song weezy wud of gone in no doubt

  • IIG

    Wayne hasn’t been the same lyrically since getting out of prison. Unfortunately the leaches in his inner circle wouldn’t dare tell him that. Cory Gunz murked him on “6’7”, “Green and Yellow” was weak, and this shit sucks. Step it up.

  • roger

    the remix is mutch better, unsigned rapper :

  • Cj

    35 sec verse how weak… go hard or go home.

  • HollyWood

    I’m a huge weezy fan. But this was pretty bad. Bruno Mars is like a young Mike Jack.

  • Word

    At least his voice was tolerable. His bars was weak as shit though. Only Waynes martians/stans gonna like this one. Wayne always remix the hottest songs out, but I just realized how smart yet pathetic that is. Its smart because it’ll bring you notice for jumping on a hot song, especially if you kill it. But then its pathetic cuz, imean why do you have to ride the buzz of another artist song? 6’7 was kinda hot at first but I stopped hearing that shit after the second week it was out. Come on Wayne, just drop C4, drop your No Ceilings A.K.A “Hop On Everybodys Beats Mixtape”, then drop C5, Wash, Rinse, Repeat. This dude is a hardworker I give him that though. But hes HIGHLY predictable

    *Goes back to bumping C2*

  • Black Shady

    shame people support this nigga like that, but wont cop a bangin album such as HFM2


  • Your mom

    “After hearing this maybe Bruno WANTS to go to jail.”

  • show dem how to do it wayne


  • wayne killed that track…the lyrics were on point to this epic song! both are great…this dude is definitely slept on

  • this is super gay he didnt even rap ! go talk to wiz khalifa then rap nigge

  • Cosign @IIG

  • Real tlk
  • B

    He still kissed baby in the mouth homo’s. Explain that. Oh, I’m a hater for speaking reality.

  • Belize

    ^Are you in the black mafia?Didnt think so!

  • blackk

    wayne u my dawg. u keep doing ur dang. u sound gud n yo othr rapss.

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  • ihatehater

    I really hate haters smh

  • Kong

    Damn man I was hoping hed be able to keep me interested until C4 but its not gonna happen like this. Bout to stop checkin for dude- never thought Id say THAT 3 years ago.

  • This track outcold

  • Bit** a** ni66a. bad is ur dad trynna bang ur mama nd made the sh*t that is u

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