Eminem & Lil Wayne Headlining Bonnaroo

The full line-up for the Bonnaroo 2011 Music & Arts festival has just been announced and headlining the annual event are two of Hip Hop’s biggest acts: Eminem and Lil Wayne. It all goes down June 9-12 in Manchester, Tennessee, but tickets go on sale at noon on February 19. Other acts included: Big Boi, J.Cole, and Wiz Khalifa. Peep the full line-up and cop tickets here.

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  • lol just thinking about how terrible em’s grammy performance was

  • hghfgjfj

    Lil Wayne Performace >>>>>>>>>>> Eminem Performace

    Lil Wayne + Eminem >>>>>>>>>> Kanye + Jay

  • Word

    These two must be BFFs now huh? Imean, I really really wonder what they conversations be like. Wayne smokes hella weed, and Em has been sober for years. Wayne is from the south, Em is from the North. They content different. Em is 10 years older than dude. How do they coexist? Im just askin cuz I been wondering for a year now how these two even managed to link up.

  • blazen

    I live 3 hours away… can’t wait for the Roo!!!

  • Eminem is the headliner. No offense to lil wayne or RR but if you look at Bonnaroo.com Eminem is the first artist mentioned. Lil Wayne is the 7th.

  • Nucky Thompson

    Not worth mentioning that Big Boi is gonna be there too? I mean theres no real headliners at Bonnaroo, just a list of performers, why leave him off?

    But honestly, the last good Roo was in 07. Before MTV fucked it up.

  • You Mad

    Yayyyyyy Wayneeee

  • Soulja hurricane cris

    Fuk thez nigaer and crakers

  • still best rite now!!

    J Cole & Wiz Khalifa too…nice!

  • Ice Cold

    Niiiiice Weezy & Shady

  • Nucky Thompson

    @still best rite now!!

    Shit good call man- I didnt see the extended list. Atmosphere, J. Cole, Ratatat, Wiz Khalifa and Chiddy Bang… damn somehow they sucker me into going every year anyway lol

  • Black Shady

    a YMCMB/SHADY collabo? aight no hate from me in this thread

    SHADY 2011

  • Donn

    See i told y’all, Wayne & Eminem cool but y’all always trynna put them against one another. Just enjoy the music and watch these guys win. They both putting together their dynasties and helping propell Hip Hop further

  • @Black Shady and Donn

    Actually this article is misleading. There have been no official plans for them to be on the same stage or do the show together, they just both happen to be performing at Bonnaroo. Not saying it wont happen, and Im sure most of us would like to see it if it does. But dont start making plans or reading too much into it; theres been no indication from anybody that they actually plan on doing a joint show.

  • Able Danger

    Ha move over jambands hiphop in da farm house.

  • Bangers N Mash

    Eminem the headliner. Wayne about 6 spots behind.

  • Belize loves Eminems

    thats a good look

    but wayne’s stage performance >>>eminem’s lol

  • Ben

    50 is gonna dis Dre??? I wonder what will come of this…..Damn you twitter!

  • em

    eminems perfomance at the grammys was hella hard, what u talking about wayne asnt ever perforned infront of 90 thousand fans. eminem,s stage performance, waynes stage performance. but the both gonna kill it.

  • dani

    i been wanting to go to bonnaroo for years…
    this the perfect year to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • em

    Eminem just lost best international album to arcade fire, who are they.

  • Ben

    @ WORD Corporate America, is how that shit happened.

  • You Mad

    Haha Belize where u at bitch???

  • Belize

    Right here @You Mad.
    Fuck that shit’s gonna be wack. 🙁
    If only it were just Em…show would make or money, guests would have a better experience, etc.

  • James



    @WORD lil wayne on probation he cant smoke weed smh. YMCMB WE THE BUSINESS 100 MILLION DOLLAR!

  • Yousef(LilWayneSucks)

    Wayne is no Hip-Hop & all the real fans of hip hop would know this shit, fuck outta here.

  • villain

    too bad eminem sucks now

  • Mr.G

    Wayne is 10x better than em smh at stans.

  • Mr. G

    Em is 10x better than wayne smh at dickriders.

  • J. Cole and Eminem. My two favorite rappers!

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  • i can like eminen and some time he is gay lilwayne is the bomb

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