Chris Brown Performs On SNL

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Last night, Chris Brown was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. Above he danced his way on to the stage with “Yeah 3x”. After the jump, Breezy brought the rhythm and blues with “No Bullshit”.

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  • Shorty

    Yas!! bout time
    Luved No BS done live with a band

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  • assasin9

    he killed it in both performances – nice to see him doin one with the dancing and one just singing – rooting for the kid.

  • tr

    Hip-hop has been hurting in dance talent (well choreographed dance, not made up bullshit dance routines) since Mya and Aaliyah left the scene.

  • BeastMonster

    ^”Left the scene” is probably the nicest euphemism for “incinerated in a bloody plane crash” Ive ever heard.

  • DJAR

    breezy be killin that shit..
    he better than most rappers, better than all rnb cats and can dance like crazy….TEAMBREEZY

  • lioness

    yesssssssss……..breezy is that dude. killed both performances… POW

  • Ice Cold

    @big homie

    Yo, y’all should add those 2 guys on SNL video that impersonated lil Wayne and
    Eminem lol funny ish

  • Belize

    Not rap.
    @Ice Cold: Do you have a link or something?

  • That boy good. The Lil Wayne & Em sketch is on World Star

  • Belize

    @Errol James: thanks, haha that shit was funny!

  • Donn

    LMFAO I saw the Em & Wayne sketch, that shit was hilarious. Cus Eminem do be talking about killing and murdering bitches lol. That nigga said KNIFE lol

    Anyway, Breezy killed that shit. Yeah 3x is my shit and No BS kinda sucked cus he couldn’t say Bullshit

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  • James


  • go chris


  • Lukas

  • Lukas

  • Your Mom Gave Me The Booty.

    Performance was great.
    But homie wearing Sketcher shape-ups no bueno.

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