New Music: Short Dawg x Lil Wayne “Money In My Pocket (Remix)”

Here’s something new from Short Dawg off the upcoming new mixtape, The Official Young Money All Star Weekend 2K11, which is hosted by DJ Drama and Dirty Yella. This one features, what sounds like, a new verse from Mr. Carter. Don’t wait until the weekend to bump this.

dirty yella

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  • Belize loves Eminems

    FIRE !

  • hghfgjfj


  • DamnDudeReally?

    Its getting really hard to stay interested in Lil Wayne. Like I want to see him improve for the Carter 4, but I just cant find a way to like this shit. And theres been way too many wack songs in a row.

  • Amaya

    you guy’s like Weezy’s verse?

  • Belize loves Eminems

    @amaya it was ok

  • DamnDudeReally?

    Not at all. Usually I can at least count on him for a decent punchline or 2, but this is like verbal sleepwalking.

  • ZoomZoom


  • haseeb

    idk why haters LOVE to hate Lil Wayne?…. you guys expect him to put the greatest rhymes together in the world every record because thats what your used to. If eminem didnt “kill” a track, no em haters would start writing negative comments about it. Give weezy a break, hes only human…

  • syllables

    lil coochie sayn the same thing over nd over in his corny voice

  • Thumbs up. Short Dawg > Lil Wayne on this track

  • DamnDudeReally?


    Im gonna assume youre referring to me. How could it possibly be hating to call a weak verse over a weak beat…. weak? Im here because Im STILL trying to give Lil Wayne a shot, 3 garbage albums after the disappointing Carter 3- as far as Im concerned thats basically the opposite of a hater.

    And for the record, Im not much of an Eminem fan either- its kind of repetitive hearing him scream multi-syllable halfway-corny punchlines about the world mistreating him on every track.

  • Donn

    Damn, i didn’t expect Short Dawg to go in but he did. I wouldn’t bump this cus i heard better but honestly Wayne’s formula is efficient
    He gives you SOOOOO many verses and songs to choose from that if he doesn’t come hard on one, you got a ton of others to choose from. That’s why Wayne is still relevant.
    So far Fire Flame, Welcome To My Hood, Green & Yellow, 6’7, Look At Me Now, Roman’s Revenge 2,0 & Can A Drummer Get Some have been his SCORES.
    Hmmm, u do the math, a couple out of like 7 is a win in my book

  • assasin9

    not a fan of short dawg — not sure what he brings differently to the table as far as young money is concerned (could be replaced with twist or chucky on this track) – but he did his thing on this.

  • haseeb

    well i wasnt talking about you specifically but the other 90% of wayne comments which are haters. And i admit, IANAHB and rebirth werent the greatest. But no one ever talks about how Relapse wasnt all that great as it could have been. Im just saying that people are so quick on hating Wayne, almost as if its their day job

  • i distrust camels

    garbage .. like everything wayne did his whole fuckin´ life

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  • IZM

    What scores, exactly? I mean u pretty much just listed every wack song hes done since he got out of jail. Ill give him 6’7” cuz other people seem to like it, and Green and Yellow was pretty good, but the rest of that shit was nothing at all above average.

  • IZM


  • Mac Attack

    Short Dawg – Really Wayne? Quality over quantity please.. Weezy is in danger of over saturating the market..

  • Donn

    Lol @ IZM
    To each it’s own, i disagree with u on that. If u have to give him 6’7 then its obvious u just don’t like him

  • DanielMena9

    Weezy’s verse was sick what are you guys talking about?
    “I step in this bitch Lila a gamma. Get a camera”

  • Belize

    This isn’t good, maybe a club-banger, but this ain’t rap.

  • IZM


    Im a fan of Lil Wayne when he works up to his potential. Green and Yellow was close, and it was good to see dude actually spit again. Unfortunately, as far as Im concerned, 6’7” was completely pathetic. After sifting through the insanely overused punchlines (5-6 jokes each about eating good, fucking the world, chasing paper, etc.), the worlds most annoying beat, and the worst hook ever sampled, youre left with incredible lines like…. “Lil Tunechi or young tunafish”? “Swagger down pat, call my shit Patricia”? I mean anybody that actually thinks that shit is clever probably failed kindergarten.

    So far, the (weakish) Carter 3 is looking better than the Carter 4 based on that song alone, cuz even the Carter 3 didnt have a single track that bad.

  • God in the Building

    Dope shit…some of y’all got to understand a lot of these haters are lil jaded internet geeks, they won’t really know anything about a banging southern banger like this because they’re usually corny white geeks or 30 year olds that can’t enjoy anything but Wu tang or some shit…so they sit around hating on fun, banging tracks like this one grading it like it’s a college entrance exam essay or something..these are the type of nerds that wouldn’t understand the appeal of a UGK record

  • God in the Building

    and 6’7 is bananas are these geeks serious? Basically, these dudes aren’t in tuned with the real word, just let them keep crying on the internet while Wayne and YM keeps running the game

  • Donn

    Yea but u know what u just did, u took 2 lines out of like 3 verses that you thought were not up to par but there were tooooooooooooons of hard lines in that song.

    Girl shake that ass like a donkey with parkisons??…-Eminem

    See what i did, i took one line out of a bunch of other hard ass lines and metaphors and used it to discredit an artist.

    Face it, u just don’t like Lil Wayne if u say Green & Yellow is better than 6’7 lol

  • IZM

    Not an Eminem fan, dont bother trying to bait me with stupid shit like that. I just explained my perspective on Lil Wayne, and I could just as easily make the assumption that u dont like lyrics if u prefer 6’7” over Green and Yellow. Why act like u know my musical taste better than I do?

    Please, go ahead and repeat those “tooooooooooooons of hard lines” from 6’7”. And do me a favor, try to cut out the ones hes already said a hundred times before.

  • Donn

    Not being an Eminem fans ends this conversation lol

  • IZM

    lol @Donn

    Couldnt find a single hot line, could u? Yea thats what I thought.


    Fire!! We the business hundred million dollar!


    Women of my dream i dont sleep so i cant find her-Got through that sentence(jail sentence) like a subject and a predicate-If these niggas animal ima have a mink soon-I speak the truth but i guess thats a foregion language to yall-List goes on and on hater!

  • Ummmm, the song is nice. I don’t consider myself a fan of this type of Hip Hop but I understand those who do. I have nothing bad to say about the record and I can assume it will be a decent mixtape. BTW – Derek Rose is spelled incorrectly, good thing all mixtapes are released digitally now. Its Derrick Rose. Yes I’m a college educated geek @God In The Building, not 30 yet, not even close, but none of that matters. We need U-N-I-T-Y in Hip Hop, Old Skool needs to learn to LOVE the Nu Fools (you Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman, Waka Flocka, Young Money Fans).

  • Black Shady

    Garbage!!!!! they got “baby” moneyyyyyyy

    SHADY 2011!

  • Backpackrap

    I think weezy has us exactly where he wants us. Just like jay. He could say anything over any beat and most of the hiphop world will support it. It’s not a bad thing but Wayne better step it up for the Carter 4.

  • Belize

    @Donn: Gotta co-sign for once, Gayne is gay overrated trash. Even you, a pop fan, could most likely write & rap better than him.

  • gg

    Wayne killlled this

    The eminem fans on here have hatred for him smh

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  • Jaymulah

    ayy weezy went hard…,. young mulah..

  • ppcli

    Swagger down PAT, call my shit PATRICIA, youn money militia.
    I think this line is hard. Aint patricia’s the ones that have taken the panjwi district over and over again from taliban in Afghanistan.

  • this shit go hard