Rick Ross Covers RESPECT.

Don’t act like I never told you. YN? Rozay? It had to happen. This excellent issue drops March 1. I’m back like I left something. I love this rap game. Happy V-Day.

RESPECT. The Architect. Ha!

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  • King

    Lost all respect for this site…

    you dick ridin faggots…

  • this is what had your yellow ass all excited? fuck outta here you dick riding nigga

  • Mr. G

    Rozay!!!! Take that take that!

  • King

    one more thing our culture?

    what do u expect from a nigga who dissed 2pac after he was dead…

    yo magazine thinner then a book of Zig-Zags u not getting no advertisements…

  • King

    @ SargeWP

    yea co sign homie like this is some sort of work of art… it says what you stand for when you listen to a fraud exploting real niggas who have lived this life and know this shit ain’t sweet… Ross grew up in the burbs and his mom’s is a had $$$ he went to a university and major in Law… work as a C.O and got fired for conducting cavity searches off hours…

    and a great like 2pac… or try to shit on 50 or the real rick ross.

    Gunplay got knocked out again did u post that?

    Notice how every rapper who fucks with ross went to jail or caught a case… T.I,,Wayne,baby,gucci,waka,yo gotti,etc.

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  • OffYaSelf

    man f’real how you gon be on rick sauce nuts like that. smh mang too much ross dick riding on this site aint even like hes half dope. fuck i wish reall nigga rap would come back

  • still best rite now!!

    how poetic…on V-day! RapRadar luvs them sum Rozay! lmao

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  • NIICE Good ideas ! xxxx

  • Cno

    seriously you put rick ross on cover?

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  • Belize loves Eminems

    @Big Homie lmaooo

    bawse !!

  • GeoffieTheKid

    Damn, people are crying real tears. Guess RESPECT is doing something right!

  • Black Shady

    Fuck Maybach Music. Trying to come at the REAL BOSS aka Shady. Fuck outta here Rozay u dont deserve a reply

    SHADY 2011

  • Yo YN…you going to do a RESPECT 40 or a RESPECT 30 under 30…being how The Source isnt credible as much anymore, and Billboards 30 under 30 has litterally NO credible hip-hop figures…really anxious to see how Mrs. YN approaches that as head of Billboard…

    God Bless print media….

  • Hoodieonsmash

    Yn you yellah nigga awe damn swag swag you can fuck my bitch

  • Money mitch

    Dude in the gif looks like hes skeetin in Ross face

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  • assasin9



    Dope! kanye shrug classic! When did biggie grow a beard???

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Watch William get a Accommodation from Miami P.D. for this accomplishment.

  • ELZ


  • haq

    Respect? 4 what? Bein’ a big fat fag?

  • Belize

    @YN: Your corny dick-riding get really old, yellow one.

  • James


  • Digg

    Ross deserves every prop he’s getting that nigga worked hard for all of it. If you a real hustla am sure u can appreciate that..Don’t hate on his success.

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  • Thank Me Hater

    Is anyone else wondering how Rick Ross actually fit on this cover

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  • rocstar

    dope cover. props

  • gdfhn

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  • cbaxter

    how is he on top?? just saying…dudes worth like 10 mil that aint on top he’s just getting lucky at the moment…plus he’s been in the game for like 7 years not even close too the big dogs in the rap game

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  • Ice Cold

    Ricky Sauce!!!! jk….congrats Ross, keep up the work


    Seems like every area of hip-hop ran by sucks an wanna b’s

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    That cover is Horrible…Worst pic I’ve seen of Ross in a while. Dammmm I thought RESPECT was focused on great photography.

  • truth


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  • Yooo

    Fat bastard looks like Bowser

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  • Damn, mad people hate Ross. lol.

  • High School Hoola Hoop



    Nigga we fuckin get it. You love the police and they paying you to keep hip hops biggest cop in circulation. Now go ask the officer if you can remove his sack from your mouth and if you can get yours back. Get this shit the fuck outta here.

  • Belize

    “Fat bastard looks like Bowser”

  • @Black Shady: stop dreamin…your boy ain’t a boss, he has no respect & street cred

  • James


  • Ashin Kusher

    Whether or not he deserves to be on the cover or be titled as ‘on top of the game’, one things for sure…this cover is awful. That picture? I mean what were you thinking? Its the worst picture I’ve seen on a cover of almost any magazine.

  • MoOo

    ROZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • B

    This is not hip hop the rules have been broken by lame fans who don’t know the game and don’t have the ability to critique a nice M.C>

    Rick who ever he is this week was a C.O.. If you know hip hop authentic was mandatory to being in the game

    2nd. Even if he was not a cop his rap skills are mediocre at best . He just has nice beats.

    3rd. The biggest insult is after it was revealed he was a fraud he had the nerve to keep acting like he was the biggest drug dealer of all time.

    4th If you a fan you must not of been through anything or you just new to this because any black person that’s been in the hood know how the police get down and most blacks don’t like the police. As a matter of fact they look at the police as the enemy. So think about it, the last thing you would ever expect in the rap game is a cop talking about being a drug dealer. I’m not even a criminal or a thug. But up north your in urban areas by default and I have be dragged out my car and searched. They don’t find anything and just keep it moving. I have been locked up falsely for 2 days and I was innocent. The cops terrorize black neighborhoods if you didn’t know. It was normal were I come from. So I don’t know maybe y’all just computer gangsters or something or don’t know hip hop because I could never accept this dude even if he wasn’t a cop because he funny style. He think he cool cause he got doe and most equate doe with being skillful or legit. In reality he’s an act, a fraud, a phony. He lucky the fans today like anybody with money. Cause the skinny jeans, kissing dudes, funny voice gremlin nigg-s, and Drakes soft a– wouldn’t have chance if the fans weren’t so disconnect to whats real, and disregard lyricism and content .



  • 🙂 thanks

  • MinajBangher!

    Waste of film and ink on a FRAUD ass motherfucker!Im really looking to bounce off this site based on how bad you motherfuckers ride a WACK motherfuckers nuts!YN,B.DOT,you need to pull this bitches skirt up and expose him for the fraud he is just to give Hip Hop her life back from all these frauds leaching off her soul….Your supposed to be some sort of journalists right?????Then do YOUR job and get the real facts on this FRAUD!!!!Expose him for who he really is.I don’t hate on people getting money but,this dude has earned money telling lies on a constant basis.We as FANS of your site are tired of you riding with the WACK!!!!

  • B

    @MinajBangher! He can’t do it because he gotta stay politically correct in order to keep his industry connects. Plus if he tell the truth then he a hater.Then he might be threatened and black balled by people with power and money. Then that might mess up his come up. That’s why everybody don’t like Joe Budden cause of his mouth. He always sayin who wack or whats really on his mind which causes controversy and makes heads wanna get violent. Since Budden down with Shady he might not be as vocal in the future.

  • Word

    Who still reads magazines?



    LOVE ROSS.. Well deserved cover.. He is the hottest thing right now.. Clearly yall don’t go to the club or listen to the DJs on HOT97. RR got it right with this cover.

  • your pusha

    rozay most definately on top of the rap game right now, no one is bringing more hits currently, anyway whether he is on top or not i will always listen to his music

  • Coolin

    Why do people say he’s on top? Is it just because that’s what HE says? Because the numbers don’t prove it…and I don’t see him performing or being nominated for shit. His most recent album JUST went gold (I believe), The biggest hit on the album PEAKED at #30 on billboard…and what are all these “hits” he’s bringing? BMF was a summer anthem, and Aston Martin Music has made some noise, but really where are the rest of these “hits”?

    Are people really saying he’s on top of Jay, Em, and Kanye? Stop and think about it people…you’ve been had.

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  • I wish he woulda beefed with the 02-04 50 Cent.. or the 05-06 Game.. shit even the 98-00′ DMX… FAT MAFUKKA WOULDA GOT ATE! Point being, not hating on this guy, doing it big right now wtih the beats and consistant flow, but plain and simple, niggas LIVING A DAMN LIE! Be serious we know to be in this game u gotta keep it 100 or niggas wont respect u, but one thing they respect is money.. and I thnk he lying about that too! He still owe the real Rick Ross money and shit.. let alone nigga has yet to go platinum! We dont respect fraud ass niggas like this in Detroit

  • syllables

    LOL ross is top 3 most commercial rappers in the game with drake and wayne and u wont ever see ross up for a grammy nomintation and u should never see a cop on the cover of sumtin that says respect elliot wilson u r a dumb kike

  • KingSah

    i said it before and i’ll keep saying ross is fuckin garbage!

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  • yn must love controversy, it fuels this site.
    you are empowering him when you question his motives.
    its real simple.

    post shit to piss people off. and get results…..we still here aint we? and they BEEN put his last wack shit over recovery.

    thats why YOU are the minority ross lovers. bc in THE REAL WORLD ….this pig is a joke. he LIED straight up about it.

    so chalk this shit up to “you know they be doing stuff with pictures on the internet”

    point blank….his album barely gold, not reaching platinum no time soon….thats not boss shit.

    and if you think SHADY aint a boss, you better check the stats for most records sold of hip hop albums in history…..he has the two top spots. no one but 50 has even come close in the ten /11 years since they dropped.

    im saying tho. learn from egypt. if you talk loud enough CLEARLY mutherfuckers will move out the way. KEEP UP THE HATE YALL FUCK THIS TREASON ON THE RAP GAME!

    so when the pig comes to YOUR town…..better give em the fallujah treatment.

    *DEAD (*O*)

  • William Leonard Roberts II (born January 28, 1976), better known by Officer Ricky (seen on album covers as Rick Ro$$), is an American rapper and former Miami correctional officer. His stage name is derived from the name of drug trafficker “Freeway” Ricky Ross, to whom he has no connection. Officer Ricky has also founded his own record label named Maybach Music Group which he will be releasing his next album Deeper Than Rap on.

    Officer Ricky was born in Coahoma County, Mississippi and raised in Carol City, Florida, of Miami. After graduating from Carol City Senior High School, he later attended the historically black college Albany State University in Albany, Georgia. Although he tried to cover it up, from December 1995 to June 1997 he worked as a correctional officer at the South Florida Reception Center. During his employment he received an award for perfect attendance. After his CO career, he eventually signed a deal with Slip-n-Slide Records, which has been under the Def Jam umbrella since 2006. While signed to Slip-n-Slide, Ross toured with fellow rapper Trick Daddy and made guest performances on other Slip-n-Slide rap albums.

    In January, 2009 Officer Ricky started an unprovoked attack on 50 Cent. Attacking 50 Cent on his new “Mafia Music” track, Ross stated “Curtis Jackson baby mama, I aint askin for a cent, Burn the house down, gotta buy another, don’t forget the gas can”” 50 Cent has responded by revealing many details of Ross’ embarrassing past as well as releasing numerous diss tracks and cartoons making fun of Ross’ fraudulent image. Currently there are no confirmed reports of what Officer Ricky plans to do in his future, but it has been frequently rumored that he will return to Miami as a correctional officer in order to pay off for his leased 1995 Chevy Tahoe.

  • James


  • Donn

    Hahaha, Grammys? Numbers?
    So those matter all of a sudden cus we’re talking about an artist you DONT like but if we brought up Joe Budden, Slaughterhouse, Cole, Distant Relatives, etc etc and brought up Billboard Hits, sales, certifications, you would say they don’t matter cus it’s about the music and blah blah blah

    Stop crying bout shit you can’t change. Ross been out for how long now and stil going strong. Hate it or love it the underdogs on top….

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    ROSS has the charisma that none of the actual artists has. I know it’s stupid to compare him to Biggie, but truth is that he really bring that thing that remind me of him. Wether you like him or not, he’s a great artist…. But still. I don’t like that cover.

  • Don Willi

    You cats gotta give YN some credit on this. This is A BILLION times better than Waka Flocka.

  • i think rick ross deserve this he have a big 2010 and making big moves in 2011!!!!!!! #mabuenoqueehasiii

  • cmon now, charisma?
    the guy couldnt flow more than 16 bars @ 90bpm if his life depended on it.

    all you broke mutherfuckers CAUGHT UP. you have nothing so when you see a knicka wit something you congradulate a “hustla”

    dude aint hustlin a thang except a wack flow. its an insult to compare him to biggie.

    you should be slapped. just like the bitch you are.

    and the underdogs on top? bitch thats a fifty line….always trying to be somebody else

    swagger jackin at its finest? eh?

    dawg. he gonna get ate the fuck up on the mainstream stage…..the big dawgs wont let him off the porch

  • To the dumbass that said 50 was killing Ross then Puff came and made Ross cool again… the fuck are you on?? 50 was “killing” Ross, if that’s what you wanna call what 50 does to rappers i.e. makes stupid joke videos about a rapper on boobootv and makes a diss song that doesnt actually diss the rapper, and then talks for 2 minutes at the end of his song and thats when he gets to dissing. 50 is honestly THEEEE WORST rapper in a battle… why? cause he doesn’t diss anyone with his raps, he just talks for 5 minutes after the songs done or talks on the radio or talks on thisis50tv. If he does diss someone with a bar or two, it’s the weakest bars to ever be in a battle, BowWow and Soulja Boy went harder than 50 with their battle bars.

    Anyway, Ross shitted on 50 out of nowhere, and then held his own with record sales, and then worked the internet with quality music. and that’s how Ross turned shit around and started killing Fif. You can’t kill 50’s career cause as long as you’re rich you’re made, but you can help make a mothafucka musically irrelevant, like 50 is, and make yourself more successful and relevant like Ross is. AFTER THAT Diddy got with him, Diddy didn’t make Ross cool, if anything Ross has made Diddy a little cooler.

  • And Teflon Don > Recovery, eat dick stans. Eminem had some of the best verses ever, BUT THATS IT. We’re talking music, and Recovery had some watered down pop shit, mixed with some strong verses whack hook shit. The album just wasn’t that cohesive unit where every song belongs with each other, And dont act like it didn’t have its fair share of skippables. Easy with the Ross hate, the underdog’s on top, he had an incredible 2010.

  • reallyb

    rozay stay winning

  • hold up

    And Teflon Don > Recovery, eat dick stans. Eminem had some of the best verses ever, BUT THATS IT. We’re talking music, and Recovery had some watered down pop shit, mixed with some strong verses whack hook shit. The album just wasn’t that cohesive unit where every song belongs with each other, And dont act like it didn’t have its fair share of skippables. Easy with the Ross hate, the underdog’s on top, he had an incredible 2010.


    first off go listen to FLY AWAY…yeah the full version leaked. he shits on your boy ALL DAY LONG.
    recovery will go diamond before your boys shit goes double platinum.

    fyi your blackness is showing toby

    im all for gutter tales and kings of the projects but cmon man HE AINT RICK ROSS. he a wannabe
    you must like your black lacquer bedroom set too much you need to get out the house more.

    even the fags are buying recovery… no question you hate the white boy for coming back and taking over with his POP tracks. thats because they are POPULAR you fucking idiot.

    really? you love mariah that much? get off that maybach shit cuz we both know you think its hot cuz you never seen one before.

    50 called it out THE TRUTH about the pig and CLOWNED william roberts…and musically irrelevant? ha how about culturally insensitive! it kills me to see these “bloggers’ with so much love for 12 BEATS on a record….thats it!!!!!! thats all this is you mutherfuckers must think lex luger puts crack in that SAME drum roll.

    Recovery is a strong record thats why it was nomintaed for album of the year shit head, oh wait thats right fatty po po aint got that kinda cred does he?

    when the shit hits the fan and dude is put on blast you gonna wish you didnt doubt marshall bc every last one of these REAL cats out here know he got no chance in hell ever winning a battle , unless its who can rip the cupcakes out the plastic the fastest

    peace homie this aint hate its your intervention

  • william roberts

    ^ he got a point…………………searches the fridge for more snacks

  • Love it. Lot of people mad for no reason out there…. Ross makes good music. Ross good in Miami… We fuxs wit him.

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  • swag it out! haha nah this is pretty cool though