• Donn

    Who is this guy, he reminds me of James Blunt or Jason Mraz

    This is really dope!!! Thanks RapRadar for posting this, i need this on my iPod

  • Long balls Larry

    Wow, this is great!

  • Belize

    Pretty good! Except for Swizz.

  • Instinct

    @Belize What dju mean apart from Swizz, I dnt notice him on the track nd if u mean production wise its a nice laid back beat

  • hmmm

    this is nice…but what did swizz do to it…snap his fingers to the track?

  • N0t fuCk!ng @rounD

    attention gas station attendant on crack, yo ass look like you 55-60 and you skinnier then eminem, I’m 25, i could kill you and get out younger then you are now, so shut those fucking chapped ashy lips before you looking at ma ankles bitch.

  • bob

    shit was dopppee!


    @notfuckingaround Hit a blunt!

  • Itsfarfromover1

    Sounds good. Glad Swizz didn’t talk over it

    Lmao @ymcmb forreal dude needs to take a shot or something

  • Ben

    Pretty dope! dude up top need help!

  • @hmmm

    Cosign. I’m lost. Swizz had NOTHING to do with this, unless it’s his artist, and he STILL didn’t have anything to do with it, so y say “feat. Swizz Beatz?”

  • the One

    @[email protected]
    Sure he had something to do with it! He let the kid record in his studio and then said now I produced it! lol!

  • dll32


  • concerned

    This nigga on crack

  • Great article! niouwhgfd

  • Jonesy

    You’re trying to break this down too much. Song is great, Swiss is now representing and now we get to enjoy unique and new music by a great artist. Wins all around.

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  • solomon

    hi it is jamie colin and solomon smith